Writings by Topic: Persecution of Minorities

Title Author Date
In Iran, It Is a Crime to Be a ChristianMajid Rafizadeh2019/12/29
UN, UK Treating Persecuted Christians as "Enemies"Raymond Ibrahim2019/12/25
"Silent Night": Persecuted Palestinian Christians Kept Out of SightRaymond Ibrahim2019/12/22
Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán: Europe's Solitary Defender of Persecuted ChristiansGiulio Meotti2019/12/15
Another Ignored Genocide of Christians Plagues Burkina FasoRaymond Ibrahim2019/12/15
The Fate of Christians in the Current WorldDenis MacEoin2019/12/08
Egypt: Christian Churches Burn "Accidentally," or Have "Terrorists Changed Operations"?Raymond Ibrahim2019/12/08
Turkey's Open Secret: Fake SecularismBurak Bekdil2019/12/03
Pope Francis, 'The Song of Roland' and Imam Al-TayebGiulio Meotti2019/12/01
Radical Persecution Must Be EradicatedLawrence A. Franklin2019/11/18
The "Great Pleasure in Destroying Christians": The Persecution of Christians, September 2019Raymond Ibrahim2019/11/17
The Palestinian Christmas ShowBassam Tawil2019/11/12
Turkey: Hate Speech against Christians and JewsSezen Şahin2019/11/11
"Too Many to Count": The Global Persecution of ChristiansRaymond Ibrahim2019/11/10
Turkey: Arming Genocide of Christians in Nigeria?Raymond Ibrahim2019/11/03
"Why Are You So Silent?": Persecution of Christians, August 2019Raymond Ibrahim2019/10/27
Christians in Burkina Faso: "A Fight for Survival"Uzay Bulut2019/10/13
"WORLD TAKE NOTE!": Genocide of Christians in NigeriaRaymond Ibrahim2019/10/06
"Convert, Marry Me, or Die": Persecution of Christians, July 2019Raymond Ibrahim2019/09/22
Christians Massacred, Media Look the Other WayGiulio Meotti2019/09/08
"There Is No Christian Anymore in This Town": Persecution of Christians, June 2019Raymond Ibrahim2019/08/25
The Widespread Desecration of Christian GravesRaymond Ibrahim2019/08/22
The Extinction of Christians in the Middle EastGiulio Meotti2019/08/18
Sweden: Whitewashing Its Anti-Semitism?Nima Gholam Ali Pour2019/08/08
Forty Years of Iranian IntoleranceDenis MacEoin2019/08/07
Pakistan: Abduction, Forced Conversion of Non-Muslim GirlsUzay Bulut2019/08/07
India: Caste Discrimination Remains, Despite Liberal LawsJagdish N. Singh2019/08/06
The Latest UN Horror Show: Christian Refugees IgnoredUzay Bulut2019/08/04
"We Are Never Heard": Persecution of Christians, May 2019Raymond Ibrahim2019/07/21
"You Are Born to Clean Our Houses": Persecution of Christians, April 2019Raymond Ibrahim2019/07/07
Christians in Africa: "You have three days to go or you will be killed!"Giulio Meotti2019/06/30
Africa: Alarming Rise of Christian PersecutionUzay Bulut2019/06/26
The Suppressed Plight of Palestinian ChristiansRaymond Ibrahim2019/06/13
"Rarely Reported by the Media Anymore": Persecution of Christians, March 2019Raymond Ibrahim2019/06/02
Genocide of Christians Reaches "Alarming Stage"Raymond Ibrahim2019/05/26
Turkey: Erdogan Describes Armenian Genocide as 'Reasonable Relocation'Uzay Bulut2019/05/22
Burkina Faso: The New Land of Islamic Jihad and Christian SlaughterRaymond Ibrahim2019/05/19
Chinese Sex Trade in Pakistan: Abuse of Christian GirlsKaswar Klasra2019/05/13
"I Don't Know Why They Attacked Our Village": Persecution of Christians, February 2019Raymond Ibrahim2019/05/12
Iran's 'Terror Factory' Targeting ChristiansUzay Bulut2019/05/05
Holiday Massacres of Christians: A New Fact of LifeRaymond Ibrahim2019/05/02
Turkey: On Anniversary of Genocide, Armenians Still under AttackUzay Bulut2019/05/01
Annihilation of Christian Life and People: Where is the Outrage in the West?Giulio Meotti2019/04/28
359 'People Were in Pieces!'Raymond Ibrahim2019/04/25
Nigeria: Jihad against ChristiansUzay Bulut2019/04/21
UK: Radical Muslims Welcome, Persecuted Christians Need Not ApplyRaymond Ibrahim2019/03/31
Pakistan: Mentally Disabled Christians Charged with BlasphemyRaymond Ibrahim2019/03/24
Britain's War on Christianity: Part ISoeren Kern2019/03/19
"Is It Really Human Beings Doing This?"Raymond Ibrahim2019/03/10
Report: "11 Christians Killed Every Day for Their Faith"Raymond Ibrahim2019/03/03
Turkey: The Case of the Missing PriestsUzay Bulut2019/02/27
Iran: Mounting Persecution of ChristiansMajid Rafizadeh2019/02/24
"We Will Displace You ...": Persecution of Christians, December 2018Raymond Ibrahim2019/02/17
The Pope's Stubborn Silence on the Persecution of ChristiansGiulio Meotti2019/02/03
The Widespread Persecution of Converts to ChristianityUzay Bulut2019/02/03
"We Will Teach You a Lesson": Extremist Persecution of Christians, November 2018Raymond Ibrahim2019/01/27
The Vatican Surrenders to ChinaLawrence A. Franklin2019/01/20

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