stunning stupidity

Reader comment on: Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis: Where is the Public Outrage?

Submitted by b.a. freeman, Oct 31, 2016 18:56

it is beyond all understanding that organizations such as the police, which are tasked with protecting citizens and maintaining public order, would not only allow attacks to happen, but also actively work to hide the fact that they have occurred. If one gives it some thought, however, it becomes more understandable, if not less shocking.

police forces are para-military organizations; this is so that they can respond quickly and as if with one mind when necessary to restore order. in other words, they are centrally controlled so as to be able to project the will of a single authority figure almost as fast as that person can issue orders. the down side of this is that if the authority does not understand what is happening, his orders - and the organization's efforts - will not have the intended effect.

the left has controlled education for decades throughout western civilization. in the u.s., it has been at least since the 1970s that non-leftist agendas were squelched; in europe, it has been even longer. thus, everybody who leaves high school in the u.s. or gymnasium in europe, and especially university, is a nominal leftist. those who enter adulthood as non-leftists are very rare; most non-leftists get that way when confronted by reality. most people, however, do as most of us have always done: we coast along not thinking about such things. dedicated leftists have gone before, making sure that only new dedicated leftists advance in the organization. and here we come to the real reason such stupidity continues to exist. the authority figures who run the State in most of civilization are either fools who have never bothered to examine islam, or they are hard-core dedicated leftists whose goals are inimical towards republican government. being leftist, they know better than the stinking masses how to run the State, but the masses won't willingly put them into permanent power, so they design ways to seize it.

the best way to seize power is to be invited to take the reins of power. if there is chaos and death in the streets, the "smart people" of the left can rescue the stinking masses. all the left has to do is to make sure that the State is always lead by a hard-core dedicated leftist, so that when things get bad enough and the populace demands that "something be done," they will be ready to impose martial law. and the republic will end.

unfortunately for western civilization (as if a murderous leftist State were not bad enough), enough muslims have been imported into germany and other european states to lay the groundwork for islamic states to be established. leftists are generally willing to kill millions, but they usually expect the masses to go to the grave quietly. muslims will not go quietly, so we can expect to see some really grim civil wars between leftist States and jihadis. muslims usually don't fully practice their evil religion, but a leftist State will certainly provoke the majority of them into jihad; they are taught from birth that kufr are worthy of torture and death, while leftists have to depend on conscript armies to enforce their agendas. guess who is likely to win that one?

the only hope for europe is for the truth to reach the public *NOW*. even without a leftist power grab, i believe that nasty civil wars will still erupt in europe. if the left is not thrown out soon, europe is lost.

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