Do Politicians Really Want Islam In Their Countries?

Reader comment on: A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in France: February 2017

Submitted by Jeff Page, Mar 18, 2017 09:49

The West needs Islam like they need another head sticking out of their backsides!

Nothing good will ever come of welcoming Muslims into a civilised country. We see the results of welcoming "refugees" who are apparently running from conflict in their own countries. They bring with them the customs, the culture, the barbarism, and yet our politicians expect us to accept it as a way of life that we should now have to live with the fear of a terrorist attack. The politicians seem to want Islam in Europe far more than the people do, but then, we ordinary folk aren't being bribed are we?

I had to laugh yesterday at the meeting between Frau Merkel and Donald Trump, the way he deliberately ignored her when she asked to shake hands. It's about time this German dictator was snubbed, it might bring her to her senses!

All these appeasing politicians who keep insisting that there is no connection between Islam and terrorism is talking out of their backside. Islam is in many countries now, and guess what? That's right! There is terrorism in all of those countries! Many countries in Europe are on a high security level, because of the threat of a Muslim terrorist attack. All Muslims follow Islam, even though they tend to pretend that the terrorists aren't part of Islam. Perhaps they haven't read the Koran!

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