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Title Date
South Africa: Safe-haven for Hamas, Islamic State and al-Qaeda Terrorists2024/04/02
US Lack of Resolve Incentivizing China on Taiwan2024/01/03
China's Increased Bullying of Philippines to Test US Resolve2023/12/27
China's "Unrestricted Warfare" Against the US2023/12/20
'The Elephant in the Room': The Real Source of Jew-Hatred in the Middle East2023/11/05
China: Preparing for War2023/09/06
Should US Troops Stay in Syria?2023/07/05
China Overtakes Russia as Dominant Power in Central Asia2023/06/16
China's Space Program: Designed to Defeat the United States2023/06/06
Chinese Embrace Brazil as "Global Strategic Partner" as Brazilian President Visits China2023/05/12
China's Race to Dominate the Military and Emerging Technologies2023/04/06
Iran, China and the Panama Canal: Is the US Being Encircled?2023/03/14
The Philippines, Tired of China's Bullying, Restores Military Alliance with the U.S.2023/03/08
China's Balloon Reveals the Weaknesses in US National Security Decision-Making2023/02/14
Pakistani Taliban: The Most Powerful Anti-State Actor in the Country2023/02/10
Pakistan's 'Purification' Campaign Against Its Minorities2023/02/08
Islamic State Jihadists in Afghanistan2023/02/01
The Islamist Plan to Conquer East Africa: U.S. Missing in Action2023/01/18
Africa's Sahel Region: Enter Russia's Wagner Group to Make It Worse2023/01/10
Saudi Arabia Welcomes China's Xi as US Snubs Allies, Courts Enemies2022/12/22
Qatar's World Cup: What Visitors Were Not Shown2022/12/13
How Iran Has Been Attempting to Suppress the Great Hijab Rebellion2022/11/09
UN Sides with China Despite Its Own Report Condemning Xinjiang Abuses2022/11/02
Iran Acquires 2.5 Million Acres of Venezuela2022/09/21
China's Commentary on Mistakes of Gorbachev to Make Sure the Chinese Communist Party Endures2022/09/15
China and the US: Whose Side Is the Administration On?2022/07/28
Putin's Private Army, "The Wagner Group," Guilty of War Crimes on Three Continents2022/07/21
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Protected the Indo-Pacific Region for the Free World2022/07/14
Leaked Documents Reveal Wide Scope of China's Human Rights Violations in Xinjiang2022/06/30
How the Free World Can Help Taiwan Avoid Ukraine's Fate2022/06/07
China's Latest Power Grab Threatens Entire Pacific2022/05/23
Sweden Would Strengthen the NATO Alliance2022/05/09
Finland Will Strengthen NATO2022/04/27
Pakistan's Taliban Plans2022/02/24
Russia Eyeing Kazakhstan? China and Russia Vying for Influence2022/02/10
China's Hostile South Pacific Takeover2022/01/03
Ireland: Still No Room at the Inn2021/12/25
China Prepared to Launch Hostilities Against India Along Disputed Himalayan Border2021/12/02
Pakistan: The Anti-American "Ally"2021/11/04
Israel: Still the 'Strong Horse'2021/09/04
China: Crisis-Testing US Presidents2021/08/11
US-Iranian Nuclear Talks Come Unglued2021/08/09
The "Iran Deal" Soon to Be Resuscitated2021/06/30
Iran's Fake Presidential Election2021/06/18
China's Plan to Dominate 'Near-Earth' Space2021/06/17
Natan Sharansky: A Hero for All Seasons2021/05/10
China's Pattern of Anti-U.S. Hostility2021/03/23
The International Criminal Court Violates Its Statute2021/03/04
China Has Already Started to Test the Biden Administration2021/01/26
Chinese Military Bases in The Caribbean?2020/12/10
Mozambique Terrorist Group Poised to Establish an Islamic Emirate2020/12/03
US Urgently Needs to Challenge China's Chokehold on Rare Earth Materials2020/11/21
The Pope's New Encyclical: A Surrender?2020/11/08
Vatican Fails to Condemn China's Religious Persecution2020/10/21
"Assimilation" China Style2020/10/07
U.S. and China: Emerging Technologies and the Race to Control the Future2020/09/28
The Possible Limits of China-Russia Cooperation2020/09/17
China's 'Debt-Trap' Diplomacy with Third-World Nations2020/08/28
China's Persecution of Uyghur Muslims: The Silence of the Islamic World2020/08/19
China: Military Experts Urge Beijing to Prepare for War with U.S.2020/08/12
China's Genocide Machine in Xinjiang2020/08/07
The Containment of China2020/08/04
Iran: The Real Bounty Payer for Killing US Troops2020/07/21
Chinese Military Exercises Threaten to Invade Taiwan2020/07/15
How to Deal with China?: "Made in America"2020/06/25
China, under the Veil of Virus, the Schoolyard Bully. Will the US Please Stop It?2020/06/10
Russia's Arctic Empire2020/05/29
China's Cyber War Against America2020/05/20
International Kangaroo Court to Investigate Israel for War Crimes2020/05/13
Afghanistan: America Moving Out, China Moving In - with Help from Iran2020/04/29
Venezuela: Maduro's Cuban Army2020/04/23
China Using Coronavirus for Further Deceit2020/04/01
China's War on Religion Ensnares American-based Pastor John Cao2020/03/18
Why Did President Trump Expand the Travel Ban?2020/02/18
Russia's 'Wagner Group' Doing Its Dirty Work?2020/02/12
Beware of Putin's Push for Primacy in Africa2020/02/03
Atrocities against Muslims: Leaked Documents in China2020/01/29
U.S.-China Trade Deal Should Not Obscure Beijing's Hegemonic Objectives2020/01/22
China: Beijing's Arctic Power Grab2020/01/09
Is NATO Still Vital?2019/12/12
Radical Persecution Must Be Eradicated2019/11/18
China: Modern Blueprint for Global Power2019/10/11
Denying Jerusalem's Jewish History Despite Archaeological Evidence2019/09/26
India: Modi's Welcome Move on Kashmir2019/09/23
What Will China Do with the Hong Kong Protests?2019/08/28
Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Afghanistan and an Opportunity for the West2019/08/21
Why U.S. Special Forces Need to Remain Abroad2019/07/29
Burkina Faso: Losing Sovereignty to Terrorists2019/07/08
Dublin's Anti-Israel Boycott Bill: Bad for Ireland, Worse for the Palestinians, Terrible for Everyone2019/07/02
Afghan War: Hope for Exit, No Hope for Peace2019/05/21
Ireland's Anti-Israel Drift: How Did It Come to This?2019/03/17
Post-Caliphate ISIS2019/02/19
The Vatican Surrenders to China2019/01/20
A League of Democracies: Dusting Off an Old Idea2018/12/26
The Vatican under Siege2018/10/28
Help the People of Iran2018/09/26
Turkey Creating New Tensions with Greece and the US2018/09/03
Ireland's Anti-Israel Bill and the Muslim Brotherhood2018/07/23
Indonesia: Falling to Radicals2018/07/04
Salute to Two Intellectual Giants: Bernard Lewis and Richard Pipes2018/06/17
Saudi Arabia: What About the Hate-Filled Textbooks and Sermons?2018/03/22
Iran and Hezbollah's Terror in Argentina2018/03/01
The U.S. and Pakistan: Time for a Divorce?2018/01/23
What to Make of Latest Protests in Iran?2018/01/02
Turkey: Still a U.S. Ally?2017/12/27
Rampant Pedophilia in Pakistani Madrassas2017/12/20
Pope's High-Risk Visit to South Asia: Opposition in Catholic Hierarchy2017/12/01
Egypt: Saving the Sinai2017/11/29
Rohingya Refugee Crisis: The Role of Islamist Terrorists2017/10/25
A Jewish-Catholic Partnership against Islamist Violence?2017/09/26
Why an Obscure Strip of Land in the Himalayas is Important for the Free World2017/09/07
Strides in the Struggle for an Independent Kurdistan2017/08/24
The Pope's Pilgrimage to Al-Azhar2017/04/27
The Vatican's Relations with Islam2017/02/19
Iran: Russians Using Iranian Airbases2016/08/18
What the Arab League Meeting Reveals2016/08/01
Not Just "An Absurd Murder," Pope Francis2016/07/27
Jihadists Trying to Dislodge Bangladesh's Secular Government2016/07/04
Pope Francis: The Good Shepherd Now Must Protect His Sheep2016/06/27
Iran's Soft War Against America2016/05/17
Iran Comes Clean on Banking Problems2016/05/05
Iran: Ayatollah Khamenei Warns President Rouhani on Economy2016/04/11
Why Are Christians Leaving the Holy Land?2016/04/03
Iran: The Deep State Endures2016/03/09
Iran's Commitment to Shia in the Region2016/01/17
Iran's Next Supreme Leader?2015/12/24
What About Iran's "JCPOA"?2015/12/15
Iran: Nuclear Deal Going, Going, Gone?2015/11/18
Iran's Mirage: More Humiliation to Follow2015/11/09
Will Iran Walk Away from Nuclear Deal?2015/11/01
Are You Expecting a New Iran?2015/10/01
Pakistan: ISIS Plans Terrorist Campaign against Christians2015/09/22
Nuke Deal or Not, Iran Has Already Declared War on Us2015/08/20
Iran's Prison Archipelago2015/07/23
Iran's Quds Day: Death to America, Death to Israel2015/07/14
Iran Will Walk2015/06/05
Who Are the Principal Violators of International Law?2015/04/03
Who Ends Up with Iraq?2015/03/10
Iran's Views of Jews and the U.S.2015/02/17
Nigeria: Presidential Elections Amid Specter of Boko Haram2015/02/01
Paris: Grand Mosque Open, Grand Synagogue Closed2015/01/11
Baghdad's Dilemma2014/12/31
Kurdistan: More Like Israel, Less Like Iraq2014/12/25
Iraq: Iran's "Boots on the Ground"2014/12/17
Kurdistan: Waiting to Be Born2014/12/12
Encircling Baghdad: The Country that Became a City-State2014/11/11
Children as Suicide Bombers in Islamic Countries2014/09/18
Hamas Mega-Attack Planned through Gaza Terror Tunnels2014/07/25
The U.S.-Israel Alliance: No Apologies Necessary2014/07/23
What if Hamas Had Military Superiority?2014/07/18
The Choices for Syria's Christians2014/04/04
How to Think About Iran2014/03/19
Dagestan: New Epicenter of Muslim Terrorism in Russia2014/02/14
The Central African Republic and Islam's Push South2014/02/03
Exploiting the Koran to Target the Jews?2013/12/19
Saudi Arabia, the UN and the OIC2013/10/24
Delegitimizing Judeo-Christian Civilization2013/10/08
Iran's Mullahs Learn from Lenin2013/07/15
The Vatican and Islam2013/07/02
Beheading, According to the Koran2013/06/18
Twilight: The Game of "Put-Down" Has Just Begun2010/11/03
How Arabs View the US Pullout: Why Maintain Friendly Ties With America?2010/04/26
Israel: Our Ally, Not Our Puppet2010/04/01

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