Outrage is there but covered up as well

Reader comment on: Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis: Where is the Public Outrage?

Submitted by Hartmut Brocharski, Nov 7, 2016 06:45

The scope of sexual abuse of German women and girls is not only further mounting but also the immigration related topic covered up the hardest by authorities and compliant mass media. Rape and assaults of females had been taken out of the asylum centers into the streets all over the country already long ago, adding to an already soaring sexual violence by foreigners and citizens with predominantly Muslim background. However the more rampant the abuse got the harder officials were pushing and clamping down on police and media to ignore migrant offences in general and sexual crimes in particular, tightening up hate speech paragraph and cracking down on whistleblowers.

As a result the female population silently retreats from public spheres or are excluded up front. Countless public festivals and events during the year had been blown off because organizers felt unable to provide safety for women and children. Securities on those events still happening reported unprecedented numbers of sexual violence of all type committed by migrants. Unofficial off limits for bars and night clubs along with additional bouncer personnel had to be established by owners for security of female patrons and thus to salvage their business. However the problem just shifted outside. Single or multiple perpetrators await women and girls, who sometimes had turned down sexual advances beforehand, and other random potential victims outside instead, stalking, attacking or raping them on their way back or even upon reentering their homes. It has even gone so far that criminal migrants, quite often in groups, figured out entire routines of female workers or students, snatching them up at bus stops, tram, train stations or even in front of schools, workplaces and their homes on a daily basis and stalking, molesting, cursing, groping and worst case aggravated assaulting and raping. Mini taharrush at it's finest.

Due to the massive cover up and/or downplay as isolated incidents the public awareness level of the true scope is still moderate at best. Outbursts from victims or their parents when minor mostly remain unpublished in the complicit mainstream media and feminist organizations. Protest marches mostly go unreported and are often disrupted by left activists or entirely halted by law enforcers under flimsy excuses. Crime stats are vastly manipulated to obscure sexual crimes committed by migrants. Prosecutors, courts and law enforcers routinely sideline with migrant culprits by arbitrarily dismissing charges, attenuating or suspending sentences, often along with assigning shares of blame to the female victims (provocative behaviour, lacking credibility, lacking precaution etc.). In the words of a New Year's Eve rape victim from Hamburg who's assailant was cleared: 'In court I got raped a second time'.

Now this at least made the nationwide tabloid news and public anger is definitely growing. But not major enough yet for officials to get overly concerned, they just respond by clamping down even harder in the interest of their own hidden agenda. Which is marginalization of the indigenous population and establishing autocracy.

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