Gordon G. Chang
Distinguished Senior Fellow, Gatestone Institute

Gordon G. Chang is the author of The Coming Collapse of China (Random House, August 2001), and Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On the World, released by Random House in January 2006, and is an expert on China and Chinese-US Relations.

He lived and worked in China and Hong Kong for almost two decades, most recently in Shanghai, as Counsel to the American law firm Paul Weiss and earlier in Hong Kong as Partner in the international law firm Baker & McKenzie.

His writings on China and North Korea have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Far Eastern Economic Review, the International Herald Tribune, The Weekly Standard, and the South China Morning Post.

He has spoken at Columbia, Cornell, Princeton, Yale, and other universities and at The Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, RAND, the American Enterprise Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations, and other institutions. He has given briefings at the National Intelligence Council, the Central Intelligence Agency, the State Department, and the Pentagon. He has also spoken before industry and investor groups including Sanford Bernstein and Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia. Chang has appeared before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission and has delivered to the Commission a report on the future of China's economy.

He has appeared on CNN, Fox News Channel, CNBC, MSNBC, and Bloomberg Television. Outside the United States he has spoken in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, The Hague, Vancouver, and Taipei.

He has served two terms as a trustee of Cornell University.

Writings by Gordon G. Chang  (View Biography)

Title Date
Will China Soon Control Both Elon Musk and SpaceX?2024/05/06
China Humiliated Blinken But Blinken Kept Begging2024/04/30
Thanks to Biden, China Could Start World War III Here2024/04/22
TikTok: China's Instrument of War2024/03/14
When the Moon Turns Red: China's Plan to Annex Space2024/03/13
China's Infiltrators: 'They Are Coming Here to Kill Us'2024/02/13
Biden Opened the Floodgates of Hell2024/02/06
China Trapping Biden on Artificial Intelligence2024/01/31
Taiwan Voters Just Cut China's Xi Jinping Down to Size2024/01/14
World's Most Dangerous Combination: China and Russia2023/12/25
The World Is at War2023/12/17
Should We Fund the 'Nazis' of the 21st Century?2023/11/28
Terrorists and Saboteurs Are Surging into America2023/11/08
Our Response to China Must Be Overwhelming, Not 'Proportional'2023/10/30
China's Proxy Wars Are 'Encircling' America2023/10/22
While China and Russia Test Nukes, Biden Wants to Ban U.S. Testing2023/09/27
Time to Declare a 'People's War' on the CCP: All of China Is One Military Machine2023/09/11
Will China, Russia, and North Korea Launch Their Nukes?2023/08/18
Fresno Lab: China's Operation to Exterminate Americans2023/08/03
China to Wage War on America from the Arctic2023/07/24
Do Not Let China Attack America from America2023/07/12
China's Saboteurs Are Coming to America2023/06/29
China in Cuba: Nuclear-Armed Communists on the Warpath2023/06/23
China's CCP: World's Most Dangerous Transnational Criminal Organization2023/06/01
Biden Cowed by China's Aggression2023/05/17
Biden Is Emboldening China to Invade Taiwan2023/04/17
No Money, No Nukes: Time to Bankrupt China's Regime2023/04/10
TikTok: America's Do-Or-Die Moment with China2023/04/02
China's War Warnings2023/03/12
China Lasers Hawaii, Prepares for War2023/02/17
Why Is America Desperate to Talk to China After Balloon Intrusion?2023/02/12
Crazy Optimism About China's Economy2023/01/30
U.S. Enabling North Korea, So South Korea Wants Nuclear Weapons2023/01/19
Do Not Fall for the China-TikTok 'Strategic Ploy'2023/01/02
Biden Opens Door to China Sabotage in North Dakota2022/12/27
China Protestors Call for End to CCP Rule2022/11/29
Biden Wants Talks While China's Xi Prepares for War2022/11/13
Close All China Consulates, Slash Embassy Staff2022/11/09
China Can Sneak-Attack Taiwan2022/10/17
U.S. Presidents Refuse to Protect the U.S. from North Korea's Nukes2022/10/09
Biden Has Opened Door to Russian Nuke Strikes2022/09/28
China Is Torturing Critics in Psychiatric Hospitals2022/08/31
China Is Weaponizing Chinese Worldwide to Support the CCP2022/08/23
China and Russia—With Help from Biden—Attack the Dollar2022/08/10
Will China Shoot Down Explorers to the Moon?2022/07/19
Taiwan's Message for China: We Have a Nuke-Like Weapon2022/06/27
Solar Panels: Biden's 'Buy China' Plan2022/06/14
China Starting Next Global Crisis By Gobbling Up Sri Lanka2022/05/20
Russia and China: The Worst Moment in History Coming Soon2022/05/06
What To Do About China2022/05/01
Deterring China: U.S. Should Arm Taiwan to the Hilt – Now2022/04/18
China Takes Over the Solomon Islands — And the Pacific2022/03/31
Biden Ignoring Budapest Memorandum Commitments to Ukraine2022/02/22
Will Xi Jinping's 'End of Days' Plunge China and the World into War?2022/02/16
Suicide: Helping China in Space2022/02/04
Destroying Taiwan2022/01/17
American Traitors: Academics Working for China2021/12/30
China Planning the Ultimate Genocide; Biden Responding with Empty Words2021/12/21
The Moral Imperative to End China's Regime2021/12/01
China's 'Morally Bankrupt' Olympics2021/11/21
China's 'Satellite Crusher': 'Space Pearl Harbor' Is Coming2021/11/01
'War is Real': Defend Taiwan or Give It the Bomb2021/10/18
Repulsive: John Kerry Accepts China's Genocide to Get Climate Deal2021/09/27
Afghan Fallout: Biden Ruins America's Most Important Relationship — India2021/09/07
Biden Letting China Get Away with Crime of the Century2021/08/31
China Cancels Christmas for Americans2021/08/27
China's Xenophobic Plan to Shut Out the World2021/08/16
China Ambushes Top American Diplomat2021/07/30
China Preparing to Expropriate Foreign-Held Tech Shares2021/07/19
Xi Jinping Is Mobilizing China for War, Possibly With Nukes2021/07/08
Cut Off the Blood Supply to China's Communist Party: End Trade2021/06/29
Biden Never Learns: He Still Wants to Talk to China2021/06/23
#MakeChinaPay For the #CoronavirusPandemic2021/06/04
Coming Soon: China's Navy Patrolling Off New York2021/05/28
Biden's Worst Move Yet: Giving U.S. Vaccine Tech to China2021/05/22
Microwaving the White House: Enemies Are Now Sonic Attacking Americans from American Soil2021/05/06
China Is Extending Its Totalitarian Controls to the Rest of the World2021/04/27
China and Russia: The Guns of April2021/04/20
Biden Is Determined to Create Jobs... in China2021/04/07
China Grabbing Whitsun Reef: 'Sudetenland' in Slow Motion2021/03/29
China Calling for Civilizational War Against America and the West2021/03/22
China: What to Do About It?2021/03/21
RED ALERT: China Is Winning the Great 21st Century Tech War2021/03/09
Biden: It's Okay to Finance China's Military2021/02/25
As China's Big Tech Hits America, Biden Signals Surrender2021/02/17
China Is Creating a New Master Race2021/02/10
China Doesn't Have to Lift a Finger to Push Biden Around2021/01/31
Biden's First Signal on China: Fond Memories2021/01/25
Jack 'Uncle Horse' Ma Is a Bad Bet2021/01/09
China Using Covid to Overtake America's Economy2020/12/30
Espionage Emergency: China 'Floods' America with Spies2020/12/14
'Unrighteous Commerce': Our Responsibility for China's Barbaric Acts2020/12/01
Cooperate with China or World War 3: Kissinger2020/11/23
China Squashes a Giant Ant and Nukes Its Financial System2020/11/12
Will America Hand Space Dominance to China?2020/11/02
China: Existential Threat to America2020/10/30
China Is Killing Americans with Fentanyl - Deliberately2020/10/21
Thanks to Trump, China's Huawei Is Dying2020/10/10
China Says Killing Americans Over Taiwan Is 'Morally Justified'2020/09/29
Warning: China Retains Algorithm, Loves Oracle's TikTok Deal2020/09/22
China Threatens Total Economic War by Dumping Treasuries: Be My Guest2020/09/10
Should the U.S. Still Try to Accommodate China?2020/08/31
Wall Street Wants More Frauds from China2020/08/17
TikTok: China's Trojan Horse to Indoctrinate America2020/08/10
China Seeds: A Biological Attack on America?2020/07/30
Nike, Other Global Brands, Complicit in China Slave Labor2020/07/21
Good Riddance to the World Health Organization2020/07/13
Dump China: Time to End Beijing's Pernicious Tech Empire2020/06/24
China: What We Must Do, What We Must Not Do2020/06/01
China's Fake News: Its 'Superior System' Defeats Coronavirus2020/04/06
China's Real Disease: Not Coronavirus2020/03/17
Coronavirus: Death of Dr. Li Wenliang Rocks China2020/02/12
China Is Destroying Multilateralism; Trump Is Creating a New Order2020/01/14
The Big Hole in the China Trade Agreement2019/12/17
China Adopts Malicious "Cybersecurity" Rules2019/11/30
Do Not Support China's Huawei, Cripple It Instead2019/11/07
Do Not Trade with a China that Lies, Cheats, and Steals2019/10/21
Huawei Wants the World's Next Trojan Horse to Be Chinese2019/09/30
America Can Stop China from Dominating Artificial Intelligence--And Should2019/08/17
U.S. Deal with China Saves Huawei, Threatens America2019/07/30
Trump's Huawei Reprieve Is a National Security Debacle2019/07/12
Will Trump Rescue China's Communism?2019/06/25
June 4: China's Longest Night2019/06/04
Dark Days in Hong Kong2019/05/01
China Rising in the Caribbean2019/04/10
China's Han Superstate: The New Third Reich2019/04/03
To Disarm North Korea, Hit Hard on Human Rights2019/03/12
The Militarization of Xi Jinping's China2019/02/25
Get China and Russia Out of Venezuela - and the Western Hemisphere2019/02/08
Opposing China's Dangerous Ambitions2019/01/24
Xi Jinping Thinks China Is World's Only Sovereign State2019/01/04
China Infiltrates American Campuses2018/11/08
Will North Korea Take Over South Korea?2018/09/25
China's 'Digital' Totalitarian Experiment2018/09/12
Passivity in the Face of Big-Power Aggression2016/07/09
Is China Heading to a 1930s-Style Crash?2015/11/22
China on the Edge2014/04/16
Tinker, Tailor, Snowden, Spy2013/07/08
China's Militant Nationalism2013/04/29
China’s Illicit Nuclear Transfers to Iran2010/04/12
Iran's Last Chance2009/12/10
China: A Failure of Intelligence?2009/11/04
Perverse Incentives for China2009/09/10
G-20 Disunity2009/03/30
The Real Burma Problem2009/02/26
Beijing Throws Iran a Lifeline2009/01/22
Russia Supplying Sophisticated Missiles to Iran2009/01/05
Beijing's Best Friend2008/12/10
U.N. Helping Syria Build Nukes2008/11/26
China's Economy: Heading Down Fast2008/11/05
Don't Look To China For A Bailout2008/10/28

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