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Title Date
Jihadists Brutalize Non-Muslim Women, Feminists in West Remain Silent2024/06/19
China's 170 Million Spy Balloons and other Venus Fly Traps2024/06/17
Turkish Textbooks: Turning History on Its Head2024/05/30
Turkey's Government Enables Terrorists2024/05/27
Turkish Television Discusses Hitting Greece2024/04/01
"Incorporating Sharia Law into European Legal Systems" vs A State in India Bans Sharia2024/03/04
More Than 365 million Christians Face Genocide2024/02/20
Pakistan: Young Christian Unjustly Sentenced to Death2024/01/19
Pakistan Deporting Afghans Who Seek Asylum from Taliban2023/12/29
Why Are Islamists Claiming Non-Muslim Land?2023/12/06
Secularism vs. Theocracies: Bangladesh - and the West - Under Threat2023/11/15
Another New War?2023/11/03
Hamas: Genocidal Hatred and Jihad against All 'Unbelievers'2023/10/18
President Joe Biden: Stop the Second Armenian Genocide2023/09/24
Pakistan: Muslim Mobs Hunt Christians2023/09/01
The Massive Transformation of India and the Middle East2023/08/11
Which Are the Real Racist States?2023/08/02
Pakistan: Kidnapping, Forced Marriages, Forced Conversion2023/07/13
'America's Darkest Secret': Sex Trafficking, Child Abuse and the Biden Administration2023/07/06
Pakistan's Genocide2023/06/30
China, Pakistan and Turkey Eyeing Kashmir2023/06/13
Thousands of Political Prisoners are Rotting in Turkish Jails2023/04/29
Turkey: The Abandoned Iraqi and Syrian Christian Asylum Seekers2023/04/21
Turkey: Missing Children from Earthquakes Risk Human Trafficking, Organ Harvesting, Sexual Abuse2023/03/29
The Newswashing of ISIS Bride Shamima Begum2023/02/20
The Endangered Assyrians and the Language of Jesus Seek International Support2023/02/02
Turkey Closing Second-Largest Opposition Party?2023/01/17
Turkey's 'Crimes against Humanity' and Illegal Occupation of Cyprus2023/01/04
Turkey Crushes Human Rights at Home, Complains About 'Discrimination' in Europe2022/12/23
Turkey Using Chemical Weapons Against the Kurds?2022/11/09
ISIS Terrorists Living in Turkey - with Yazidi Captives2022/10/21
Cyprus's 'State of Emergency': Turkey's 'Weaponization' of Illegal Mass Migration2022/10/05
Erdogan Threatens Greece2022/09/29
Hamas in Turkey: Money Laundering, Turkish Passports, Government Collusion and Terror Bank Accounts2022/09/01
Turkey Accuses Sweden, Finland of 'Supporting Terrorism', Meanwhile Releases Turkish Hizbullah Terrorists from Prison2022/08/24
Turkey: Torture Has Reached "Unprecedented Levels"2022/07/27
Turkey: Jihad against Cyprus2022/06/28
Turkey Targeting Iraq, Syria, Cyprus, Greece2022/06/10
Turkey, Terrorists and NATO2022/06/02
Turkey Escalating Aggression against Greece: 90 Overflights in One Day2022/04/27
Turkey: Kurdish Children Killed, No Consequences2022/04/15
Turkey: What Happens When You Have No Freedom of Speech2022/04/08
Turkey: Occupies Northern Cyprus, Goes for the Rest2022/03/11
Turkey Committing War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity – Again2022/03/07
Torture in Turkish Prisons: Systematic and Widespread2022/01/10
Who Are the Extremist 'Grey Wolves'?2021/11/29
Turkey's Airstrikes in Syria, Iraq2021/10/08
Turkey: Arbitrary Arrests, Kidnappings, Torture in Prison2021/08/01
Communist China's Genocidal Crackdown on Uyghur Intellectuals2021/07/04
Turkey's Erdogan Whips Up Antisemitism2021/06/10
Turkish Anti-Semites Celebrate Rockets against Israel2021/05/20
Move the "Genocide Olympics" Out of China2021/05/13
Turkey: Iranian-Kurdish Political Refugee to be Deported2021/04/19
Iraq: Turkey Set to Attack the Yazidis?2021/03/08
Turkey Ravages Cyprus2021/02/21
Turkey: Elderly Christian Man Still Missing Year Later2021/01/24
Turkey-Israel Reconciliation?2021/01/14
Turkey: Turks Celebrate Nazi Sympathizer2020/12/31
Turkey: Erdogan Threatens Europe2020/12/07
Turkey Glorifies Historic Crimes2020/11/03
Turkey: Erdogan Fueling Hostility Against the West2020/10/13
Turkey's Hostility to Israel-UAE Peace Accord2020/08/27
Are Turkey and Greece Heading for War?2020/08/25
Turkey on the Warpath2020/07/27
Turkey Deporting Protestant Christians2020/07/05
Iraq: Turkish Airstrikes Terrorize Christian and Yazidi Natives2020/06/28
Iran's Expanding Influence into Iraq's Christian Areas2020/06/11
Turkey: Where Criticizing Islam Can Land You in Prison2020/06/02
Turkey: Erdogan's "Leftovers of the Sword"2020/05/13
Turkey: Pressures, Attacks, and Discrimination against Christians2020/03/29
ISIS Women: Victims or Perpetrators?2020/02/05
Christian Couple Kidnapped in Turkey2020/01/20
Turkey: Still among the World's Worst Jailers of Journalists2020/01/14
Turkey: Murder of Women Reaches Epidemic Proportions2019/12/11
Iran Tortures Protesters, World Yawns2019/11/25
Algeria: Persecution of Christians Continues Unbroken2019/11/10
Iraq: Indigenous Christians Latest in Battle for Better Society, New Government2019/10/27
Christians in Burkina Faso: "A Fight for Survival"2019/10/13
Turkey: Alarming Crackdown on Journalists, Desperate Appeal to UN2019/09/17
Turkey: Religious Backlash?2019/09/12
Boko Haram: Bloody Terror, No End in Sight2019/09/04
Iranian Women Fight for Freedom2019/08/29
Turkey: "Death to Jews" at Summer Camp2019/08/27
Iran: Using Torture, Execution to Defy Human Rights2019/08/15
Pakistan: Abduction, Forced Conversion of Non-Muslim Girls2019/08/07
The Latest UN Horror Show: Christian Refugees Ignored2019/08/04
Turkey: No Rights for the Country's Indigenous People?2019/07/15
Turkey Loses an Ally2019/06/27
Africa: Alarming Rise of Christian Persecution2019/06/26
The US Should Designate Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization2019/06/24
Turkey: Attacks on Journalists Turn More Violent2019/06/12
Turkey's "Second Invasion" of Cyprus: Illegal Drilling in Eastern Mediterranean2019/06/06
Turkey: Erdogan Describes Armenian Genocide as 'Reasonable Relocation'2019/05/22
Turkey: Many Celebrate the Burning of the Cathedral of Notre Dame2019/05/18
Iran's 'Terror Factory' Targeting Christians2019/05/05
Turkey: On Anniversary of Genocide, Armenians Still under Attack2019/05/01
Turkish 'Justice': Life in Prison for Journalists; Leniency for ISIS Terrorist2019/04/29
Nigeria: Jihad against Christians2019/04/21
Turkey: Erdogan Pledges to Convert Byzantine Cathedral Hagia Sophia into a Mosque2019/04/07
Turkey Mourns Christchurch Massacre, Ignores Attacks on Non-Muslims2019/04/01
Turkey: Want to Win an Election? Bash the Jews!2019/03/28
Turkey: Feminist Activists Targeted by Islamists, Media2019/03/26
Terrorists Promoted, Victims Ignored2019/03/25
Turkey: Women's Rights Abuses Widespread and Systematic2019/03/21
Turkey: Tens of Thousands Prosecuted for "Insulting" Erdoğan2019/03/20
How Islamic "Aid" Organizations in Turkey Feed Jihadists in Syria2019/03/06
Turkey: The Case of the Missing Priests2019/02/27
Turkey: Uniting an "Army of Islam" to Defeat Just One Country2019/02/21
Turkey's 'Food Terrorism': Blaming 'Global Powers' for Country's Ills2019/02/20
Turkey: Jihadist Literature Gets a Pass2019/02/14
Turkey: Imprisoned Former Opposition Lawmaker Symbol of Unjust Justice System2019/02/12
Turkey: Erdoğan's Unofficial Paramilitary Groups to 'Monitor' Elections?2019/02/04
The Widespread Persecution of Converts to Christianity2019/02/03
Turkey's Sweeping "Educational" Penetration into the Balkans2019/01/31
Austria Must Recognize Alevism as Distinct from Islam2019/01/29
Turkey: Imprisoning Dissidents while Bidding for EU Membership2019/01/28
Turkey: The Price of Dissent2019/01/23
Turkey's Unjust Justice System: Armenian MP Under Attack2019/01/21
Turkey Scolds Europe2019/01/09
What is Being Taught at the "Islamic University of Europe" in the Netherlands?2019/01/02
Turkey's War on Christian Missionaries2018/12/30
Turkey Turns on America2018/12/24
Turkey Aiming to Head a Global Islamic Union Governed by Sharia2018/12/18
Turkey's Fake Outrage over the Murder of Khashoggi2018/12/17
Anti-Semitism: The Fast Track in Turkey to a Government Career?2018/12/04
Turkey's Reign of Terror: The Persecution of Minority Alevis2018/12/02
Turkey Wipes Out the Christian Culture of Occupied Cyprus2018/11/25
Turkey Stabilizing Libya? Think Again.2018/11/22
Beware Turkey's Dangerous New Refugee Role2018/11/03
The Breakneck Islamization of Turkey's Education System2018/10/27
Are Turkey's Spies Operating in America?2018/10/19
Turkey: Enabling Mass Illegal Migration into Greece2018/10/17
How an Extremist Government Treats Girls and Women2018/10/08
Turkey: Building Mosques, Erasing Christianity2018/10/02
Turkey: Torture, Sexual Abuse Rampant in Prisons2018/09/10
Journalist Paralyzed, Gravely Ill in Turkish Prison2018/09/05
Ankara Tries Turkish Cypriot Journalist for Criticizing Turkey2018/08/26
The Turkish-Palestinian Hate Fest2018/08/13
New Heights of Turkish Hypocrisy2018/08/09
Yazidi Slavery, Child Trafficking, Death Threats to Journalist: Should Turkey Remain in NATO?2018/08/08
Turkey: Detained US Pastor Brunson Vilified by State-Supporting Media2018/07/29
Turkey: American Pastor Brunson in Prison; ISIS Terrorists Roam Free2018/07/21
Turkey: Exposing Crimes of ISIS is Terrorism2018/07/20
Years after Genocide, Yazidis Urgently Need Help2018/06/27
Turkey: Glorification of Murder, Martyrdom and Child Soldiers2018/06/19
The Ethnic Cleansing of Northern Cyprus2018/06/06
Turkey Slams Proposed French Changes to Quran2018/05/15
Armenian Genocide: Turkey Cracks Down2018/05/06
Turkey Calls on Europe to Criminalize "Islamophobia"2018/04/30
Turkey Targeting Greece - Again2018/04/20
Turkey's Erdogan Threatens France2018/04/19
Turkey's American Hostage - About to be Sentenced for Life?2018/04/15
"Terrorism" Turkish Style2018/04/08
Why Christians Need Self Rule in Iraq2018/03/30
Kurdish Afrin Falls to Turkey2018/03/19
Turkish Diplomacy: Take Hostages2018/03/13
Why Turkey Wants to Invade the Greek Islands2018/02/28
Turkey Threatens to Invade Greece2018/02/19
Turkey's "Peace Operations"2018/02/15
Persecution of Alevis in Turkey: Threats, Arbitrary Arrests2018/01/18
Turkish Twitter Explodes with Genocidal Jew-Hatred2017/12/31
The West's Steadfast Misunderstanding of Turkey and Islam2017/12/24
Turkey Rejects "Moderate Islam"2017/11/30
Time for an Assyrian Regional Government in Iraq2017/11/05
Turkey's Mass Persecution of Christians and Kurds2017/09/04
The Islamization of History2017/07/30
Is Turkey Becoming Another Iran?2017/07/20
Europe: Muslim Atrocities against Women? So What!2017/05/21
Erdogan's Crimes against Humanity2017/05/09
Islamic Terror and the U.S. Temporary Stay on Immigration2017/02/13
The West's Real Bigotry: Rejecting Persecuted Christians2017/02/05
Turkish Jails: Packed with Kurds, Only Seven Members of ISIS2017/02/01
Yazidi Girls Sold as Sex Slaves while Women March against Trump2017/01/24
Turkey Jails American Pastor2017/01/23
Turkey Turns Church into Museum; Greece Builds New Mosque2017/01/19
Covering Up Armenian Genocide2017/01/18
Turkey? In the EU?2016/05/11
Turkey's Islamic Supremacist Foreign Policy2016/04/29
Turkey: Container Cities, Uprooting Alevis, Fear of Infiltrating Jihadis2016/04/26
Turkey Builds Mega-Mosque in U.S., Blocks Churches in Turkey2016/04/18
Turkish Justice: ISIS Walks Free; Peace Activists Jailed2016/04/10
Turkey: The Business of Refugee Smuggling, Sex Trafficking2016/04/03
"Muslim Jerusalem": Turkey's Message of "Peace" to Israel2016/03/17
Turkey: Normalizing Hate2016/03/13
"Treason" In Turkey: Asking for Peace2016/02/14
Turkey's All-Out War on Kurds and Media2016/01/28
Turkey: Christian Refugees Live in Fear2016/01/24
Turkey's Murderous Assault on Kurds2015/12/29
ISIS Selling Yazidi Women and Children in Turkey2015/12/20
Turkey Murders Greatest Kurdish Lawyer2015/12/09
5000-year-old Assyrian Culture Facing Devastation2015/11/29
Turkey Destroys Kurdistan, World Silent2015/11/19
Turkey Still Besieges Its Kurds2015/11/06
Turkey: Kurds Threatened Before Election2015/10/29
Turkey vs. Free Press2015/10/22
Kurds Ask for Peace, Turkey Attacks2015/10/18
Sexual Slavery: "Nothing to do with Islam"?2015/10/05
Muslim Immigration and How to Handle It2015/09/14
Turkey's Racism Problem2015/08/16
Jihad on Non-Muslim Places of Worship in Turkey2015/08/02
Turkey Uses ISIS as Excuse to Attack Kurds2015/07/26
Will Anyone Help the Kurds?2015/07/19
Turkey Prefers Islamic State to Kurdish State2015/07/05
Who is Responsible for the Atrocities in the Muslim World?2015/06/27
The Most Inexcusable Crime in the Muslim World2015/06/16
Turkey's View of Israel2015/06/09
"Secular" Turkey2015/05/27
Hamas, Europe and How to Get a State2015/05/23
"No Big Difference between Iran and ISIS"2015/05/16
Rape and Torture: Iran's Political Weapons2015/05/11
The Difference Between Islam and Islamism?2015/05/09
U.S. Lets American Pastor Saeed Abedini Rot in Iran's Prison2015/05/03
Churches in Turkey on the Verge of Extinction2015/04/19
The West's Romance with Iran and Islamists2015/04/06
Needed: "Islamist Apartheid Week"2015/03/22
Happy Women's Day in Turkey!2015/03/08
Jews in Turkey: Unending Discrimination2015/02/07
Islamic Terrorism: The Taboo Topic2015/01/26
Geert Wilders Was Right2014/12/19
Ethnic Cleansing of Jews in Turkey2014/12/15
Turkey and the Kurds2014/11/28
The West's Dangerous Enchantment with Islam2014/11/09

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