Writings by Topic: Persian Gulf

Title Author Date
Qatar's World Cup: What Visitors Were Not ShownLawrence A. Franklin2022/12/13
The Cost of New Energy in Europe, but Not in MoneyGiulio Meotti2022/04/17
Biden Should Be Ashamed of His Treatment of the UAECon Coughlin2022/02/03
The UAE Is America's Friend, Not RivalCon Coughlin2022/01/19
Gatestone's Man of the Year - 2021Pete Hoekstra2022/01/03
After Baghdadi, Iran Should Be Trump's Next PriorityCon Coughlin2019/11/01
Why Arabs Hate PalestiniansKhaled Abu Toameh2019/09/09
The US Must Stop Iran's Takeover of YemenMajid Rafizadeh2019/04/16
Qatar: 'A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing'Giulio Meotti2019/04/09
Qatari School Books: What is Being TaughtJohn Richardson2019/03/26
Qatar: Time to Shape UpDebalina Ghoshal2018/11/26
Turkey and Qatar: An Alliance Under the Saudi SwordBurak Bekdil2018/10/29
United States is Doing More to Fight Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis than the Press KnowsAhmed Charai2018/10/01
Trump's Fake Allies in the GulfBurak Bekdil2018/08/24
Human Rights: Other Views - Part IIIDenis MacEoin2018/06/15
CNN and Qatar Airways: Taking Fake News to New HeightsBruce Bawer2017/10/10
Has France Been Bought by a State Sponsor of Islamic Terrorism?Drieu Godefridi2017/08/31
Trouble among America's Gulf AlliesJohn R. Bolton2017/07/11
Qatar's ComeuppanceRuthie Blum2017/06/15
Are Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait Funding German Salafism?George Igler2016/12/21
Qatar's Shopping Spree to Buy and Displace the West?Giulio Meotti2016/11/11
Modern SlaveryJosephine Bacon2016/08/01
Qatar: The World's Wealthiest Family-Run Gas StationBurak Bekdil2016/05/31
UAE: "A Huge Leap from Medieval Ways"Sara Al Nuaimi2015/10/14
EU, Qatar and TurkeyBassam Tawil2015/02/25

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