Writings by Lawrence Kadish

Title Date
The Russians Are Coming2024/06/18
America's Enemies at Home and Abroad2024/06/13
Bringing Iran 'To Its Senses'2024/06/06
McLaughlin Poll: Foreign National Security Threats Americans Care About Most2024/06/04
The Ottoman Infection: How Great Nations Die2024/05/01
Rx for America2024/04/28
'The House That I Live In'*2024/04/24
Confidence in Ruler: Words of Wisdom from Confucius2024/04/19
Open Letter to US Adversaries, the White House, Congress, Donald Trump, and the Pentagon2024/04/17
Who Will Help the New 'Forgotten Man'?2024/04/10
The Murder of a NYC Cop Reflects a National Tragedy of Lawlessness2024/04/03
Words of Light In Dark Times2024/04/01
Violations of the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution2024/03/26
A Springtime Prayer to 'Preserve, Protect and Defend' Our Constitution2024/03/25
Hamas's Industrial Murder: Why Is Senator Chuck Schumer Not Demanding a Change of Leadership in Hamas and Iran?2024/03/19
A Tribute to Justice Frankfurter, His Legacy Still Speaks to Us2024/03/13
Words of Wisdom from the Edge of a Volcano2024/03/11
US Government, Past and Present: The New 'Sixth Columnists'2024/03/06
Iran's Oil Funds Genocide2024/03/05
Bankrupt Iran: Close Their Oil Cash Cow2024/03/04
Tribute to Samuel Clemens, Pen Name Mark Twain2024/02/25
The Report of the Jews' Death 'Has Been Grossly Exaggerated'2024/02/21
Boeing's Lost Bolts Reveals an Even Larger Leadership Crisis for America2024/02/12
Be Guided by the Angel on Your Shoulder2024/02/05
10,000 a Day and Counting: Government's Plan to Increase Voter Base?2024/01/21
How Power Corrupts a Compromised Nation2024/01/15
Directing America's Future2024/01/15
The Supreme Court's Historic Challenge: Saving American Democracy2024/01/08
Reverse Trump Ballot Ban; Let Freedom Bells Ring!2023/12/27
Holiday Reflections: 'The Cause of America Is the Cause of All Mankind'2023/12/21
Strategy to End Iran's Aggression2023/12/19
The 'Biden Border Crisis' Comes to the Big Apple2023/12/14
How to End Hamas's War on Israel This Week2023/12/10
A Resonating Message to Iran: Your Oil Exports Fuel Genocide. Stop Now or Face a Violent Oil Closure & Resultant Iranian Bankruptcy2023/11/16
Iran's Oil Funds Genocide2023/11/05
Bankrupt Iran: Close Their Oil Cash Cow2023/10/23
U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham's Warning to Iran2023/10/16
Ronald Reagan's Warning2023/10/08
Concerning the Fate of Our Nation2023/10/01
MAGA Dog for Trump?2023/09/15
A Tale of Two Parties2023/08/25
A Presidential Prayer That Could Save Our Nation2023/07/27
America's Strength for Freedom2023/07/13
The Miracle Worker2023/07/05
Honoring Independence Day2023/07/05
Remembering the Start of American TV2023/07/02
Who Will We Really Be Voting For in 2024 if Biden Runs?2023/06/26
Happy Founding Fathers' Day2023/06/18
The God Particle2023/06/12
Fusion: The Worldwide Race to Capture the Power of the Sun2023/05/16
Malicious Attacks on Veterans' Benefits2023/05/08
Confidence in Leadership2023/04/24
Needed: A Made in the USA Policy Plus Energy Independence to Counter Inflation and the Rising USA National Debt2023/04/19
Contemplate the Rise in Religious Hatred, Then Confront It2023/04/10
Axis vs. Allies, Then and Now2023/03/30
The White House is Whistling Past America's Bank Graveyard2023/03/17
The Pete Buttigieg Show Closes in East Palestine, Ohio2023/03/08
Biden's Executive Order Nightmare: Government Will Track Every Dime You Spend2023/03/01
'Only God Can Make a Tree': Brooklyn's Tribute to Joyce Kilmer2023/02/20
Advance Made in USA Policy2023/02/15
The Man Who Wants 'Cities to Fall Apart'?2023/02/03
Treason in America - Again2023/01/25
Assaults on US Democracy, Election Integrity and the Constitution2023/01/22
Twelve Questions for the End of the Year2022/12/30
Unleashing Clean Fusion Power Is America's Best Defense against Tyranny2022/12/20
Words of Light In Dark Times2022/12/15
Be Guided by the Angel on Your Shoulder2022/12/08
A Presidential Trojan Horse: The Inflation Reduction Act2022/11/30
'A Nation Cannot Exist Without Confidence in its Ruler'2022/11/24
Urgent Call for a Podesta Watchdog: The $750 Billion Schumer-Manchin So-Called Inflation Reduction Act2022/11/17
Biden's Diesel Fuel Shortage: Cold Comfort2022/11/03
Political Mislabeling: Violating the Public Trust2022/10/26
Profits at the Expense of Patriotism Is a Dangerous Game2022/10/20
China's Drug Attack on the US2022/10/11
$370 Billion in Taxpayer Dollars for WHAT?2022/10/09
Needed: A New Monroe Doctrine to Confront China's Aggression2022/10/04
The Secret Schumer-Manchin Backroom Deal2022/09/19
A Debt That Can Destroy a Nation2022/09/13
The U.S. Needs a Safe, Sane Energy Policy2022/09/07
Saving America's Future2022/09/04
A Mar-a-Lago Transgression2022/08/29
'Those Who Pursue Self-interest through Politics'2022/08/16
America's Strategic Oil Reserves2022/08/10
"Searching for an Honest Man"2022/07/13
Honoring Our Past and Rededicating to Our Future2022/07/04
Failed Leadership in America, as Defined2022/06/29
The Report of the Jews' Death 'Has Been Grossly Exaggerated'2022/06/26
We Salute Our Treasured Flag2022/06/14
World Peace and Political Survival2022/06/12
"A Politician's True Beliefs" Disclosure2022/06/08
The Liberation of a Continent and the Fall of the Nazi Third Reich2022/06/06
The Inherent Strength of a Democracy2022/06/02
Genocide for Profits2022/05/25
Concerning 'China's Master Plan to Destroy America'2022/05/19
A Pure Call to Patriotism through Music2022/05/11
The Destruction of Election Integrity: Your City Could Be Next2022/05/03
Putin's Genocide on Holocaust Memorial Day2022/04/28
'Common Sense' Indeed2022/04/21
'A Republic, If You Can Keep It'2022/04/15
Ensuring Election Integrity2022/04/07
"Let Freedom Ring": Support Ukraine & USA Energy Independence2022/03/28
The Russia/Bermuda Dark Money Subterfuge2022/03/22
Important Voter Alert2022/03/17
Wartime Confidantes2022/03/13
Putin's War Crimes: Reported Heroes and Others2022/03/10
If Ukraine Falls Does the Democratic Party Fall as Well?2022/03/07
Paskudnyak Putin2022/03/02
Puppeteers and Puppets: America's Dark Money Masquerade and Other Questionable Conduct2022/02/28
Do Something 'Honorable' Today and Every Day2022/02/25
Red Storm Clouds Are Approaching America2022/02/14
Are Secret 'Puppeteers' Still Directing American Public Policy?*2022/02/04
Words That Forbid Us from Looking Away from Genocide2022/01/26
Biden's Latest Mayhem2022/01/25
USA: Reliving the Nightmare of a Shocking Christmas Carnage Every Day2022/01/14
Heed the Advice of Edmund Burke2022/01/04
"The Power of Persistence"2021/12/17
Re Confidence in 'Ruler'2021/11/29
Can U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Sing?2021/10/28
Why Is America Financing the Chinese War Machine?2021/10/25
A Sinking Ship of State Drowns Everyone2021/10/18
Confronting a Financial Assault on America's Future2021/10/12
Who Are the Advisors Who Circle a Confused President?2021/10/04
A New Word for the Administration2021/09/29
Is It Puppeteers or Puppets in Control in Washington?2021/09/10
The Character of Nations and Failed Leadership2021/08/30
Who Is Directing American Policy?2021/08/23
Biden's Clueless Afghan Double-Cross2021/08/18
A Monarchy?2021/07/21
'Truth is Buoyant' for Nations Seeking Global Leadership2021/07/15
Patriotism and Noble Deeds: The Pleasures of Life2021/06/30
'In Spite of Rock and Tempest Roar'2021/06/18
A House That Has Done What a House Should Do: A Tribute to a Great American2021/06/08
Pasteur's Noble Vision2020/10/09
The Spreading Scourge of Illusory Superiority2020/07/22
A Pledge for July 42020/07/04
Support for China Falls Dramatically in European, Indian Polls2020/05/26
China's Massive Trade Imbalance: The Rope with Which They Would Hang Us2020/05/07
Patriotic Americans against Tyranny2020/04/27
America: Responses to Tyranny2020/04/25
Made in the USA: Winning Out over Enemies of Democracy2020/04/18
Smoking: Time to Break Up?2020/03/19
Wisdom That Transcends Time: Self Esteem and Public Service2019/09/14
Powerful Lessons from History: Adams on Strength, Rand on Fifth Columnists2019/07/18
It Is Time for a Remedial History Lesson for Political Candidates2016/03/09
What Do Most of America's Voters Really Want?2016/01/25
Attempts to Undermine Democracies by Present Day Fifth Columnists2015/03/28
Ancient Kosher Laws Have Lessons for a 21st Century War against Ebola2014/11/12
A 21st Century "Patriotic Energy Policy" is Required to Grow America's Economy and Reduce its "Light Years" of Debt2014/03/31
Could iPhone Videos Have Destroyed the Third Reich?2013/05/13
Monetizing Debt: Historically Disastrous2012/07/18
Planning Genocide in Plain Sight2012/01/24
Taking Energy Independence Seriously2012/01/04
A Test of Courage2010/08/03
Taking the National Debt Seriously2009/10/12

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