Beginning of the End for Germany the tragic new Sweden - will Europe never learn?

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Submitted by Alexis W., Jan 3, 2017 17:21

Thank you for presenting the indisputable evidence of how the German people, like the Swedish, have been abandoned to fend for themselves, and deceived, and bullied into scared silence about their plight by the PC tyranny of the left media and establishment.

Also for those who think why do the German people not just speak out, it should be mentioned they do, usually at great risk to themselves,family, and their career. Even if they were victims. For example, all know some women bravely spoke out of being sexually assaulted in Cologne, Germany, on New Years Eve last year. One of them called Selina (she was too frightened to give last name)to her horror was then victimized a second time by those who tried to intimidate and silence her after the interview aired. An Internet video gave out her identity after she gave a television channel SWR Fernsehen her account of being assaulted and the internet critics suggested her account of the attack was anti-Muslim propaganda. Someone posted a video containing a portion of her interview and suggesting all of the reports blaming Muslims for the Cologne sexual assaults were propaganda.She allegedly began getting threatening calls at work and people were attacking her on Facebook as a racist and a right-winger. So the real amount of attacks may be even higher than reported as many would not want to risk such double vicitimisation. Also rapes and assaults are usually underreported under normal circumstances.

This year there were allegedly still multiple cases of sexual assault, violence, and attacks with fireworks, committed across the country in Germany, reports Der Standard.

The exception was Cologne, which was probably only spared the worse of it due to a heavy police presence, that seems realistically completely unsustainable year after year -forever. Especially, as the tactics used this time were criticised by some left activists, which may force the police to abandon them in future.

I expect in a few days if Gatestone investigates exactly how quiet the NYE of 2017 really was, it may be less than last year, not due to establishment caring more, but mainly due to women fearfully avoiding public spaces & celebrating in public, and thus being made to sacrifice their personal freedoms. The establishment will still try to claim credit rather than admit their error or that less assaults due to women sacrificing their liberty is no real victory at all.

It will only get worse as there still seems to be a denial of the problem by those in charge and left wing activists who prevent the police taking any effective preventive measures to guarantee people safety. Responsible media can only keep reporting unsparingly the tragedy, and hope it acts as a warning to other countries to not be like Europe. Or make the same errors.

Incidentally Gatestone should find a new contact for Sweden to report on the horror still occurring there, as it like Germany, instead of being the role model it hoped, instead acts as a clear unambiguous warning on unintended consequences from initially good intentions.

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