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Submitted by Irene Brekelmans, Mar 15, 2017 19:01

I am worried too for the next generation and still people vote for the same government. I don't get it, don't they want to see it or close their eyes and hope it all goes away. Our children and grandchildren will grow up surrounded by people who hate them, it is incredible, its the same in the USA, Canada, only Australia still has common sense.
And they put all those people in governments, police and army.It is so strange, it's almost like something deleted part of their brains. Does anybody knows the answer to that, they get away with murder, nobody gets punished and the normal Dutch people get already punished by a wrong word and we are the populists, nazis, whatever.
It is like a nightmare, it is like living in a foreign country and I don't understand it where it is all coming from.
I can imagine how the Jews must feel. It all does not make sense.
Just heard that Mark Rutte, the premier is winning again. All of a sudden he had a backbone opposite the Turks,
What coincidence, a few days before election and then Merkel agreeing with him. I do not believe it at all, I am almost sure it was staged especially after what I read about Merkel en Rutte. You can't believe Moslims, but you can't believe your own people and government. How sad and what a world, but it all will play out and the truth shall come out and a lot of people will be shamed and very sorry and Mark Anderson, I was to late too, had just voted, do you think it was all staged. Terrible and crazy. Good luck and thanks Angela and Rutte , it was highly appreciated. Can you tell me which country is my best bet to go to. You have been unworthy, go back to your secret chamber to make new fantastic plans !!!

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