Obama's Duplicity

Reader comment on: UN, Obama Further Radicalize Palestinians

Submitted by Rodney Elliott, Dec 29, 2016 09:55

After eight years of his being in office and seducing the World into regarding him as being a fair, decent, and trustworthy President of USA, as his parting gesture, Obama has finally displayed his true colours. He has now clearly nailed those colours to the Islamic fundamentalists' mast with what is tantamount to affording carte blanche to Islamic extremists to indulge in any heinous act they consider as being appropriate to achieving their nefarious and malevolent ends. Sadly, that will not just potentially impact upon Israel. It is the signal for an extreme Islamic 'open season' on the rest of the non-Muslim world and that does, indeed, exacerbate a situation which was already becoming rapidly untenable in the West without the duplicitous mendacity of a perverse Obama intervention.

Quite what is in Obama's mind in encouraging that course of events is yet to be shown, but perhaps it is a clear exposure of his roots and where his true sympathies reside, coupled with some perverse hope of that protecting his own post-presidential interests, not to mention his own skin once he no longer has the full weight of USA security protection caring for his every move. Whatever his perverse motives may be, we can be sure that, at the very least, Western, non-Muslim interests will now be significantly less secure because of yet another ill-conceived attempt at Islamic appeasement. Appeasement of aggressors never works. Surely the history of World War 2 is sufficiently recent for most of us to comprehend that? However, because Western leaders have colluded and conspired to accommodate every whim and fancy of Islam, we have created a monster which is now difficult to confront, let alone combat. Thereby, the future does indeed look very bleak, especially for those with aspirations to raise and nurture our future generations of non-Muslims.

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