Amir Taheri
Chairman, Gatestone Europe

Amir Taheri was born in Iran and educated in Tehran, London and Paris. From 1984 to 1987 he was editor-in-chief of Jeune Afrique, the French weekly specializing in Africa. Between 1980 and 1984 he was Middle East editor for the London Sunday Times. He also wrote for the daily Times and contributed to The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, and the Daily Mail among other leading British publications. Between 1972 and 1979 he was executive editor-in-chief of Kayhan, Iran's main daily newspaper. He has been a columnist for the pan-Arab daily Asharq Alawsat and its sister daily Arab News since 1987. Taheri has been a contributor to the International Herald Tribune since 1980. He has also written for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Newsday, and The Washington Post. Between 1989 and 1995 Taheri was editorial writer for the German daily Die Welt. He has also written for other publications including Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung, La Repubblica, L'Express, Politique Internationale, Le Nouvel Observateur, and El Mundo in Spain. Currently he is a contributor to the German weekly Focus. Taheri has published nine books. In 1988 Publishers' Weekly in New York chose his study of Islamist terrorism, Holy Terror, as one of The Best Books of The Year.

Writings by Amir Taheri  (View Biography)

Title Date
The Hat, the Turban and the Cap: Which Can Save the Mullahs?2019/10/06
Tehran's 'We Did, We Didn't' Game2019/09/29
When Negotiation Is Impossible and War Is Unnecessary2019/09/22
Russia: Dreaming of a Return to the West2019/09/15
Moscow Divided Between Two Proverbs2019/09/08
Trump and the Deceiving of Mullahs2019/09/01
Biarritz Summit: Bright Moment in Silly Season2019/08/25
Could this Be the Year of Persian Poetry?2019/08/18
Putin and the Mullahs2019/08/11
Iran: Flogging a Dead Donkey Is Futile2019/08/04
How Tehran Tries to Drown the Fish2019/07/28
An English Misunderstanding of Iran2019/07/26
Iran's Trojan Army Faces Challenge in Iraq2019/07/21
Erdogan and the Wisdom of Timely Exit2019/07/14
Trump's Iran Sanctions Face Seven Fallacies2019/07/07
The 'Cat-And-Mouse' World of the Ayatollah2019/06/30
The Death of Iran's Japanese Dream2019/06/23
Diplomatic Gesticulations Won't Solve the Iran Problem2019/06/16
Iran and the American Forbidden Fruit2019/06/09
The Books He Loved but Others Shouldn't Read2019/06/04
What Is Bernie Sanders Worried About?2019/06/02
Iran's Options and the Destructive Defiance2019/05/26
Tehran Apologists Should Change Their Tune2019/05/19
Europe's Three Concerns About Iran2019/05/12
Iran and a Tale of Two Losers2019/05/05
From Khartoum to Tehran: Graveyard of Forlorn Hopes2019/04/28
When the Ayatollah Plays His Joker2019/04/21
Iran: The Ventriloquist Dummy's New Lexicon2019/04/14
The Floods, the Mullahs and the Cinderella in Boots2019/04/07
Brexit's Message to European Union2019/03/31
Mullahs and the English Opium-Eater2019/03/24
Common Causes of Three Crises in Three Continents2019/03/17
Mullahs Pushed Off the Gravy Train2019/03/10
Putin to Join the Mullahs' Deception Club2019/02/24
Mullahs Masquerading as Patriots: Will it Work?2019/02/17
Syria: French Count Returns as Russian Apparatchik2019/02/10
Why Tehran Crosses Only 'Pink Lines'2019/02/03
Trump: In Third Year with Three Charges2019/01/27
France: I Am Angry, Therefore I Am2019/01/20
Trump and a World Without Gary Cooper2019/01/13
Iran's Schizophrenia Heats Up the Debate2019/01/06
The Growing Poverty of Political Debate2018/12/30
Why Trump Can't Be Airbrushed Out of the Picture2018/12/23
Iran: Toward a Plan B2018/12/19
The Canary in the French Mine2018/12/16
In Iran: The Past is a Foreign Country2018/07/30
Iran: Khamenei's New Poem - Pure Wine and Deadly Poison2018/07/25
Donald Trump and the Carl Schmitt Spectrum2018/07/22
Why Khamenei Can't Do a Kim Jong-Un2018/07/15
Iran: The Ayatollah's Promised Paradise2018/07/08
Why Turkey Will Not Be Another Iran2018/07/02
The Bazaaris' Revolt in Iran: Who is Behind It?2018/07/01
How Tehran Lobbyists Mislead Opinion in the West2018/06/28
Iraq: The Banker, the Mullah, the Militia and the Cook2018/06/24
The Turkish Race2018/06/17
Putin and Lessons from Lenin and Gromyko2018/06/10
The Mullahs and the Tale of a Betrayal2018/06/03
Tehran Divided on Pompeo's Wish-List2018/05/28
Imaginary War Serving False Peace2018/05/27
Hitler and Reza Shah: Mullahs and Pro-Israel Writers Sing Together2018/05/22
Iraqi Election Opens New Chapter2018/05/20
Iraq Election: Weak Government, Strong Society2018/05/11
Iran, Macromel and the Purloined Letter2018/05/06
Lessons of the Afgantsy for the Syrians2018/04/29
Syria: The Defining Issue of Our Generation2018/04/22
Europe, Trump and the Iran Deal2018/04/15
Syria: The Putin-Erdogan Summit Was a Missed Opportunity2018/04/08
Trump and the Fading Ghost of an Illusion2018/04/01
The Real Cost of Afrin2018/03/25
The Boy From Petersburg Who Became The Man From Moscow2018/03/18
Iran: The French Soufflé Fails to Rise2018/03/11
Trump the Deal-maker and the Middle East2018/03/04
Iraq: An Election of Conflicting Interests2018/02/25
Syria: Looking for Ways out of the Maze2018/02/18
Iran: Speaking Swedish, Acting North Korean2018/02/11
Trump, the Ayatollah and the Wizard of Oz2018/02/04
Turkey: No Longer a Friend but Not a Foe2018/01/28
Iran Nuclear Problem Must Be Re-Visited2018/01/20
Iran: Anatomy of a National Revolt2018/01/15
Behind the Latest Protests in Iran2018/01/07
The Year of The Rohingya2017/12/31
Corruption: Mideast's Political Gangrene2017/12/24
Where Russian and Iranian Aircraft Carriers Clash2017/12/17
The Mullahs Overplay the Military Card2017/12/10
Progress and History in Zigzag2017/12/03
Lebanon: Is Cheat-and-Retreat Back on the Menu?2017/11/26
The Usual Suspects and a New Method2017/11/19
How Iran Tried to Turn Arab States into Fading Ghosts2017/11/12
Iran and 'The Great Satan': A Four-Decade-Old Saga2017/11/05
China Unveils Leadership Ambition2017/10/29
The Iran Deal: The Dog's Dinner Obama Dished Out2017/10/22
China: Reshuffling the Party Cadres2017/10/15
Kurdish Secession and Mysteries of Identity2017/10/08
Kurdish Referendum: What is the Lowdown?2017/10/01
The Kurdish Referendum Imbroglio2017/09/24
Why Iran's Plan in Syria Will Fail2017/09/17
North Korea: The Kims' Cheat and Retreat Game2017/09/10
Syria: Elections Gambit to Get Russia Off the Hook2017/09/06
Khomeini or Kim? Khamenei's Real Teacher2017/09/03
A Grim Portrayal of Syria at War2017/09/03
Puffing the Turkish Chibouk in Ankara2017/08/27
Kissinger's Analysis of Mideast is Full of Loopholes2017/08/20
While Trump Tweets, the 'Cold Monster' Returns2017/08/13
Britain, Brexit and the Spirit of Dunkirk2017/08/06
Tehran's New Scheme for Iraq2017/07/31
Russia Woos the World with New Plan on Syria2017/07/30
Trump Kicks the Iranian 'Can' Down the Road2017/07/23
The Modernization of Middle East is a Sight to See2017/07/16
After Mosul: Iraq Faces Three Challenges2017/07/11
Rouhani and Trump: Together against Iran's Men with Guns?2017/07/09
Tsar Vladimir and His 40 Daughters2017/07/03
To the UN and UNESCO: Don't Try to Fence Us In!2016/06/28
Syria: Checkered Past, Uncertain Future2016/02/10
The United States and Islam: What Is Going On?2015/12/22
Iran: Poets Face 99 Lashes and Prison2015/11/09
Obama Will Be the Only Person Sticking to Iran Deal2015/10/12
The Ayatollah's Plan for Israel and Palestine2015/07/31
France, the West and the Islamist Challenge2015/04/07
Iran and Germany: A 100-Year Old Love Affair2014/07/31
What Palestinians Want2009/04/21
The 'Dark Horse' Enters the Race2009/03/25
Iran: Waiting for the "Fish-Tail" Report2009/02/25
Hamas in Context2009/01/26
Hamas in Context2009/01/14
Gaza: Regional Choices2009/01/13

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