Writings by Mohshin Habib  (View Biography)

Title Date
Continuing Atrocities: Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan2023/08/22
Indian Land That Is Part of China's Hawkish Policy2023/06/07
Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan Grow Harsher2023/03/03
Is the UK Turning into Something Extremely Different?2023/01/01
Iran: Systematic Persecution of Baha'is2022/08/11
Can a Bangladeshi Visit Israel Now?2021/07/27
Bangladesh: Runaway Muslim Persecution of Hindus2017/12/11
Islamists Responsible for Rohingya Refugee Crisis2017/09/25
Bangladesh Turning More Radical2017/06/20
Saudi Arabia's 'Lavish' Gift to Indonesia: Radical Islam2017/04/29
Violence Against Non-Muslims Increases in Bangladesh2016/12/14
Islam and Anti-Semitism in Malaysia2016/08/31
Migrant Issue: Turkey's Dubious Role2016/08/22
The Moral Cost of Appeasing Iran2016/02/24
Diplomatic Immunity: License for Crime?2015/09/23
Killing Christians: A State-Sponsored Crime in Pakistan2014/11/27
UK: "The Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets"2014/05/20
Pakistan: How the Blasphemy Law Really Works2014/04/15
Minority Hindus Targeted in Bangladesh2013/11/21
Malaysia: The Word "Allah" Only For Muslims2013/10/29
Pakistan's Council of Islamic Ideology Condones Rape2013/10/18
Solving the Problem of Child Marriage2013/09/18
Brothel in Bangladesh Stormed by Islamists2013/09/05
Bangladesh: The Preachings of a Cleric2013/07/31
Pakistan: Violations against Christians Soar2013/07/15
Pakistan Bankrolls Terrorist Group2013/07/05
Extremism Overpowering Indonesia2013/06/20
Blasphemy Laws Coming to Bangladesh?2013/05/14
Muslim Persecution of Christians Escalating in Pakistan2013/04/09
The Power of the Islamists in Bangladesh2013/03/18
Sharia Law Swallowing Indonesia2013/02/07
Ethnic Cleansing in Bangladesh2012/10/05
Indian Shia and Sunni Unite in Hating Israel2012/08/10
Kuwait: New Death Penalty for Blasphemy2012/06/14
Sensitive Muslims in the Religion of Peace2012/04/19
J.F.R. Jacob: A Man of Honor for Bangladesh2012/04/02
Murder in Bangladesh2012/03/12
Tunisia: "Kill the Jews"2012/02/06
"Is That Not Surrender to Saudi Fundamentalism?"2012/02/02
Bangladesh: Heaven for Child and Women Hunting2012/01/27
European Court of Human Rights Protects Arch-Terrorist2012/01/26
The Other Two-State Solution: India and Pakistan2012/01/11
The Invisible Minority of the Sub-Continent2011/12/20
Injustice in the Name of the Hajj2011/12/07
A Story of Israel Hatred2011/12/05
How Moderate Muslims Get Trapped2011/11/28

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