Writings by Topic: Nigeria

Title Author Date
'A Gory Christmas': Christians Slaughtered in the Nigerian GenocideRaymond Ibrahim2024/01/07
'Murdered Like Animals': The Genocide of Christians in Nigeria Reaches New HeightsRaymond Ibrahim2023/05/19
Genocide in Nigeria: The Biden Administration's Cover-UpRaymond Ibrahim2023/02/15
Climate Change: The Latest Excuse for Slaughtering ChristiansRaymond Ibrahim2022/08/10
The Black Lives that Don't Matter: 50 Christians Murdered in Their ChurchRaymond Ibrahim2022/06/12
Indifference to a Christian GenocideRaymond Ibrahim2022/01/23
The Jihadist Genocide of Christians in Nigeria IntensifiesRaymond Ibrahim2021/10/10
"Why Are You Killing Christians?" Trump Asks Nigeria's PresidentRaymond Ibrahim2020/10/25
Black Christian Lives Apparently Do Not MatterGiulio Meotti2020/09/06
The Ignored Genocide of Christians in NigeriaRaymond Ibrahim2020/08/16
Europe's Nigerian MafiaJohn Richardson2020/01/08
Radical Persecution Must Be EradicatedLawrence A. Franklin2019/11/18
Turkey: Arming Genocide of Christians in Nigeria?Raymond Ibrahim2019/11/03
Boko Haram: Bloody Terror, No End in SightUzay Bulut2019/09/04
Nigeria: Jihad against ChristiansUzay Bulut2019/04/21
New Revelation: Previous US Administration Facilitated Christian Genocide in NigeriaRaymond Ibrahim2018/12/23
International Community Ignores Genocide of Christians in NigeriaRaymond Ibrahim2018/07/08
Genocide in NigeriaRaymond Ibrahim2018/04/26
Nigeria's Christians Today, Europe's Christians TomorrowGiulio Meotti2018/03/18
Northern Nigeria's Democracy Under ThreatNuhu Othman2017/08/28
Nigeria's Muslim Government Targeting Christians; A Pass to Boko HaramCon Coughlin2016/08/06
Biafra: Where is the International Community?John Richardson2016/07/03
U.S. at Easter: When Christians Are Slaughtered, Look the Other WayRaymond Ibrahim2016/03/27
Christians in Nigeria: Having Nothing but EverythingAlan Craig2015/12/25
Nigeria: Presidential Elections Amid Specter of Boko HaramLawrence A. Franklin2015/02/01
The New York Times Defends Al-QaedaRaymond Ibrahim2014/06/11
From Brunei to Boko Haram: Merely DeflectionRaheel Raza2014/05/29
Boko Haram: How a Militant Islamist Group Emerged in NigeriaFemi Owolade2014/03/27
Nigeria's New "Middle Belt"Alan Craig2014/03/07
U.S. Distorts Nigerian Jihad on ChristiansRaymond Ibrahim2012/08/20
Boko Haram Rapidly Infiltrating Nigerian IntelligenceAnna Mahjar-Barducci2012/01/11
Nigeria's Christmas Present - Blowing Up ChristiansRaymond Ibrahim2011/12/28
Islamists Slaughter Christians in Nigeria, Obama Looks the Other WayAnna Mahjar-Barducci2011/05/06
Al-Qaeda in Nigeria?Anna Mahjar-Barducci2010/01/06

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