Writings by Topic: Pakistan

Title Author Date
Pakistan: Young Christian Unjustly Sentenced to DeathUzay Bulut2024/01/19
Pakistan Deporting Afghans Who Seek Asylum from TalibanUzay Bulut2023/12/29
Pakistan: Muslim Mobs Hunt ChristiansUzay Bulut2023/09/01
Continuing Atrocities: Blasphemy Laws in PakistanMohshin Habib2023/08/22
The Massive Transformation of India and the Middle EastUzay Bulut2023/08/11
Pakistan: Third Blasphemy Case in a Month, Christians Fear for SafetyNasir Saeed2023/07/19
Pakistan: Kidnapping, Forced Marriages, Forced ConversionUzay Bulut2023/07/13
Pakistan's GenocideUzay Bulut2023/06/30
The Horror of Being Christian in Muslim Pakistan: Just One MonthRaymond Ibrahim2023/06/25
Two Christian Teenagers Charged with Blasphemy and Sent to Jail in PakistanCLAAS-UK2023/06/05
Convert, Marry Me, or Die by Acid: Christian Women in Muslim PakistanRaymond Ibrahim2023/03/12
Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan Grow HarsherMohshin Habib2023/03/03
Pakistani Taliban: The Most Powerful Anti-State Actor in the CountryLawrence A. Franklin2023/02/10
Pakistan's 'Purification' Campaign Against Its MinoritiesLawrence A. Franklin2023/02/08
'The Shame of Pakistan': Blasphemy AccusersNasir Saeed2023/01/27
Death for "Blasphemers" in PakistanRaymond Ibrahim2022/07/17
Pakistani High Court Upholds Death Sentence of Christian Brothers Charged with BlasphemyNasir Saeed2022/06/12
Imran Khan: A Collateral Victim of PutinAmir Taheri2022/04/17
Pakistan's Taliban PlansLawrence A. Franklin2022/02/24
Pakistan: The Anti-American "Ally"Lawrence A. Franklin2021/11/04
Afghan Fallout: Biden Ruins America's Most Important Relationship — IndiaGordon G. Chang2021/09/07
Forced Conversions and Child Marriage in Pakistan: An Everyday EventNasir Saeed2021/08/11
Afghan Withdrawal Opens the Way for ChinaCon Coughlin2021/07/14
Between Despair and Presumption a Reporter's DilemmaAmir Taheri2021/04/04
Raped and Murdered: Christian Girls in PakistanRaymond Ibrahim2021/02/07
Kidnapped, Raped, and Forced into Islam: The Plight of Christian Girls in PakistanRaymond Ibrahim2020/10/11
The Murder of an American "Blasphemer" in PakistanRaymond Ibrahim2020/09/06
Fourteen Years after Cartoon Crisis, Norway again Knuckles Under to IslamBruce Bawer2019/11/24
Radical Persecution Must Be EradicatedLawrence A. Franklin2019/11/18
India: Modi's Welcome Move on KashmirLawrence A. Franklin2019/09/23
Pakistan: Abduction, Forced Conversion of Non-Muslim GirlsUzay Bulut2019/08/07
Chinese Sex Trade in Pakistan: Abuse of Christian GirlsKaswar Klasra2019/05/13
Pakistan: Mentally Disabled Christians Charged with BlasphemyRaymond Ibrahim2019/03/24
New Delhi Must Uphold "Zero Tolerance" for TerrorismJagdish N. Singh2019/01/17
Pakistan Earned U.S. Designation as "Country of Particular Concern"Kaswar Klasra2018/12/27
The West Must Offer Immediate Asylum to Asia BibiGiulio Meotti2018/11/14
Asia Bibi: Pakistan's Judicial BetrayalGiulio Meotti2018/11/05
Pakistan: Asia Bibi Acquitted After Years Awaiting Death for "Blasphemy"Giulio Meotti2018/10/31
Pakistan: Death or Life for Christian "Blasphemer"?Raymond Ibrahim2018/10/10
Pakistan: New Government Fails to Support MinoritiesKaswar Klasra2018/09/11
Britain Welcomes Radicals - Again and AgainDouglas Murray2018/08/04
Blasphemy Laws in PakistanA. Z. Mohamed2018/07/03
Living in Pakistan - A Hell for Non-MuslimsRahat John Austin2018/01/28
The U.S. and Pakistan: Time for a Divorce?Lawrence A. Franklin2018/01/23
Palestinians: Always on the Wrong SideBassam Tawil2018/01/03
Pakistan: Blasphemy Laws, Human-Rights Abuses DeepenA. Z. Mohamed2017/12/28
ISIS Takes Hold in PakistanKaswar Klasra2017/12/28
Rampant Pedophilia in Pakistani MadrassasLawrence A. Franklin2017/12/20
The Danger of a Jihadist PakistanJohn R. Bolton2017/08/30
What's next in Afghanistan?John R. Bolton2017/08/15
The Great Price of "Blaspheming" against MuhammadRaymond Ibrahim2017/05/14
"First They Came for Asia Bibi"Douglas Murray2016/10/21
Kashmir: The Islamists are Pressing AheadJagdish N. Singh2016/08/30
Needed: Peace in KashmirJagdish N. Singh2016/08/09
"Justice" in Pakistan: Asia BibiLubna Thomas Benjamin2016/08/03
Kashmir: New Islamic State Backed by New York Times, BBCVijeta Uniyal2016/08/02
Pakistan: "Blasphemy" for Ethnic CleansingLubna Thomas Benjamin2016/05/22
The West Must Say "Je Suis Asia Bibi"Giulio Meotti2016/05/19
Pakistan: "Christian Girls Are Only Meant for the Pleasure of Muslim Men"Raymond Ibrahim2016/01/25
Grim Life for Christians in Muslim PakistanRaymond Ibrahim2015/12/25
Pakistan: ISIS Plans Terrorist Campaign against ChristiansLawrence A. Franklin2015/09/22
Islamist "Justice": Slow Painful Death for Christian Mother in PakistanRaymond Ibrahim2015/07/26
Pakistan: Between Civility and FanaticismSalim Mansur2015/01/31
Killing Christians: A State-Sponsored Crime in PakistanMohshin Habib2014/11/27
Maligning MalalaRaheel Raza2014/10/19
Pakistan: How the Blasphemy Law Really WorksMohshin Habib2014/04/15
Pakistan: State Sponsor of Terrorism?Christine Douglass-Williams2014/04/07
Pakistan and the Arab-Muslim Culture of DenialSalim Mansur2014/01/28
Radicals' Use of Islamic Charities Continues in South AsiaIrfan Al-Alawi2013/11/22
Pakistan's Council of Islamic Ideology Condones RapeMohshin Habib2013/10/18
Vote for Me Or Else: Islamists' Latest Excuse to Kill MinoritiesRaymond Ibrahim2013/09/17
Pakistan: Giving Away Babies on TelevisionFiamma Nirenstein2013/08/09
Pakistan: Violations against Christians SoarMohshin Habib2013/07/15
Pakistan Bankrolls Terrorist GroupMohshin Habib2013/07/05
Muslim Persecution of Christians Escalating in PakistanMohshin Habib2013/04/09
Pakistan: Christian Missionary AttackedSaman Ataurehman2012/12/05
Minorities in PakistanSaman Ataurehman2012/11/16
Mob Rule Replaces Rule of LawShiraz Maher2012/11/06
Pakistan: Historic Church Burned Down by MuslimsSaman Ataurehman2012/11/05
Mob Rule Replaces Rule of LawShiraz Maher2012/09/17
Who Will Speak for the Ahmadi Muslims?Arsen Ostrovsky2012/07/12
Pakistan: Fatwas Against WomenAnna Mahjar-Barducci2012/06/12
The Other Two-State Solution: India and PakistanMohshin Habib2012/01/11
Pakistan's Islamist Public Health CrisesIrfan Al-Alawi2011/10/18
Pakistani Scared Of India's Influence in AfghanistanAnna Mahjar-Barducci2011/10/12
Pakistan's New Alliance with IranAnna Mahjar-Barducci2011/10/05
Pakistani ISI Chief's Secret Visit to ChinaAnna Mahjar-Barducci2011/08/10
Pakistan's Spy Game in the U.S.Anna Mahjar-Barducci2011/08/05
Pakistan's China ProblemTaylor Dinerman2011/07/29
Trying to Avoid Pakistan's War on IndiaAnna Mahjar-Barducci2011/07/22
Pakistan Frustrated with U.S. RelationsAnna Mahjar-Barducci2011/06/29
Pakistani Journalist Killed for Exposing Al-Qaeda's Links to Pakistan's Armed ForcesAnna Mahjar-Barducci2011/06/08
China warns the U.S.: "Any Attack on Pakistan Would be Construed as an Attack on China"Anna Mahjar-Barducci2011/05/27
Trial in Chicago Exposes Pakistan's Support for TerrorismAnna Mahjar-Barducci2011/05/20
Pakistani-American Muslim Clerics and the TalibanIrfan Al-Alawi2011/05/16
Pakistan's Nuclear DoctrineTaylor Dinerman2011/04/25
New War Ahead: China-Pakistan vs. U.S.A.Anna Mahjar-Barducci2011/03/02
Britain and Pakistan: The Rich Taliban vs. The Poor MuslimIrfan Al-Alawi2010/10/15
Military Coup Imminent in Pakistan?Shiraz Maher2010/08/26
The UK: Misunderstanding Pakistan and AfghanistanShiraz Maher2010/08/19
Afghan-Pakistan: Taliban Clerics Get WorseIrfan Al-Alawi2010/06/14
Pakistan: Government Joining Jihadis They Are Supposed to FightShiraz Maher2010/05/24
Pakistan: The Group Behind The "Times Square Bomber"Shiraz Maher2010/05/13
SOS Pakistan: What Muslims KnowIrfan Al-Alawi2009/10/27
Saving Pakistan from ItselfSupna Zaidi2009/09/28
Pakistan: Dancing Girls of SwatAmir Mir2009/08/27
Pakistan: Evidence of Indian InterferenceAmir Mir2009/07/29
Pakistan: The Forgotten HindusAmir Mir2009/07/22
Pakistan: US Diplomats Carrying Loaded GunsAmir Mir2009/07/07
Pakistan: "Anarchy in the Name of Allah"Anna Mahjar-Barducci2009/07/06
Jihadist Charities More Popular Than American Aid in Pakistani Refugee CampsRobert Spencer2009/07/03
Pakistan: Galloping TalibanizationAhmed Rashid2009/06/11
Pakistani - Taliban Collusion?Anna Mahjar-Barducci2009/04/15
Fidayeen in PakistanAmir Mir2009/04/08
Meet the Most Courageous Man in Britain: a PakistaniThomas Landen2009/04/01
Pakistan: Sleepness NightsAmir Mir2009/03/26
The Pakistan Taliban LegitimizedAmir Mir2009/03/04
We Pay Pakistan $2 Billion a Year and Look at What We Are BuyingRiaz Khan2009/02/26
Pakistani Taliban Form New Alliance with Mullah Omar as Their Supreme LeaderAmir Mir2009/02/24
Iran and Pakistan: Sharing RhetoricAnna Mahjar-Barducci2008/12/29
Pakistan: Army vs. GovernmentAnna Mahjar-Barducci2008/12/11
Uncle Sam in PakistanAmir Mir2008/10/31
From Our Troops: At The Pakistani Border2008/10/27

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