Is Merkel On Drugs?

Reader comment on: The Islamization of Germany in 2016

Submitted by Jeff Page, Jan 2, 2017 06:01

After reading this listing of the contribution to German society that many Muslims have made so far, it makes you wonder just what drugs Merkel is on! And there seems to be a few judges that need to rethink their career prospects within the German law process. Maybe some have become avid readers of the Koran already.

To capitulate just a fraction, helps the Muslims to pry open the laws of the land even more. Any frailty will be exploited fully and before you know it, every person will be conforming to Sharia. Merkel needs to get a grip quickly and close any avenues that make it easier for the Muslims to force their version of law into German society. She's brought this on her own head and has made her people suffer the consequences of her stupid policies as a result. The first thing would be to instruct the police to make arrests, get the prosecutors to build a strong case, charge the criminals, then ensure that the judges come up with sentences that send a message loud and clear. Not forgetting of course to lift the ban on news outlets releasing the correct information including ethnicity! The more leniency shown to these invaders, the more they'll keep doing what they are doing.

What German, in fact what western citizen wants to give up their country, their lifestyle, their beliefs, to a completely different culture? A people who have no idea what democracy means? Who have entirely alien and completely unacceptable ways when it comes to women, child marriage, and their ideas of segregation in many areas of life? Are the Germans so wrapped up with guilt over WW2 that they have lost all common sense and would far rather capitulate instead of offending Muslims by opposing what they are doing? We know from experience that a certain proportion of people are insane, but surely not a whole nation?

The best thing for Germany would be to force Merkel from office soon, rather than have to wait until later this year. There must be someone in Germany, with the courage and conviction to stop this nonsense at once and enforce German law on to their invaders, or throw them out of the country! Time is of the essence in order to stop the Muslims in their tracks. They mean to cause damage to the people and to the country. Time to act!

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