Writings by Topic: Russia

Title Author Date
Russia, China and Iran Must Not Seize Control of SudanCon Coughlin2024/05/16
Moscow Terror Attack: Is Ukraine Responsible?Amir Taheri2024/03/31
Ukraine: Unintended ConsequencesAmir Taheri2024/03/17
Biden Opened the Floodgates of HellGordon G. Chang2024/02/06
World's Most Dangerous Combination: China and RussiaGordon G. Chang2023/12/25
The World Is at WarGordon G. Chang2023/12/17
Ukraine: Biden Helping Putin to WinCon Coughlin2023/12/12
Ukraine: The Decimation PointAmir Taheri2023/12/03
Erdoğan: Willing Hostage to Putin's Anti-West DoctrineBurak Bekdil2023/09/07
Will China, Russia, and North Korea Launch Their Nukes?Gordon G. Chang2023/08/18
Let Ukraine Bomb RussiaCon Coughlin2023/08/06
Iran, Russia Evade Sanctions; Biden Administration 'Funding Both Sides of Ukraine War'Majid Rafizadeh2023/08/05
Biden's Legacy: The Axis of TyranniesMajid Rafizadeh2023/07/29
Ukraine: A Way Out of the Impasse?Amir Taheri2023/07/23
The Two-Headed Russian Eagle at WarAmir Taheri2023/06/18
China Overtakes Russia as Dominant Power in Central AsiaLawrence A. Franklin2023/06/16
Biden Is Not Serious about Ukraine Defeating RussiaCon Coughlin2023/06/04
The Anti-Western Nuclear Club: North Korea, China, Russia and Iran Dangerously Target the WestMajid Rafizadeh2023/06/03
Report from Ukraine: Why They FightRichard Kemp2023/05/25
Mariupol: A Year LaterAmir Taheri2023/05/21
Dithering Biden is Seriously Harming Ukraine's Victory ProspectsCon Coughlin2023/05/18
Blame Putin for Stoking Violence in SudanCon Coughlin2023/05/07
Biden Has Abandoned the Middle East to China and RussiaCon Coughlin2023/04/19
Thanks to Biden Administration, Iran's Mullahs Winners of Russia Invasion of UkraineMajid Rafizadeh2023/04/01
The Real Reason China is Arming Russia in UkraineCon Coughlin2023/03/26
China Crosses "Red Line" Advancing Russia's War EffortJohn Richardson2023/02/26
Ukraine: The Unintended ConsequencesAmir Taheri2023/02/19
Is Biden A 'Manchurian President,' Facilitating Nuclear Cooperation between Iran's Mullahs and Russia?Majid Rafizadeh2023/02/18
China and Russia Deepen Their TiesJohn Richardson2023/02/07
Russian-Iranian Axis: Biden Administration Missing in Action?John Richardson2023/01/31
Is Putin Destroying Russia?Guy Millière2023/01/29
Ukraine: Waiting for the Stinger MomentAmir Taheri2023/01/22
Turkey: Putin's Open Door for Harming Western InterestsBurak Bekdil2023/01/20
Biden's Arms Package for Ukraine Is Long OverdueCon Coughlin2023/01/18
More Foreign Policy ConfusionPete Hoekstra2023/01/08
Ukraine: A Recipe for AppeasementAmir Taheri2022/12/25
Is the Biden Administration Colluding with Russia to Allow Iran to Go Nuclear?Majid Rafizadeh2022/11/26
The Russian-Turkish Bond to Harm the WestBurak Bekdil2022/11/18
It Is Time for NATO to Confront IranCon Coughlin2022/11/17
The Dangerous Nexus: Russia and Iran's MullahsMajid Rafizadeh2022/11/11
Russia and Iran, New "Axis of Evil," Emboldened by Biden AdministrationMajid Rafizadeh2022/10/29
The Putin Pawns in the NATO Alliance? How the West Emboldens Erdoğan's AggressionBurak Bekdil2022/10/25
Russia, Iran's Mullahs Deepen Ties to Crush Ukraine: Why Is Biden Administration Silent?Majid Rafizadeh2022/10/22
The Need for Real Leadership: The Cost of Not Supporting UkrainePete Hoekstra2022/10/16
Biden Administration's Dithering Inviting Worldwide Aggression: Russia, China, IranGuy Millière2022/10/14
Thanks to the Biden Administration, Russia and Iran Are Closer than EverMajid Rafizadeh2022/10/08
Russia Will Use Its Ally, a Nuclear-Armed Iran, to Better Threaten the WestCon Coughlin2022/10/03
Biden Administration's Gift to Russia: Iran Nuke DealMajid Rafizadeh2022/10/01
Russia Expanding Its Influence in Latin AmericaJohn Richardson2022/09/30
Biden Has Opened Door to Russian Nuke StrikesGordon G. Chang2022/09/28
'Europe Should Be Grateful to Erdoğan'Burak Bekdil2022/09/23
US Must Treat Iran Like RussiaCon Coughlin2022/09/19
China's Commentary on Mistakes of Gorbachev to Make Sure the Chinese Communist Party EnduresLawrence A. Franklin2022/09/15
How the West Built a Russian EnemyAmir Taheri2022/09/11
When German Environmentalists and Putin's Government Had a Burning Love AffairDrieu Godefridi2022/09/08
A Dangerous Triple FantasyAmir Taheri2022/08/14
China and Russia—With Help from Biden—Attack the DollarGordon G. Chang2022/08/10
Iran's Deepening Military Expansion Into EuropeCon Coughlin2022/07/29
Why Putin Must Be DefeatedGuy Millière2022/07/24
Putin's Imaginary World OrderAmir Taheri2022/07/24
Putin's Private Army, "The Wagner Group," Guilty of War Crimes on Three ContinentsLawrence A. Franklin2022/07/21
How the Media Used Russiagate Conspiracy Theories to Create a News CartelDaniel Greenfield2022/07/05
Putin: From Frank Sinatra to Leonid BrezhnevAmir Taheri2022/06/26
Russia's Escalating Influence in AfricaJohn Richardson2022/06/20
A War That Could Change the WorldAmir Taheri2022/06/19
The 'Disease' Putin Brought BackAmir Taheri2022/06/12
UN Will Justify a Mirror Image of Putin's WarRichard Kemp2022/06/08
Russia: Lone Wolf of the SteppesAmir Taheri2022/05/29
National Security Crisis: Russia's and China's Nuclear ThreatsJohn Richardson2022/05/25
Will NATO Fight?Richard Kemp2022/05/10
Perils of Putin's Victory ParadeAmir Taheri2022/05/08
Russia and China: The Worst Moment in History Coming SoonGordon G. Chang2022/05/06
Has The Metropolitan Opera Violated Anti-Discrimination Laws by Firing a Russian Singer?Alan M. Dershowitz2022/05/05
Putin "Begins Gas Blackmail of Europe": The US Must Give Ukraine Warplanes to Defeat RussiaCon Coughlin2022/05/02
China and Russia's 'Space War': Where Is The US?John Richardson2022/04/28
Are We Letting Putin Win?Guy Millière2022/04/21
The Cost of New Energy in Europe, but Not in MoneyGiulio Meotti2022/04/17
Imran Khan: A Collateral Victim of PutinAmir Taheri2022/04/17
Iran's – and America's – Plans to Fund Russia's War In UkraineCon Coughlin2022/04/14
Ukraine War: The Moral Corruption of Germany's Political EliteSoeren Kern2022/04/13
Turkey: Beware of Islamists Bearing GiftsBurak Bekdil2022/04/10
Points that Putin Apologists MissAmir Taheri2022/04/10
Biden's Weakness on the Ukraine-Russia War is a Threat to AmericaDaniel Greenfield2022/04/07
The Great Russian Energy ScamGiulio Meotti2022/04/06
Will the U.S. Lead or Continue to 'Lose Ground'?Pete Hoekstra2022/04/05
Terrorism, Ukraine, Taiwan and the Outsourcing WarsDaniel Greenfield2022/04/05
China Undercuts Sanctions on Russia: Where Are the 'Consequences'?John Richardson2022/04/04
How Putin Misunderstood RumsfeldAmir Taheri2022/04/03
Russia and Iran: The New Axis of EvilCon Coughlin2022/04/01
"Let Freedom Ring": Support Ukraine & USA Energy IndependenceLawrence Kadish2022/03/28
From Guernica to MariupolAmir Taheri2022/03/27
The Russia/Bermuda Dark Money SubterfugeLawrence Kadish2022/03/22
Putin's War: The Next PhaseAmir Taheri2022/03/20
Has Russia Been Financing Western Environmentalism?Drieu Godefridi2022/03/15
Why Did Vladimir Putin Invade Ukraine?Soeren Kern2022/03/14
Putin and His One-Man WarAmir Taheri2022/03/13
Putin's War Crimes: Reported Heroes and OthersLawrence Kadish2022/03/10
If Ukraine Falls Does the Democratic Party Fall as Well?Lawrence Kadish2022/03/07
A Plan for Peace in EuropeRichard Kemp2022/03/06
Putin and the Law of Unintended ConsequencesAmir Taheri2022/03/06
Ukraine Must Join the EU to Punish RussiaCon Coughlin2022/03/04
Determined Leadership Everywhere but America: Open the Spigots, Open the EastMed PipelinePete Hoekstra2022/03/03
Paskudnyak PutinLawrence Kadish2022/03/02
Germany, in Historic Reversal, Abandons Pro-Putin Russia PolicySoeren Kern2022/03/01
First Round to Putin, What Next?Amir Taheri2022/02/27
Biden Ignoring Budapest Memorandum Commitments to UkraineGordon G. Chang2022/02/22
Putin's Latest Crackdowns - A New LowJohn Richardson2022/02/21
Russia Driving Sweden and Finland into the Arms of NATOJohn Richardson2022/02/14
Putin's Game between Friend and FoeAmir Taheri2022/02/13
Russia Eyeing Kazakhstan? China and Russia Vying for InfluenceLawrence A. Franklin2022/02/10
Do Not Open Nord Stream 2Pete Hoekstra2022/02/07
Russia and Ukraine: The Sword and the ShieldAmir Taheri2022/01/30
The Russia-China Axis of Authoritarianism: Part ISoeren Kern2022/01/21
Europe's Weak Response to RussiaJohn Richardson2022/01/20
Russia's Putin to NATO: Commit Suicide or Face All-Out WarSoeren Kern2022/01/06
Biden's Appeasement of Moscow Threatens NATOCon Coughlin2021/12/20
Wounds With a Russian Knife in ThemAmir Taheri2021/11/21
Turkey: Drifting Further into Russian OrbitBurak Bekdil2021/11/09
Turkey: NATO's Pro-Russian, Taliban-Friendly AllyBurak Bekdil2021/09/24
Cyberwar - Part OnePeter Schweizer2021/08/25
Biden Administration "Surrenders" to Germany on Russian Gas PipelineSoeren Kern2021/08/04
Putin's New Anti-Navalny LawJiri Valenta and Leni Friedman Valenta2021/07/16
China and RussiaPeter Schweizer2021/06/20
Biden and Putin in G7 and a HalfAmir Taheri2021/06/13
China and Russia: The Guns of AprilGordon G. Chang2021/04/20
US, China, Russia and Thucydides TrapAmir Taheri2021/03/29
Alexei Navalny: "Prepared to Lose Everything"Jiri Valenta and Leni Friedman Valenta2021/03/24
Russia: Putin Shoots Himself in the FootJohn Richardson2021/02/01
U.S. "Driving Stake Through Heart" of German-Russian PipelineSoeren Kern2020/12/28
Tough but Necessary Road Ahead for Arms ControlStephen Blank and Peter Huessy2020/11/30
The Irony of American History and Russian DisinformationChris Farrell2020/10/29
The Possible Limits of China-Russia CooperationLawrence A. Franklin2020/09/17
Russia's Arctic EmpireLawrence A. Franklin2020/05/29
New Nuclear Threats to the U.S.: Better to Deter Them or Play Dead?Peter Huessy2020/05/14
China's Growing Relations with Russia: What's In it for Moscow?Peter Huessy and Stephen Blank2020/04/09
The Oil Price Crash: Bad News for Putin's Ambitions in the Middle EastCon Coughlin2020/03/12
Russia's 'Wagner Group' Doing Its Dirty Work?Lawrence A. Franklin2020/02/12
Beware of Putin's Push for Primacy in AfricaLawrence A. Franklin2020/02/03
Turkey: Turning on Washington to Benefit MoscowStephen Blank and Peter Huessy2020/01/08
Germany Puts Its Head in Russia's Energy Pipeline NooseSoeren Kern2019/12/30
Turkey's East-West Carpet TradingBurak Bekdil2019/12/19
How Putin Outfoxed Trump, Pence and ErdoganMalcolm Lowe2019/11/06
Erdogan's Summit with Putin Should Ring Alarm Bells for NATOCon Coughlin2019/10/24
Turkey, Russia, Iran: Filling the VacuumErick Stakelbeck2019/10/16
Russia: Dreaming of a Return to the WestAmir Taheri2019/09/15
Moscow Divided Between Two ProverbsAmir Taheri2019/09/08
Russia Moves in on SudanDebalina Ghoshal2019/08/13
Putin and the MullahsAmir Taheri2019/08/11
Russia, Turkey, Iran: Adversaries of the West's NATO AllianceCon Coughlin2019/08/05
Algeria: Russian Influence, American Opportunity?Debalina Ghoshal2019/05/30
Russian Plans for This Week's European Union ElectionsCon Coughlin2019/05/22
Russia's Military Must Leave Venezuela ImmediatelyJiri Valenta2019/04/04
Turkey: Putin's Ally in NATO?Burak Bekdil2019/03/19
How the Trump Administration Should Counter Putin's Policies in Ukraine and VenezuelaJiri Valenta2019/02/25
Putin to Join the Mullahs' Deception ClubAmir Taheri2019/02/24
Get China and Russia Out of Venezuela - and the Western HemisphereGordon G. Chang2019/02/08
Qatar: Time to Shape UpDebalina Ghoshal2018/11/26
Statement on the Election of a New Interpol PresidentGarry Kasparov and Members of the Standing Committee of the Free Russia Forum2018/11/21
Who Gains from the US Withdrawal from the Nuclear Arms Treaty?Stephen Blank and Peter Huessy2018/11/19
Rebuilding Syria: The Responsibility PrincipleMalcolm Lowe2018/10/13
Turkey: Erdoğan's International Juggling CircusBurak Bekdil2018/10/03
Russia's War on the WestStephen Blank and Peter Huessy2018/08/21
Is Russia "Buying" the West?Peter Huessy2018/07/17
Who Sanctions Russia? Not Germany.Shoshana Bryen and Stephen Bryen2018/06/14
Putin and Lessons from Lenin and GromykoAmir Taheri2018/06/10
Ukraine: Is Russia Planning A New Invasion?John Richardson2018/05/01
Lessons of the Afgantsy for the SyriansAmir Taheri2018/04/29
Syria: Fighting over the CorpseShoshana Bryen2018/04/10
Syria: The Putin-Erdogan Summit Was a Missed OpportunityAmir Taheri2018/04/08
The Boy From Petersburg Who Became The Man From MoscowAmir Taheri2018/03/18
Iran, Russia, and China's Central Role in the Venezuela CrisisJoseph M. Humire2018/02/14
Expect America's Tensions with China and Russia to Rise in 2018John R. Bolton2017/12/30
Where Russian and Iranian Aircraft Carriers ClashAmir Taheri2017/12/17
Russia's Dangerous Nuclear "Diplomacy"Debalina Ghoshal2017/11/27
Syria: Elections Gambit to Get Russia Off the HookAmir Taheri2017/09/06
Recognizing the Real and Present Enemy: Radical Islam, Not RussiaAlexandre del Valle2017/08/22
Tehran's New Scheme for IraqAmir Taheri2017/07/31
Russia Woos the World with New Plan on SyriaAmir Taheri2017/07/30
Putin Looked Trump in the Eye and Lied to HimJohn R. Bolton2017/07/10
Tsar Vladimir and His 40 DaughtersAmir Taheri2017/07/03
Russia: Rubber Ducks and Green PaintShoshana Bryen2017/03/31
How Putin Unmasked Erdogan's Tough Guy ShowBurak Bekdil2017/01/10
Putin's Puritan Piety: The Ideological War against the WestGiulio Meotti2016/10/09
Iran: Russians Using Iranian AirbasesLawrence A. Franklin2016/08/18
Turkey-Russia Pact Threatens Western Interests in the Middle EastCon Coughlin2016/07/25
Passivity in the Face of Big-Power AggressionGordon G. Chang2016/07/09
Is Russia Really a Threat to Brexit?Con Coughlin2016/06/22
Russia's Trap: Luring Sunnis into WarBurak Bekdil2016/02/16
Turkey's Haunted Border with SyriaBurak Bekdil2016/02/11
Russian Imperialism Meets Illusions of Ottoman GrandeurBurak Bekdil2015/12/31
Russia Devouring the Eastern Mediterranean?Burak Bekdil2015/12/05
Russia's Failed Adventure in SyriaCon Coughlin2015/12/01
Russia-Iran Missile Deal Major Threat to Middle EastYaakov Lappin2015/04/15
Why Did Russia Invade Ukraine?Peter Huessy2015/03/16
NATO Enlargement and UkraineStephen Blank and Peter Huessy2015/02/03
Does Saudi Arabia Rule the World?Shoshana Bryen2014/12/29
Can NATO Afford a War on Two Fronts?Peter Martino2014/11/03
The EU Creates a Mess - AgainPeter Martino2014/10/04
Will Scottish Independence Give Putin Pretext to Annex Eastern Ukraine?Peter Martino2014/09/15
INF Treaty Coming Apart?Debalina Ghoshal2014/09/02
The Truth about UkraineStephen Blank and Peter Huessy2014/08/25
EU Leaders Deeply Divided Over RussiaSoeren Kern2014/07/21
Ukraine: End of the American World Order?Guy Millière2014/04/01
Ukraine's Mess: Made in the EUPeter Martino2014/03/03
On the Border of Freedom: Ukraine and VenezuelaShoshana Bryen2014/02/24
Dagestan: New Epicenter of Muslim Terrorism in RussiaLawrence A. Franklin2014/02/14
Iran & Russia to Hold Joint Naval Maneuvers in Caspian SeaBanafsheh Zand2013/07/01
Future Russian Strategic ChallengesPeter Huessy and Mark B. Schneider2013/05/20
Russia's Brinkmanship with US Clashes with Israel's SecurityYaakov Lappin2013/05/20
Russian Deployment of Missile DefensesMark B. Schneider and Peter Huessy2013/02/18
Cyprus: Russia's Next Lunch?Peter Martino2013/01/14
Russia's Masterstroke: Bailing Out CyprusPeter Martino2012/06/25
Eurocrisis: Russia Offers Its ServicesPeter Martino2012/06/05
Obama Asks Russia for "Space"Taylor Dinerman2012/04/10
Russia, Iran Must Yield to Syria Peace Efforts, Gul SaysAK Group2012/03/05
Russia Wants to Build New Missiles to Hit the U.S.Taylor Dinerman2012/02/15
Russia's Old New Cold WarAnna Mahjar-Barducci2012/01/25
The New Cold War With The Same Old RussiaShoshana Bryen2012/01/09
The New Cold War with RussiaPeter Huessy2012/01/05
Russia Eyes Joint Drive with Turkey on RightsAK Group2011/12/15
French, Russian Leaders Faulted for Using the Word 'Crusade'AK Group2011/03/24
NASA's Future: A $100 Billion, Paid-For-By-Americans, Please-Rule-Outer-Space Gift for -- Russia?Taylor Dinerman2010/11/18
Russia's Gas WarAndrea Loquenzi Holzer2009/01/22
Russia's AyatollahNina Shea2009/01/13
Russia Supplying Sophisticated Missiles to IranGordon G. Chang2009/01/05

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