A. Z. Mohamed

A. Z. Mohamed is a Muslim born and raised in the Middle East.

Writings by A. Z. Mohamed  (View Biography)

Title Date
Islamic Terrorism vs. Political Correctness2017/12/14
Jihad Festering in America2017/12/13
Religious Hate Crimes, USA.: Jews, Not Muslims, Still Key Victims2017/12/05
"Allahu Akbar": Islamic Battle Cry2017/11/09
Canada's Anti-Islamophobia Motion2017/10/24
Saudi Arabia's Bogus Promise: Allowing Women to Drive2017/10/23
Saudi Arabia Still Promoting "Violent and Intolerant Teachings" in Schoolbooks2017/10/16
The Pope, Peace and Islamic Fundamentalists2017/10/01
When "Progressivism" Crushes Muslim Women2017/09/05
FIFA and International Olympic Committee Furthering Racism, Terror?2017/08/29
Two New Totalitarian Movements: Radical Islam and Political Correctness2017/08/23
Minimize Islamic Terrorism in America? Just Manipulate Statistics2017/08/17
McMaster's Misunderstanding of the Middle East2017/08/10
The State Department's Report on Terrorism Should Be Discredited2017/08/02
FIFA Supporting Terrorism?2017/07/05
Fatwas and False Impressions2017/07/02
American "Fear of Sharia" Is Anything but "Silly"2017/06/29
Washington Ignores Saudi "Involvement in Supporting Terrorism and Terrorist Groups"2017/06/19
Saudi Arabia's Connection to Radicalizing British Jihadis2017/06/12
Saudi Arabia's Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology2017/06/06
President Trump Should Extend His "Disruption" to Saudi Arabia2017/05/24
Will President Trump's Visit to Saudi Arabia Tackle Terrorism and Promote Religious Freedom?2017/05/15
Absolving Jihadis of Responsibility for Terrorism2017/04/28
Open Letter to National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster2017/04/25
The Media's Cheery Ignorance about Islam's Hostile Ideology2017/03/21