Writings by Robert Williams

Title Date
Jew-Hate and 'Inquisitions' in Canada2024/03/22
How to Get the Hostages Released: The Cure for Biden's Disastrous Qatar Policy2024/03/07
How the US Abandoned Israel under Biden2024/02/22
The South Africa-Hamas-Iran Axis2024/02/15
The Red Cross Still Hates the Jews2024/02/11
Hamas in London2024/01/01
'Dark Money Nightmare': How Qatar Bought the Ivy League2023/12/31
Does Biden Want Israel to Lose the War?2023/12/22
Hamas on Campus: Students for Justice in Palestine2023/12/07
UN and Hamas: Partners in Crime2023/12/04
The European Union Rewards Terrorism2023/10/24
China's Communist Party Infiltrates American K-12 Schools2023/09/19
China's 'CEO Whisperers': Chinese Communist Party Takes Over Canada2023/09/17
China Taking Over While Europe Sleeps2023/09/14
Jericho is NOT a Palestinian Heritage Site2023/09/12
The 'Climate Emergency' Is a Hoax2023/09/10
Communist China Helps Itself to Ecuador2023/08/29
China's Influence Activity in the US Is Unprecedented2023/08/25
Biden's Endless Gifts to China2023/06/26
How the West Is Helping Train China's Military2023/04/28
China Trashing the Global Environment: 'There Is No Fish in the Waters'2023/04/15

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