Writings by Chris Farrell  (View Biography)

Title Date
Biden's Borders: The Threat to America and the Threat to the Free World2022/02/01
Biden's Budget Priorities and the China Threat2022/01/12
Biden's Global Challenges2021/12/24
Vaccines and Power2021/12/02
The Supply Chain and Border Security2021/11/25
Biden's America: Illegal Aliens Worth More than U.S. Soldiers2021/11/11
Biden's Border2021/11/08
Parents Finally Catch On: Will Not Be Threatened2021/10/28
A JetBlue Jihadist? The Great Press Cover-up2021/10/23
Who is Controlling the Biden Presidency?2021/09/22
Surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban: Who Is Managing Biden?2021/09/15
Betraying the Cuban People, Again2021/08/02
Disband the FBI2021/07/28
The House Select Committee to Criminalize and Obstruct2021/07/09
Biden Administration Outsources U.S. Asylum Process to UN and Foreign NGOs in Mexico2021/06/14
George Soros Gets a COVID Loan2021/06/02
America's Border: Cui Bono? – Who Benefits?2021/05/06
Biden's Border2021/04/29
The Apogee of Social Media2021/04/17
The Courts and the Election of 20202021/03/26
H.R.1 – Is It Really "For the People"?2021/03/18
Biden's Emergencies2021/03/01
John Brennan's Dark Fantasies Become a Homeland Security Bulletin2021/01/28
Your Government is Afraid of You2021/01/25
Erase and Criminalize2021/01/13
Drug Trafficking: The Dirtiest Little Secret2020/12/23
AG William Barr: We Got Our Answer2020/12/15
So Durham is Now a 'Special Counsel'? – What Does That Mean?2020/12/07
The Biden Administration and the Mexican Border: Questions of Food Security, Drug Smuggling and Money Laundering2020/12/01
What a Biden Administration Means for Border Security2020/11/24
The Cancel Culture Moves Against Trump Lawyers2020/11/20
The Election is Not Over2020/11/09
The Irony of American History and Russian Disinformation2020/10/29
Will They Really Get Away With It?2020/10/27
Why Does Barr Let Wray Lie and Flout the Law?2020/10/26
How to Steal an Election - Part III2020/10/23
FBI Director Wray is Worse than Comey2020/10/22
The FBI, Militias, Truth and Comey's Legacy2020/10/15
Slouching Towards the Socialist States of America2020/10/13
CIA Director Gina Haspel and the British Role in the Anti-Trump Plot2020/10/06
CIA Director Haspel and the Anti-Trump Conspirators2020/10/05
A Victory over Terrorists Raises a Question over Election Reporting2020/10/01
Complaining about the Transition Integrity Project's Election Theft Plan Can Be Dangerous2020/09/25
In Florida's Election: It May be Legal, but is It Right?2020/09/24
Mueller Team Corruption Contaminates Justice2020/09/23
How to Steal an Election - Part II2020/09/12
How to Steal an Election2020/09/09
US: Rep. Adam Schiff's Telephone Subpoenas2019/12/16
Durham Needs to Bring Indictments2019/12/02
A Corrupt Resolution's Damning Consequences2019/11/05

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