Majid Rafizadeh

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh, an Iranian-American political scientist, Harvard-educated scholar and businessman, is president of the International American Council. Rafizadeh serves on the board of Harvard International Review at Harvard University. He is also a member of the Gulf project at Columbia University. Rafizadeh served as a senior fellow at Nonviolence International Organization based in Washington DC. He has been a recipient of several scholarships and fellowship including from Oxford University, Annenberg University, University of California Santa Barbara, and Fulbright Teaching program. Dr. Rafizadeh has obtained several degrees including Doctorate (Ph.D) in Government and International Affairs, Masters in Global and International Studies, Masters in Journalism and Communication, Masters in Linguistic and teaching, and Bachelors in Linguistic and languages ( English, Arabic, Persian). He served as ambassador, conducted research at Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and taught at University of California Santa Barbara through Fulbright Teaching Scholarship.

Dr. Rafizadeh is a regular political analyst and contributor for national and international outlets including CNN, BBC TV and radio, ABC, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, RT, CCTV and Aljazeera English. He is frequently quoted in major news outlets including CNN, BBC, Aljazeera and he regularly writes for both academic and non-academic papers such as New York Times International, Foreign Policy, Los Angeles Times, The Nation, The Atlantic, Newsweek, Yale Journal of International Affairs, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, George Washington International Review, to name a few.

He can be reached at Dr.Rafizadeh@Post.Harvard.Edu

Writings by Majid Rafizadeh  (View Biography)

Title Date
Danger to Western Lives Takes Off, Thanks to the Biden Administration2023/09/29
Thanks to the Policies of the Obama and Biden Administrations, the New Axis of Evil – Russia, China, North Korea, Iran – Posing a Worldwide Existential Threat2023/09/23
Biden Administration's Dangerous, Failed, Disastrous Iran Policy2023/09/16
Biden Administration Bypassing Americans, Violating US Law, to Appease Regime of Iran2023/09/09
Iranian Regime's Mullahs Pocketing Billions Thanks to the Biden Administration2023/09/02
Iran's Religious Influence Spreading throughout the United States2023/08/26
Biden Administration Funding Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program, Incentivizing Terror2023/08/19
Biden Administration Abandoning Israel for Ruling Mullahs of Iran?2023/08/12
Iran, Russia Evade Sanctions; Biden Administration 'Funding Both Sides of Ukraine War'2023/08/05
Biden's Legacy: The Axis of Tyrannies2023/07/29
Iran's Mullahs Escalating Aggression in Latin America, Middle East2023/07/22
Biden Administration Funding Iran's Nuclear Bomb Tests, Threatening Israel for Trying to Prevent Them?2023/07/15
Iranian Threat in America's Backyard, Thanks to The Biden Administration2023/07/08
The Biden Administration's Dangerous Nuclear Deal: Congressional Approval Required2023/07/01
Biden Administration Empowering Iran's Deadly Regime2023/06/24
The Biden Administration's Secret Capitulation to Iran's Regime2023/06/17
'No Joke': The Baffling Silence by The Biden Administration, UN and EU on Iran's Human Rights Abuses2023/06/10
The Anti-Western Nuclear Club: North Korea, China, Russia and Iran Dangerously Target the West2023/06/03
Iran's Nuclear Program: Does the Biden Administration Have a Policy?2023/05/27
The Biden Administration's Legacy: Iranian Regime Armed with Unlimited Nuclear Bombs2023/05/20
The Biden Administration's Green Light to Iran's Terrorists and Nuclear Program2023/05/13
The EU's Endless Appeasement of the Ruling Mullahs of Iran2023/05/06
The Biden Administration's Vacuum of Leadership2023/05/01
Biden Administration Still Negotiating a Secret 'Deal' with Iran: As Many Nuclear Weapons as They Like?2023/04/22
Why Don't Americans Trust the Biden Administration on Iran?2023/04/18
'A New World Order'? The Iran-Russia-China Axis During the Biden Administration2023/04/08
Thanks to Biden Administration, Iran's Mullahs Winners of Russia Invasion of Ukraine2023/04/01
The Growing Power of the China-Iran Alliance Thanks to the Biden Administration2023/03/25
Iran's Mullahs Mission: Wipe Out America2023/03/18
Biden Administration Allowing Iran's Mullahs to Join the "Nuclear Club"2023/03/11
Iran's Regime Days Away from Nuclear Weapons2023/03/04
Thanks to Obama's 'Nuclear Deal,' Iran Now a Major Arms Exporter2023/02/25
Is Biden A 'Manchurian President,' Facilitating Nuclear Cooperation between Iran's Mullahs and Russia?2023/02/18
Iran's Military at the Panama Canal: Significant National Security Threat2023/02/11
Biggest Gift to Iran's Mullahs, China and Russia: Biden Administration's Weak Leadership2023/02/04
Biden Administration's Total Disregard for Iran's Protestors, Nuclear Threat2023/01/28
EU's Double-Standards on Iran's Human Rights: Business First2023/01/21
The EU and the Biden Administration Still Appeasing and Rewarding the Mullahs of Iran2023/01/14
Iran Deepens Its Presence Inside Latin America2023/01/07
No, Iran Nuclear Deal Is Not Yet Dead and Russia Is Helping Iran Go Nuclear2022/12/31
Trained To Kill: Iranian Mullahs' Militia Group2022/12/24
The West Needs To Fully Cut Ties with Iran's Ruling Mullahs2022/12/17
Iran's Mullahs: When Will the EU Wake Up?2022/12/10
Biden Administration Turns a Blind Eye to Iranian Regime's Brutal Crackdown2022/12/03
Is the Biden Administration Colluding with Russia to Allow Iran to Go Nuclear?2022/11/26
Biden Administration's Inaction Legitimizes Iran's Brutality2022/11/19
The Dangerous Nexus: Russia and Iran's Mullahs2022/11/11
The Danger of a "Sleeping" Nuclear Deal: Stronger Russia, China, North Korea, Iran2022/11/05
Russia and Iran, New "Axis of Evil," Emboldened by Biden Administration2022/10/29
Russia, Iran's Mullahs Deepen Ties to Crush Ukraine: Why Is Biden Administration Silent?2022/10/22
Biden Administration Repeating Obama's Mistake: Is Biden Being a "Russian Stooge"?2022/10/15
Thanks to the Biden Administration, Russia and Iran Are Closer than Ever2022/10/08
Biden Administration's Gift to Russia: Iran Nuke Deal2022/10/01
Biden Administration Standing Idly By While Iran's Mullahs Advance to Nuclear Bomb2022/09/24
Thanks to the Biden Administration's and EU's Appeasement, Iran's Mullahs Go Big on Cyberattacks2022/09/17
Iran Deal - Reportedly "Off the Table" - Would Not Have Prevented a War2022/09/10
The Biden Administration's Nuclear Deal Is the Biggest Gift to the World's 'Top State Sponsor of Terrorism'2022/09/03
Still More Dangerous New Concessions by Biden Administration for a Nuclear Deal with Iran's Mullahs2022/08/27
Biden Admin's Appeasement of Iran Mullahs Risking American Lives2022/08/20
A Deal Will Not Stop the Mullahs from Going Nuclear2022/08/13
Thanks to the EU, Iran's Mullahs Will Continue Taking Even More Hostages2022/08/06
The EU's Shameful Total Appeasement of Iran's Mullahs2022/07/30
Biden's Trip: A Total Disappointment to Allies2022/07/23
Biden Administration: The Friendliest to Iran's Mullahs?2022/07/16
Wanting the Iran Nuclear Deal for the Wrong Reasons2022/07/09
Biden Admin and EU Appease Mullahs, Iran Regime Employs More Terror Cells2022/07/02
Under the Biden Administration's Watch, Iran Sanctions are Violated with Impunity2022/06/25
Iran's Nuclear Program: Where Is the Biden Administration's Plan B?2022/06/18
Iran's Mullahs Score Nuclear Victory2022/06/11
To Biden Administration on Iran: Do Not Leave Americans, Allies, in the Dark2022/06/04
Biden Admin's Iran Nuclear Policy is Disastrous, Misinformed and Dangerous2022/05/28
Iran Takes More Foreign Hostages; Biden Administration, EU Stay Silent2022/05/21
The EU and the Biden Administration Give in to Iran's Mullahs2022/05/14
Iran Mullahs Escalate Threats Against Jews, Biden Administration Appeases Mullahs Even More2022/05/07
Giving Carrots to Iran Will Not Alter Its Brutal, Expansionist Plan2022/04/30
Why Is the Biden Administration Determined to Help Terrorist Iran Get a Bomb?2022/04/23
Tackling the Iranian Regime's Nuclear Threat2022/04/16
Biden Administration, EU and Iran's Mullahs: Historical Mistake Repeating Itself2022/04/09
Is the US Pretending That Iran's IRGC, "Mother of All Terrorist Groups", Is Not a Terrorist Group?2022/03/29
Biden Administration's Nuclear Deal: "This Isn't Obama's Iran Deal. It's Much, Much Worse."2022/03/26
The Biden Administration's Campaign to "Make Anti-American Dictatorships Great Again"2022/03/19
Why Are the Biden Administration, EU, Appeasing the Iranian Regime?2022/03/12
Biden Administration Appeases Mullahs, Iran Escalates Assassinations2022/03/08
Here Is Why Iran's Mullahs Are Excited About Biden's Nuclear Deal2022/02/26
To The Biden Admin: To Eradicate Iran's Terrorism, Confront the Ruling Mullahs2022/02/19
Biden Admin and EU Silent on Iran's Rising Persecution of Religious Minorities2022/02/09
The Houthis Must Be Relisted as a Terrorist Group2022/01/24
Thanks to Biden Administration's Weak Leadership, Iran-China Threat Growing2022/01/22
The Biden Administration's 'Diplomacy' with the Iranian Regime2022/01/18
Open Letter to President Biden: Nuclear Deal with Iran Will Be a Disaster2022/01/08
Biden Administration Must At Least Help Any Country Trying to Confront Iran's Mullahs2022/01/01
Biden's Legacy: A Nuclear Iran2021/12/22
Biden Administration Silent Against Iran's Mullahs' Terror Threat2021/12/18
The Iran Nuclear Deal: Biden Administration's Fatal Mistakes2021/12/11
Like Obama, Biden Silent on Iran Mullahs Killing Peaceful Protesters2021/12/04
To Biden Admin: Do Not Give Away US Leverage Against Iran2021/11/27
Iran's Mullahs to Obtain Major Concessions from Biden Admin and EU?2021/11/19
Human Rights Violations: European Union Gives Iran's Mullahs Full Impunity2021/11/13
Biden Admin Silent as EU, Iran and China Freely Violate US Sanctions2021/11/06
The EU's Dangerous Policy Towards Iran's Mullahs2021/10/30
Iran's Mullahs and China Empowered Under Biden Administration2021/10/16
Iran Regime's Hostage Taking: Where Are the West and the UN?2021/10/09
Nuclear Armed Iran More Dangerous Than North Korea2021/10/02
Thanks to Biden Administration, Iran Mullahs and Taliban Empowered2021/09/25
Iran's Nuclear Weapons Weeks Away2021/09/09
Iranian Mullahs' Torture Epidemic: UN, EU, Biden Administration Continue Appeasing Anyhow2021/09/02
Biden Admin Gives Iran's Mullahs Another Victory: Taliban Takeover2021/08/28
Iran's Mullahs Closer Than Ever to Obtaining Nuclear Weapons2021/08/21
Iranian Mullahs' Deadly War at Sea, Biden Administration Silent2021/08/14
To Biden Administration: No Visa, No Negotiations with Iran Regime's Mass Murderer2021/08/07
Iran's Mullahs are Killing; Biden Administration, EU Are Silent2021/07/31
Iranian Regime Empowered: Violating US Sovereignty, Kidnapping on American Soil2021/07/24
The EU Leaders Join North Korea in Welcoming Iran's Mass Murderer President2021/07/17
Biden and the Mullahs: "Feeding the Crocodile"2021/07/13
Biden Administration: Rewarding the Murderous Regime of Iran?2021/07/01
Iran's New President: A Mass Murderer Mullah2021/06/26
The Biden Administration's Iran Policy: All Carrots, No Stick2021/06/19
To Biden Administration: Record of Iran's Top "Moderate" Mullah2021/06/12
Islamic Republic: Welcome to Iran's Fake Democratic Elections2021/06/05
Even with a Deal, the Mullahs Will Pursue Nukes2021/05/25
As Iran's Mullahs Incite Hamas Terrorism, Biden Administration Wants Sanctions Lifted2021/05/18
Americans Have the Right to Know About Biden's Upcoming Deal with Iran's Mullahs2021/05/15
Iran: Any Sanctions Relief Will be Used Against Americans2021/05/04
Biden Administration Needs to Halt Talks with Iran's Mullahs2021/05/01
On Iran, Biden Administration Ready to Undo Former Administration's Work, whether It is Good for the World or Not?2021/04/14
Where Are the US and the EU on Iran's Human Rights Violations?2021/04/05
Biden Administration and Iran: Secret Deals and Appeasement Back on the Table?2021/04/03
Iranian Regime, Houthis Celebrate Biden Administration's Policy2021/03/27
Biden Can Trigger a Regional War by Reviving the Nuclear Deal2021/03/15
The Mullahs' Nuclear Weapons Game2021/03/09
The Danger of Appeasing the Mullahs2021/02/27
Iran: The Mullah's Pursuit of Obtaining Nuclear Weapons2021/02/18
Iran's Role in Yemen: US, EU Go Wobbly2021/02/06
Iran Regime's Agents and Illegal Activities in the US2021/01/30
Nuclear Extortion: Mullahs Want More Concessions from Biden2021/01/19
The Double Standards and Hypocrisy of Social Media Giants2021/01/13
Congressmen Beating the Drum for Iran's Mullahs2021/01/05
To Europe with Love: "Diplomats" or Terrorists from Iran's Mullahs?2020/12/20
Bedfellows: Iran and Al Qaeda2020/12/12
Iran's Mullahs Want the "Nuclear Deal", So Does Biden2020/12/03
Iran: Mullahs Celebrate What They Hope Will Be the Return To Their Nuclear Bomb2020/11/10
Iran's Mullahs are in Turmoil Thanks to America's Current Policy2020/11/02
Iran's Mullah, the Master of Terror Cells in the World2020/10/26
U.S. Only Country to Hold Iran's Mullahs Accountable2020/10/17
EU Still Siding with the "World's Worst Human Rights Abuser"2020/10/03
Iran's Missile Violations: Where is the International Community?2020/09/19
The UN and EU's Silence on Iran's "Shocking Human Rights Violations"2020/09/07
Iran: "American Soil is Now Within the Range of Iranian Bombs"2020/09/05
Watch for Election Meddling by Iran and Other Adversaries of America2020/08/29
UN Supports 'World's Worst State Sponsor of Terrorism,' Iran2020/08/21
The Mullahs and Hezbollah, Lords of Drug Smuggling2020/08/12
Iran: China's Newest Colony?2020/08/08
Iran: The Mullahs Are Excited2020/07/28
The "Maximum Pressure" on Iran's Regime2020/07/22
Iran's Mullahs Celebrate More Rewards from the 'Nuclear Deal'2020/07/18
The Mullah's Spies and Assassinations in the West2020/07/06
Will the EU Ever Stop Appeasing Iran's Mullahs?2020/06/22
Danger: Iran's Arms Embargo About to Expire2020/06/17
Iran Close to Nuclear Weapons Breakout2020/06/09
White House Iran Policy Is Hitting Tehran's Terror Allies Hard. Now Let Us Try for Harder.2020/06/01
Iran: The Ayatollah, Amid Coronavirus, Calls for Jihad Against the Jewish State2020/05/26
Iran's Mullahs Advancing Anti-Israel Agenda Despite Coronavirus2020/05/21
Coronavirus: The Mullahs Strengthen Ties with Venezuela2020/05/11
Germany Allows Mullahs' Terror Banks Amid Coronavirus2020/05/04
Iran: Mullahs Using Coronavirus to Heighten Anti-Americanism2020/04/28
Falling into the Iranian Regime's Coronavirus Trap2020/04/20
IMF Must Not Buy the Mullahs' Coronavirus Lies2020/04/13
Iran: How the Regime Is Trying to Exploit the Coronavirus Crisis2020/04/06
Amid Coronavirus, Mullahs Speeding Up Nuclear Activities2020/03/31
Coronavirus: Should the U.S. Lift Sanctions on Iran?2020/03/24
Iran's Coronavirus Cover-up2020/03/16
Iran: The Mullahs' Coronavirus Lies2020/03/10
Who Is the Ayatollah's New Top General?2020/03/04
Iran's Lobbyists and Agents in the West2020/01/28
The EU Needs to Take Tougher Stance Towards Iran's Mullahs2020/01/23
Thanks to the President, U.S. Policy Heading in the Right Direction2020/01/06
In Iran, It Is a Crime to Be a Christian2019/12/29
Iran to Have Nuclear Bomb in a Few Months?2019/11/26
Thanks to Trump, the Mullahs Are Going Bankrupt2019/11/21
Europe Backs Iranian Nuclear Breakout2019/11/14
EU Supports Iran - World's Leading Executioner of Children2019/10/28
Iran: Acting to Make Trump a One-Term President2019/10/10
France: President Macron Must Stop Appeasing Iran's Mullahs2019/10/03
Evidence that Iran Violated the Nuclear Deal Since Day One?2019/09/23
Iran Ready to "Wipe the Zionist Regime off the Map"2019/09/09
Iran's Mullahs: Loving the Democrats' Presidential Debates2019/08/22
Khamenei's Nuclear Fatwa is a Deception, a Ploy and a Lie2019/08/10
The UN's Deadly Silence on Iran's Maritime Violations2019/07/31
To the EU: Iran's Mullahs Will Never Be Your Friend2019/07/22
US and Iran: What is NOT a Smart Policy2019/07/06
Will Iran's Attacks on the US and Allies Escalate?2019/06/26
No Peace as Long as Iran's Mullahs Enjoy Power2019/06/20
The Mullahs Promise "Demise of Israel" and American Civilization2019/06/15
Iran's Plans to Kidnap and Kill More Americans2019/05/23
The Iranian Government's 40 Years of Hatred Towards America2019/05/16
The US Sanctions on Mullahs are Working2019/04/27
The US Must Stop Iran's Takeover of Yemen2019/04/16
The EU Still Appeasing the Mullahs2019/04/15
Stop Iran From Going Nuclear2019/03/30
Iran Inches Closer to its Goal: "Wipe Israel off the Map"2019/03/16
Iran: Child Executions, Amputations, Floggings2019/03/08
Iran: Mounting Persecution of Christians2019/02/24
The 40th Anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran2019/02/10
Iran's Kidnapping Industry2019/01/26
Apologists for Extremism in the West2019/01/08
An 8-Year-Old Bride2018/12/15
Tale of a Christian Mother in a Non-Christian Land2018/11/04
Christians Sentenced to Death Under Sharia Law2018/10/14
Why Can't I Criticize My Religion?2018/09/16
An Iranian Dream: "Why Can't I Dance?"2018/08/18
Hijab Chronicles2018/08/05
Story of a Foiled Islamist Terrorist Attack2018/07/15
My School's Imam: "We Love Western Anti-West Theories"2018/06/12
Radicalism: The Real Shock Was the Reaction of the Americans...2018/05/12
The Love Affair with Syria's Dictator2018/04/22
The "Moderate" Muslim Scholar Industry2018/04/03
Punished for Not Chanting "Death to America, Israel, Britain"2018/03/03
History Lessons from Years Under Islamism2018/02/17
Welcome to America, Terrorists! Right This Way for Student Visas!2018/01/31
"I Am Sick of Hijab, Sharia Law, Sharia Police"2018/01/24
If You Hate America, Why Not Go Back to Your Country?2018/01/06
Obama Betrayed Iranian People; Trump Stands with Them2018/01/03
The Regime Chants "Death to America", Iranians Chant "Death to Mullahs"2018/01/01
"I am not American," said the Islamist; "I am Muslim"2017/12/02
Stop the "Diversity" Visa Lottery, Gateway for Jihadists2017/11/02
More Jihadists in the West - Why?2017/10/04
Lessons for the West: Imprisoned for One's Faith2017/09/06
When Feminists Join Islamist Terrorists2017/08/20
Islamist Spies Infiltrating the West to Terrorize Christians2017/08/06
Deny the Holocaust, but Don't Question Sharia?2017/07/23
Deadly Tale: Christian Converts from Islam2017/07/09
World's Rallying Cry: "Free Iran"2017/07/04
Death of a Religious Minority Under Radical Islam2017/06/04
Links Between Islamism and Executions2017/05/10
Sanction Iran's Regime, Add IRCG to Terrorist List2017/04/27
Sentenced to Death for "Insulting Islam"2017/04/07
As a Muslim, I am Shocked by Liberals and Leftists2017/03/25
From Execution to Medieval Torture: "Iran's Mandela", Ayatollah Boroujerdi2017/03/13
Iran Tests Trump2017/02/02
Iran Trains Children for War2017/01/23
Iran Steps Up Threats to Israel, U.S.2017/01/11
Iran's Monstrous Record in 20162016/12/27
Iran Breaks Nuclear Deal and UN Resolutions2016/12/15
Iran to Trump: Death to America Will Live On2016/12/05
Iran's Forces Outnumber Assad's in Syria2016/11/24
Iran Breaches Nuclear Deal - Again. What's Next?2016/11/13
Iran's Threats Louder after Obama Appeasement2016/11/10
Iran Takes More Hostages: What Did the US Expect?2016/10/27
Obama Quietly Empowers Iran's Military2016/10/18
Iran's Massacre and Rising Crimes Against Humanity2016/10/05
Iran's Rouhani: Tactical Shift at the UN2016/09/19
Iran: The Return of Ahmadinejad & Co.2016/09/05
Khamenei and IRGC's Increasing Popularity2016/08/17
Iran Is Cheating on the Nuclear Deal, Now What?2016/08/04
It Is the Duty of Muslims to Speak Out2016/07/11
U.S. Bankrolling Hezbollah2016/07/06
The National Iranian American Council (NIAC)2016/06/22
Iran: Ayatollah Khamenei Plans Next Supreme Leader2016/05/31
Iran's Anti-Semitism2016/05/16
Khamenei's Anti-Americanism2016/05/08
Reza Moridi: The Changing Faces of an Iranian-Canadian MPP2016/05/02

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