One-World Government is NOT the John Lennon song "Imagine"

Reader comment on: The Islamization of Germany in 2016

Submitted by Linda Goudsmit, Jan 2, 2017 10:16

Germany will become an Islamic state without ever firing a single bullet if the Muslim population continues to expand at the current rate through mass immigration and reproduction. The Islamization of Europe has a military component (violent jihad) and a cultural component (stealth jihad) including revisionist curriculum in schools, disinformation designed to misinform the German public about the existential threat that Islam poses to their nation, and mass psychological manipulation including exploitation of German WWII guilt that renders the general public incapable of identifying the Islamic threat. Why would Angela Merkel double down on mass immigration and suppress the news reports describing the crimes and chaos that mass immigration of a hostile population causes? Because social chaos is the prerequisite for the imposition of globalist one-world government. Angela Merkel is a left-wing liberal globalist seeking one-world government. Globalism is not a matter of global trade - globalism means ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT. Globalism is not the paradise depicted in John Lennon's song "Imagine." Globalism's one-world government is a binary political system consisting of globalist elite rulers and their slaves. There is no middle class, no individual freedom, and no national sovereignty. The left-wing liberal lemmings holding signs welcoming unvetted Muslim refugees are participating in their own destruction by supporting the dystopian nightmare of globalist one-world government.

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