Writings by Peter Martino  (View Biography)

Title Date
The Strategic Consequences of "Grexit"2015/06/29
What Europe's Elections Were Really About2015/06/09
Why Is Britain Missing in Action?2015/05/18
Top British Universities Flunk Free Speech2015/04/14
Europe Eager to Arm Islamist Extremists with Nuclear Weapons2015/03/24
ISIS Sets Sights on the Mediterranean2015/03/02
Hugo Chavez Coming to Europe2015/02/04
Euroflop: Europe Dilutes the Euro2015/01/26
Europe Unable and Unwilling to Confront Islamic Extremism2015/01/19
Pegida: The New German Revolution2015/01/15
Will Sweden Soon Reverse Recognition of Palestine as a State?2014/12/11
Will Germany Abolish Itself and France Commit Suicide?2014/12/03
Political Landslides Shake Europe2014/11/28
Can NATO Afford a War on Two Fronts?2014/11/03
UK: Political Earthquake Next May?2014/10/18
The Cream Puff Corps: Australia, Belgium, Britain and France - Not Just The Netherlands2014/10/11
The EU Creates a Mess - Again2014/10/04
Will Scottish Independence Give Putin Pretext to Annex Eastern Ukraine?2014/09/15
Will The New European Commission Be Less Biased Against Israel?2014/09/12
The New Nazism's First Victim: Truth2014/08/04
Terrorists and Europe's "Newspeak"2014/06/02
European Elections and Geert Wilders2014/05/27
Turkey No Longer Respects Europe2014/04/17
European Elections a Turning Point for Europe?2014/03/31
European Elections Turn Nasty2014/03/24
Ukraine's Mess: Made in the EU2014/03/03
"F**k the EU" Is Right2014/02/13
Marine Le Pen's Worldview: Oppose America, Embrace Iran2014/02/06
Iran's "Helpful" Response to Diplomacy2014/01/14
The French Critique France2013/11/25
Holocaust Remembrance: New Tool for Anti-Semitism?2013/11/04
The Unpredicted Consequences of the German Elections2013/10/01
Jew Hatred Officially Backed by Belgium2013/09/16
Europe: Treating Homeschoolers Like Terrorists2013/09/10
Eurocrisis Haunts German Politics2013/09/06
German Elections: More EU, More Islam2013/08/27
Dismantle the EU's "Political Wing"2013/08/02
EU Reveals its True Colors2013/07/24
Europeans Rebel Against EU in Ever Larger Numbers2013/05/07
Moses' Gift: Israel Could Use Gas to Its Advantage2013/04/08
Dutch Government Fueling Anti-Semitic Feelings2013/03/20
Belgian Attitudes Toward Jews2013/03/04
France, the Sick Man of Europe2013/02/11
Obama's Soft Threat to Democracy and Britain2013/01/30
Cyprus: Russia's Next Lunch?2013/01/14
The Real "Obstacle to Peace"2012/12/12
Israel Paying the Price for the West's Self-Hatred2012/11/27
Europe Loses One of Its Most Courageous Politicians2012/11/12
Secessions That Will Redraw Europe2012/11/08
The Qatari Takeover of France2012/10/10
Kick Me: European Union Backs Iran's Hezbollah2012/09/25
The Godmother: Germany's New Dictator, Angela Merkel?2012/09/06
The Smear Campaign Against Geert Wilders2012/08/24
Gexit Is Better Than Grexit2012/08/21
Olympic Silence: The Anti-Semitic Past of the IOC2012/08/06
Germany Debates Male Circumcision2012/07/23
Anti-Semitism Sweeping France2012/07/18
France Penalizes Boycott of Israeli Products2012/07/12
Russia's Masterstroke: Bailing Out Cyprus2012/06/25
The U.S. Politics of the Eurocrisis2012/06/18
Olympic Gold Medal for Lying and Sanctimony Goes to...2012/06/13
Eurocrisis: Russia Offers Its Services2012/06/05
The Cause of Europeans' Attitude Towards Israel2012/05/30
Europe's Wrongheaded Austerity Policies2012/05/22
Who Will Suffer As A Result of Euro Policies? The Jews.2012/05/14
Will the Pirates Capture Germany?2012/04/24
How the Eurocrisis Will Affect the West2012/04/19
"Diversity": They Drive Us Out, We Invite Them In2012/04/16
Old Habits Die Hard: Germany Funding Palestinian Extremism2012/04/04
Europe In Denial Yet Again2012/03/27
Dutch Government Opposes Anti-Israeli EU Report2012/03/20
The Pro-Palestinian Bias of Europe's Foreign Policy Elite2012/03/12
Historic Roots of Contemporary Anti-Semitism2012/03/05
France Prepares for a Major Political Realignment2012/02/28
Europe: A Tale of Three Presidents2012/02/22
Greece: The Euro Should Never Have Happened2012/02/14
Europe Moving Even Farther Left2012/02/07
How To Turn Around An Economy2012/01/31
God Bless the Hungarians2012/01/24
Euro Taking E.U. Down With It2012/01/17
Germany: Political Headaches for Merkel2012/01/10
Germany Signing Away Sovereignty, No Democratic Accountability2011/12/20
The Overbearing Price for the EU Deal2011/12/13
Should Germany Leave the Euro?2011/11/29
The Euro: The Rope That Is Strangling Spain... and Europe's Democracy2011/11/21
The End of the Eurozone2011/11/15
The One Thing EU Elites Absolutely Wish to Avoid2011/11/08
Europe Sells Out to China2011/11/01
Sarkozy's Worst Nightmare2011/10/26
The Gigantic Eurozone Ponzi Scheme2011/10/18
The Eurozone: The Ultimate Political Monster as Europeans Give Up National Sovereignty2011/10/13
The Euro: "A Monument to Collective Folly"2011/10/04
The Double Standards in E.U. "Solidarity"2011/09/27
The Euro Impasse2011/09/19
Germany: Angela's Fall2010/07/22

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