Writings by Con Coughlin

Title Date
Iran's Attempts to Attack Israel Must Be Confronted2024/06/13
Hamas Must Be Destroyed Before Any Peace Talks Take Place2024/05/29
Russia, China and Iran Must Not Seize Control of Sudan2024/05/16
Will the West Get Ever Serious about Sanctions on Iran?2024/05/01
The Destruction of Iran's Terrorist Hub in Damascus Was Entirely Justified2024/04/14
Biden Must End Qatar's Malign Role in Gaza Ceasefire Talks and Pier2024/04/03
Biden's Pier Is a Gift to Hamas Terrorists2024/03/24
There Can Be No Ceasefire in Gaza with Hamas in Power2024/02/27
Biden Must Abandon Plans to Withdraw US forces from Syria and Iraq2024/02/02
Biden Threatens Netanyahu's Drive to Destroy Hamas2024/01/22
How Biden Can Immediately End Iranian-backed Attacks in the Red Sea2024/01/08
Biden Must Not "Go Wobbly" on Israel2023/12/26
Ukraine: Biden Helping Putin to Win2023/12/12
Biden About To Betray Israel?2023/11/26
Ceasefires Will Only Hinder Getting the Hostages Released2023/11/10
Qatar: Master Double-Dealer2023/10/26
Iran's Direct Help to Hamas's October 7 War on Israel2023/10/17
Ukraine's Victory Over Russia Will Benefit Western Security2023/10/03
China and Russia: The New Axis of Evil2023/09/25
Biden's Disastrous Withdrawal from Afghanistan Still Haunts the West2023/08/27
Let Ukraine Bomb Russia2023/08/06
Biden Is Plotting a Deal with Moscow over Ukraine2023/07/26
Is Biden Encouraging America's Enemies?2023/07/03
Biden Is Not Serious about Ukraine Defeating Russia2023/06/04
Dithering Biden is Seriously Harming Ukraine's Victory Prospects2023/05/18
Blame Putin for Stoking Violence in Sudan2023/05/07
Biden Has Abandoned the Middle East to China and Russia2023/04/19
The Real Reason China is Arming Russia in Ukraine2023/03/26
DeSantis's Doubts over Ukraine Will Strengthen Putin, China, Iran2023/03/19
Biden Must Send F-16s to Ukraine – Now2023/03/07
Rehabilitating a War Criminal like Assad is Not an Option2023/02/23
Biden Cannot Delay Sending Tanks to Ukraine2023/02/05
Biden's Arms Package for Ukraine Is Long Overdue2023/01/18
China's Deal with Saudi Arabia is a Disaster for Biden2022/12/20
Biden Is Betraying Freedom-loving Protesters in China and Iran2022/12/06
It Is Time for NATO to Confront Iran2022/11/17
Congress Must Increase its Support for Ukraine, Not Cut and Run2022/10/30
Biden's Iranian Nuclear Obsession2022/10/19
Russia Will Use Its Ally, a Nuclear-Armed Iran, to Better Threaten the West2022/10/03
US Must Treat Iran Like Russia2022/09/19
The US Must Ditch Its Incoherent Policy on Taiwan2022/08/11
Iran's Deepening Military Expansion Into Europe2022/07/29
Britain's New PM Must Get Real on Iran2022/07/18
Europe's Leaders Must Not Stumble Towards a New Munich2022/06/23
Biden Is No Friend of Israel2022/06/03
Biden's Unwise Attempts to Save the Iran Deal2022/05/17
Putin "Begins Gas Blackmail of Europe": The US Must Give Ukraine Warplanes to Defeat Russia2022/05/02
Iran's – and America's – Plans to Fund Russia's War In Ukraine2022/04/14
Russia and Iran: The New Axis of Evil2022/04/01
No Deal with Iran is Better Than A Bad Deal2022/03/17
Ukraine Must Join the EU to Punish Russia2022/03/04
New Evidence Reveals Extent of Iranian Support for Houthi Terrorists2022/02/18
Biden Should Be Ashamed of His Treatment of the UAE2022/02/03
The UAE Is America's Friend, Not Rival2022/01/19
Iran's "Nuclear Blackmail": Iran Has No Interest in Negotiating a New Nuclear Deal2022/01/05
Biden's Appeasement of Moscow Threatens NATO2021/12/20
Europe's Migrant Crisis Demonstrates Biden's Weakness2021/11/24
China Has No Interest in Climate Change2021/11/04
Biden's Credibility Plummets over Purchase of Chinese-Made Drones2021/10/15
Islamist Terrorism Flourishing Under the Taliban2021/10/03
Giving the Taliban International Legitimacy Would Be a Disastrous Mistake2021/09/14
Biden's Afghanistan Disaster Has Left the West Defenseless against Islamist Terrorists2021/08/19
Hassan Rouhani's Iranian Presidency Has Been an Abject Failure2021/08/05
It Is Time for Regime Change in Communist Cuba2021/07/22
Afghan Withdrawal Opens the Way for China2021/07/14
Biden Must Abandon Nuclear Negotiations with Iran2021/07/10
Is the Biden Administration Helping Iran to Achieve Its Nuclear Dream?2021/06/10
Biden's Palestinian Mission is Doomed to Fail2021/05/26
Responsibility for the Latest Upsurge in Arab-Israeli Violence Goes to US President Joe Biden2021/05/17
China is Trying to Break up the Five Eyes Intelligence Network2021/05/03
Biden's Betrayal of Afghanistan2021/04/26
Iran Still Hiding Key Parts of its Nuclear Programme, US Trying Bribery Again2021/04/01
Attention President Biden: Yemen's Houthi Rebels are Iranian-backed Terrorists2021/03/16
The US and the UN Nuclear Inspectors Must Stop Appeasing Iran2021/03/01
Biden Cannot Allow the Taliban to Destroy Trump's Peace Legacy2021/02/20
The Return of ISIS is a Challenge Biden Must Not Ignore2021/02/14
Even Europe Is Losing Patience with Iran's Nuclear Antics2021/01/26
Iran, China, Promise to be the Biggest Tests of Biden's Presidency in 20212021/01/10
Biden Meddles with Donald Trump's Middle East Legacy at his Peril2020/12/25
The Taliban are Betraying Trump's Peace Deal2020/11/27
Europe's Lax Security Aids Islamist Terrorists2020/11/16
The US: An Inspirational Leader in the Middle East2020/10/24
Fighting in the Caucasus: Erdogan's Ottoman Ambitions2020/10/09
Hezbollah's Growing Terror Network in Europe2020/09/25
Iran's Offer of Nuclear Cooperation is a Sham2020/09/14
Lebanon Must End its Poisonous Political Relationship with Hezbollah2020/08/26
China's Naval Ambitions Are a Global Threat2020/08/15
The UN Arms Embargo against Iran Must Be Extended2020/07/30
Iran's Military Alliance with China Threatens Middle East Security2020/07/17
ISIS Terrorists Cannot Be Allowed to Reclaim Iraq2020/06/18
China Will Regret Playing Politics with the U.S. Racial Protests2020/06/11
Iran's New Terror Network in Latin America2020/06/04
China Devours Hong Kong2020/05/28
It Is Time to Set Up a New Global Health Body to Replace the WHO2020/05/21
China's Coronavirus: How the EU is Betraying Europe2020/05/14
Iran Accused of Spreading Coronavirus Throughout the Middle East2020/05/07
China Exploiting the Coronavirus Pandemic to Expand in Asia2020/04/30
Iran's Ayatollahs Will Struggle to Survive the Oil Slump2020/04/23
The EU Has Failed Europe over Coronavirus2020/04/16
It Is Time for the WHO's Pro-China Chief to Resign2020/04/10
Coronavirus Poses a Greater Threat to the Ayatollahs than US Sanctions Do2020/04/02
Britain Needs to Rethink Its Huawei Decision after China's Conduct over Coronavirus2020/03/26
How the European Union Turned the Coronavirus into a Pandemic2020/03/19
The Oil Price Crash: Bad News for Putin's Ambitions in the Middle East2020/03/12
Erdogan's Attempts to Blackmail Europe are Doomed to Fail2020/03/05
Iran's Election Result Has Seriously Undermined the Ayatollahs' Credibility2020/02/27
The Real Winners of the Afghan Election: The Taliban2020/02/20
Iran, Not Saudi Arabia, Is to Blame for Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis2020/02/13
UK: Boris Johnson Must Decide between Washington and Beijing2020/01/30
Erdogan's Bold Plan for a New Muslim Brotherhood Regime in Libya2020/01/23
It Is Time for Iran to Reenter Negotiations on the Nuclear Deal2020/01/16
Forcing US Troops from Iraq Will be a Victory for ISIS, Iran2020/01/09
Iran Can No Longer Rely on Shia Militias to Fight its Wars2020/01/02
Boris Johnson's Victory Heralds a Golden Era in US-UK Relations2019/12/19
Iran fills the Vacuum Created by Trump's Withdrawal2019/12/12
Blame Others, Not Trump, for NATO's Divisions2019/12/05
China Bids to Replace US Influence in the Middle East2019/11/27
Iran: Hard Times for Ayatollahs2019/11/21
Jeremy Corbyn Poses a Potent Threat to Western Security2019/11/16
Middle East: The Anti-Iran Revolution is Well Underway2019/11/07
After Baghdadi, Iran Should Be Trump's Next Priority2019/11/01
Erdogan's Summit with Putin Should Ring Alarm Bells for NATO2019/10/24
Who Gets Blamed if ISIS Fighters Come Back?2019/10/18
ISIS's Turkish Homecoming2019/10/12
Turkey: Ergodan Has Badly Overplayed His Hand in the Khashoggi Affair2019/10/05
Rouhani Has Exposed the Futility of European Diplomacy2019/09/29
US Adversaries: Nothing to Fear from the White House?2019/09/21
Iranian Tanker Fiasco Exposes Britain's Muddled Thinking2019/09/13
Islamist-inspired Terrorism Returns to Yemen2019/09/05
Israel Faces a Serious Escalation in its Proxy War with Iran2019/08/29
Russia, Turkey, Iran: Adversaries of the West's NATO Alliance2019/08/05
Boris Johnson Reviving Britain's Standing on the World Stage2019/07/27
Time for Europe to Get Over The "Worst Deal Ever"2019/07/20
Iran's New Global Terrorist Network2019/07/09
Iran: New Terrorist Activity in Europe2019/06/19
The Transatlantic Relationship on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day2019/06/06
Iran Must Understand Returning to the Negotiating Table is the Only Way Forward2019/05/28
Russian Plans for This Week's European Union Elections2019/05/22
Iran-Backed Rebels Use Hospitals as Human Shields2016/08/10
Nigeria's Muslim Government Targeting Christians; A Pass to Boko Haram2016/08/06
Turkey-Russia Pact Threatens Western Interests in the Middle East2016/07/25
Is Russia Really a Threat to Brexit?2016/06/22
Russia's Failed Adventure in Syria2015/12/01
U.S. Intelligence-Gathering on ISIS Threatened in Africa2015/10/01
Saudi Arabia: The Region's New Superpower2015/09/04

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