Writings by Topic: Kurdistan

Title Author Date
Turkey Using Chemical Weapons Against the Kurds?Uzay Bulut2022/11/09
Why Erdoğan's NATO Blackmail Is SubversionBurak Bekdil2022/05/18
Turkey: Kurdish Children Killed, No ConsequencesUzay Bulut2022/04/15
Iraq: Turkish Airstrikes Terrorize Christian and Yazidi NativesUzay Bulut2020/06/28
Why Hamas Supports Erdogan's WarKhaled Abu Toameh2019/10/22
Turkey's New 'Bashibazouks': The Free Syrian ArmyBurak Bekdil2019/10/22
The Real Cost of Turkey's Kurdish ObsessionAmir Taheri2019/10/20
How Erdogan Planned This Ethnic Cleansing All AlongMalcolm Lowe2019/10/16
Turkey, Russia, Iran: Filling the VacuumErick Stakelbeck2019/10/16
America's Loyal Syrian Kurdish Allies Evade AnnihilationMalcolm Lowe2018/12/31
Turkey Turns on AmericaUzay Bulut2018/12/24
Turkey in Syria: Ruling Kurdish Afrin by Sharia Law, Ethnic CleansingSirwan Kajjo2018/05/13
The West Betrays the KurdsGiulio Meotti2018/05/07
Who Are the Jihadists Fighting alongside Turkey in Syria?Sirwan Kajjo2018/03/20
Turkey and the U.S.: A Poisoned AllianceBurak Bekdil2017/10/30
Thanks to Obama, America is two steps behind Iran in Middle EastJohn R. Bolton2017/10/24
Independence for KurdistanJohn R. Bolton2017/10/10
Kurdish Secession and Mysteries of IdentityAmir Taheri2017/10/08
The Case for Kurdish IndependenceAlan M. Dershowitz2017/10/02
Kurdish Referendum: What is the Lowdown?Amir Taheri2017/10/01
The Kurdish Referendum ImbroglioAmir Taheri2017/09/24
Strides in the Struggle for an Independent KurdistanLawrence A. Franklin2017/08/24
America Needs a Post-ISIS StrategyJohn R. Bolton2017/06/30
The Case for a Kurdish State in the Middle EastDiliman Abdulkader2017/01/25
Turkey's Misdiagnosed Kurdish ProblemBurak Bekdil2016/12/20
"Treason" In Turkey: Asking for PeaceUzay Bulut2016/02/14
Turkey's All-Out War on Kurds and MediaUzay Bulut2016/01/28
Turkey's Murderous Assault on KurdsUzay Bulut2015/12/29
Turkey Murders Greatest Kurdish LawyerUzay Bulut2015/12/09
Turkey Destroys Kurdistan, World SilentUzay Bulut2015/11/19
Turkey Still Besieges Its KurdsUzay Bulut2015/11/06
Turkey: Kurds Threatened Before ElectionUzay Bulut2015/10/29
Kurds Ask for Peace, Turkey AttacksUzay Bulut2015/10/18
Turkey's Racism ProblemUzay Bulut2015/08/16
Turkey and Its Kurds: At War AgainBurak Bekdil2015/08/06
Turkey Uses ISIS as Excuse to Attack KurdsUzay Bulut2015/07/26
Will Anyone Help the Kurds?Uzay Bulut2015/07/19
Turkey Prefers Islamic State to Kurdish StateUzay Bulut2015/07/05
Rape and Torture: Iran's Political WeaponsUzay Bulut2015/05/11
Who Ends Up with Iraq?Lawrence A. Franklin2015/03/10
Baghdad's DilemmaLawrence A. Franklin2014/12/31
Kurdistan: More Like Israel, Less Like IraqLawrence A. Franklin2014/12/25
Kurdistan: Waiting to Be BornLawrence A. Franklin2014/12/12
Turkey and the KurdsUzay Bulut2014/11/28
The Kurds in Turkey and the Fight for KobaniVeli Sirin2014/10/26
Iran: Kurds Tortured, HangedShadi Paveh2014/03/13
Iran: Death Sentence for Two Kurdish Political Prisoners ConfirmedShabnam Assadollahi2014/02/28
Justice for the KurdsMichael Curtis and Fred Gottheil2012/08/21
Erdogan Cites Kemalism on Solving Kurdish IssueAK Group2011/11/14
Iraqi Kurds Inspired by Secession of South SudanAK Group2011/07/22
Iraqi Kurdistan Passes Law Against FGMIrfan Al-Alawi2011/06/27
Iraqi Kurdistan Confronts Female Genital MutilationIrfan Al-Alawi2010/12/06
Who is Pushing for an Arab-Kurd Escalation in Iraq?Nibras Kazimi2009/04/16

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