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Reader comment on: A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in France: February 2017
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Submitted by Terence Curry, Mar 19, 2017 07:57

Leaving aside the waves of so-called refugees who are going to flood Europe, and completely eradicate our way of life for theirs. Can they themselves (Muslims) not see the complete and utter contradiction in forcing their women to completely cover themselves, while at the same time sex, sex, and more sex is constantly on their minds.

I can say that without fear of contradiction because of the length of time I have spent working in Muslim countries, most of the time trying to work out any logic in their thinking: Without success. Indeed one of my trainees, who had a degree so supposedly was of reasonable intelligence, earnestly tried to tell me one day that the Burqa was made of a special, sun reflecting material, so keeping the wearer comfortable on the hottest of days. I pointed out that he had reinvented physics; since black, far from reflecting, absorbed the sun, and it's heat. He remained unmoved, even when I changed tack, and asked him to explain why he and his brethren wore white, or at least some light pastel shade. It's impossible to get any logic out of that!!!

Then they regard Mohammed as the perfect man, and try to emulate him, which accounts for their predilection for little girls. Far from being perfect, that made him a paedophile, as are all those who think if he did it, it must be all right. Michael Waugh is correct when he asks which countries adopt restrictive practices against Muslims. Put another way find a Muslim country that doesn't operate restrictive practices against Christians.

In Europe Islam is ably and fully represented by our respective governments and their judiciary systems. It's perfectly all right to rape a nine year old girl, but a grave crime to speak out against it. Of course any ruling against Muslims or Islam would cause rioting in the streets very possibly serious rioting resulting in people being killed. Is that what our judiciary is afraid of? has justice gone out of the window in favour of appeasing Muslims at all costs? It will happen sooner or later no matter how our purblind governments and judges continue to hand over our culture to theirs. the longer it goes on, the more of them there will be, and the more infiltrated we'll become. The electorate across Europe must take very great care now to avoid being swamped.

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