we have been betrayed

Reader comment on: The Islamization of Germany in 2016

Submitted by Terence Curry, Jan 3, 2017 05:41

Germany is one of the worst examples, but there are others such as Sweden. Virtually every western country has been betrayed by it's political leaders, the very ones we voted in to represent us. We have been fenced in by a barrage of laws. It's now illegal to make jokes, or in any way to appear to be racist. It's militant Islam which is racist, and we; or at least our leaders cannot see it. It may already be too late. There is talk of civil war. A war we may not win. These terrorists do not wear uniforms, nor do they fight openly. We are already well infiltrated at all levels of our armed forces On top of that, the Arab countries sitting on the oil so necessary to our style of warfare would cut us off. They already have more money than can be counted. Half-hearted methods such as Britain trying to ban the Burqa, and being forced to retreat with tail between their legs. WE must make a stand somewhere along the line, and draconian methods such as deporting criminals, together with their families must be considered. These people come to the west allegedly to escape torture, and brutal treatment. Much of this seems to be only young men; their families apparently being in no such danger. They are supposed to embrace the culture, and traditions of that country.As I was required to do when I worked abroad. The moment they show they are not prepared to do that, they should be kicked out. This refusal to integrate is at least part of the trouble.

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