Fear and Abdication

Reader comment on: European 'No-Go' Zones: Fact or Fiction? Part 2: Britain

Submitted by Brenda Reiss, Feb 4, 2015 10:44

This article re-enforces for me the belief that if a country abdicates its responsibilities of law enforcement because of the misplaced fear of being accused of racism the resutlts will be catastrophic. We are seeing this all around Europe with the last horrific episode in France. Why the UK doesn't immediately rectify its misguided policies is a mystery to me.

We see in Sweden that their remedy is to offer those who have left the country to fight in Syria along side IS jobs and free housing, neglecting those citizens who are not Muslim but have been in the Swedish army and have paid taxes and been contributing citizen. This is a formula for disaster. How long do you think the "native" born will tolerate these policies?

In the US, historically the immigrant populations have assimilated and have made America stronger. These immigrants contributed their skills, joined the society and became American citizens with the results; a stronger and vital America. My fear is that today the idea of multiculturalism has encouraged the new immigrants (of course not all, no absolutes here) to remain in their own enclaves resisting assimilation. This, to me, is a recipe for a repeat of what we are seeing in Europe. We must not allow isolation to occur among our new immigrants. We must encourage them to join our society instead of passing those ridiculous anti-Sharia laws that are popping up in several states. Without giving everything away we can encourage by enticing these new American residents with offers of affordable housing and jobs. Of course, having an intelligent immigration law put into place by a reluctant Congress would be an ideal first step.

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