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Submitted by Hartmut Brocharski, Mar 16, 2017 14:42

Very well written and spot on.

The country's future demographics, well-being or multiculturalism are the very least concern of Merkel and her likes though. Their foremost intention is to stay in power, no matter at which cost. This is what unites Merkel with her other coalition partners and even with current parliamentary opposition. Mass immigration of widely illiterate and non-integrative people is their primary vehicle to keep indigenous citizens at bay. The installation of Muslim representatives in key positions within all political parties, administration and educational boards as well as the current push for a right to vote during municipal elections for migrants serves just the purpose to alter the future electoral base in their favour. With an estimated 80% of journalists and their superintendents strongly left leaning the mainstream media not only stay deliberately in line with official directives on what and how to report but same time run smear campaigns against any critics. The Secretary of Justice, Heiko Maas, is Merkel's rampant enforcer of suppressive hate speech and fake news laws (with authorities defining such, that is) and at the same time obstructs justice to prevent prosecution as well as publication of migrant crime. Rather that fighting the spike in crime police and prosecutors are kept busy with going after so-called racists, Nazis and other defiants. Stirring social conflicts by forceful reverse integration is a method as dividere et impera is the strategy behind.

Ideologically Merkel and her likes have always cleaved to totalitarianism with former East Germany as their template. They have never given up on the country's reconversion back to an autocracy in which insubordinate citizens can be crushed at will without consequence of getting voted out. Any serious contender out of the current parliament for next fall's electoral campaign, particularly SPD's Martin Schulz, will not only follow same agenda but run the economy down in addition.

It should be noted though that in most major cities throughout the country children with foreign heritage were a (partly vast) majority already before the 2015 and 2016 mass immigration, many from Muslim countries, often raised with and to an attitude towards civil rights and gender equality incompatible with modern western society. There can be hardly any doubt that Germany will irreversibly turn Islamic within about a generation. This will eventually make life utterly miserable especially for 'infidel' indigenous females which is partly visible already today. With 25% of Germans willing to abandon the country these days according to polls, Victor Orban's prediction of a mass exodus might well materialize further on.

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