Writings by Topic: Turkey

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Turkey: Davutoglu vs. DavutogluBurak Bekdil2015/03/26
The Age of "Dangerous Turkish Criminals"Burak Bekdil2015/03/22
"Reform" in TurkeyBurak Bekdil2015/03/18
The Islamist WayBurak Bekdil2015/03/14
Happy Women's Day in Turkey!Uzay Bulut2015/03/08
Hamas in Turkey: "Humanitarian Activity"Burak Bekdil2015/03/06
Is Turkey's Erdoğan in Decline?Veli Sirin2015/03/04
"Top Secret" TurkeyBurak Bekdil2015/03/03
Being "Protected" in TurkeyBurak Bekdil2015/03/01
Turkey's Illusions Hit RealitiesBurak Bekdil2015/02/26
EU, Qatar and TurkeyBassam Tawil2015/02/25
Turkey's Culture of HorrorBurak Bekdil2015/02/24
Turkey: Justice vs. Islamist JusticeBurak Bekdil2015/02/18
The Real "Enemies" of TurkeyBurak Bekdil2015/02/15
Bad News: Davutoglu Wants "New Middle East"Burak Bekdil2015/02/10
Turkey's Bad Joke: Crocodile Tears for Victims of HolocaustBurak Bekdil2015/02/08
Jews in Turkey: Unending DiscriminationUzay Bulut2015/02/07
Turkey: Don't Get Mad, Take Over a BankBurak Bekdil2015/02/05
Justice, Erdogan StyleBurak Bekdil2015/01/27
Turkey's Dance with JihadistsBurak Bekdil2015/01/26
Erdogan's Turkish BazaarBurak Bekdil2015/01/17
Turkey's Staggering "Shoeboxgate"Burak Bekdil2015/01/15
How Turkey Fights Extremism: "Do Not Keep Pet Dogs at Home!"Burak Bekdil2015/01/13
Turkey: Where Some Murders Are More Equal than OthersBurak Bekdil2015/01/12
Erdogan in Wonderland: "Freedom" in TurkeyBurak Bekdil2015/01/03
Davutoglu and Mashaal: A Marriage Made in HeavenBurak Bekdil2015/01/01
Erdogan's Egyptian NightmareBurak Bekdil2014/12/30
Why Does Nobody Want to Play with Turkey?Burak Bekdil2014/12/26
Heading for a Jew-Free TurkeyBurak Bekdil2014/12/23
"Justice" in TurkeyBurak Bekdil2014/12/20
Ethnic Cleansing of Jews in TurkeyUzay Bulut2014/12/15
Turkey and EU: The Kodak-MomentBurak Bekdil2014/12/14
Turkey "Improves" EducationBurak Bekdil2014/12/11
Turkish Hospitality For Arab TerrorismBurak Bekdil2014/12/06
Pluralism in Turkey: A Fairy TaleBurak Bekdil2014/12/02
The Turkish Governor's "Huge Hatred"Burak Bekdil2014/11/29
Turkey and the KurdsUzay Bulut2014/11/28
Turkey's Bark and BiteBurak Bekdil2014/11/21
Turkey's "Foreign" CitizensBurak Bekdil2014/11/19
"Zionist" Olive Trees in TurkeyBurak Bekdil2014/11/16
A Turkish Quest to "Liberate" JerusalemBurak Bekdil2014/11/13
Turkey's Rules for SafetyBurak Bekdil2014/11/08
Don't Tell Erdogan Jihadists Kill PeopleBurak Bekdil2014/11/06
Erdogan's Book of DefeatBurak Bekdil2014/10/31
Normalization between Ankara and Jerusalem? Guess Again.Burak Bekdil2014/10/30
Turkey: No Longer a "Rock Star" on Arab StreetBurak Bekdil2014/10/27
The Kurds in Turkey and the Fight for KobaniVeli Sirin2014/10/26
Turkey: The "Great Muslim Democracy"Burak Bekdil2014/10/25
Turkey's Love Affair with HamasBurak Bekdil2014/10/19
Turkey's Boomerang War in SyriaBurak Bekdil2014/10/16
Turkey: Jihad-LiteBurak Bekdil2014/10/14
Who Does Turkey Support?Burak Bekdil2014/10/07
The Few Brave Men of TurkeyBurak Bekdil2014/10/04
Turkey? Antisemitic? Who, Me?Burak Bekdil2014/10/01
How Turkey Plans to "Combat Anti-Semitism"Burak Bekdil2014/09/25
Turkey: What Ally?Burak Bekdil2014/09/22
Turkey's Frankenstein MonsterBurak Bekdil2014/09/13
Turkey's New Government: Old Wine in a New BottleBurak Bekdil2014/09/10
Turkish President Erdoğan's Expansive AmbitionsVeli Sirin2014/09/09
Forty-Four Million Zionists in Turkey!Burak Bekdil2014/09/06
How to Be "A Disgrace to Humanity" in TurkeyBurak Bekdil2014/09/04
Sorry to Remind You, but Golda Meir Was Right - Part IV of IVBurak Bekdil2014/08/30
Sorry to Remind You, but Golda Meir Was Right - Part III of IVBurak Bekdil2014/08/29
Hamas' "Gift" To Israel on Independence DayKhaled Abu Toameh2014/05/09
Turkey No Longer Respects EuropePeter Martino2014/04/17
Erdogan's Theological Justification for His Dictatorial StanceTimon Dias2014/04/17
Erdoğan's Twitter Slip on Ukraine - An Affinity for Putin?Veli Sirin2014/03/31
Where is Turkey Going?Veli Sirin2014/01/03
Turkey: Are Erdoğan's Days Numbered?Harold Rhode2013/12/26
Erdogan's Latest "Morals Enforcement"Veli Sirin2013/12/03
Turkey: A House DividedRobert Ellis2013/10/21
New Islamist Approach to Turks in GermanyVeli Sirin2013/10/11
Brave New TurkeyRobert Ellis2013/10/09
Turkey Protests New Police AggressionVeli Sirin2013/09/19
A Hot Turkish AutumnRobert Ellis2013/09/05
Turkey: Erdogan's Ergenekon "Victory"Veli Sirin2013/08/13
The Great Turkish ConspiracyRobert Ellis2013/07/08
The Ottoman SlapRobert Ellis2013/07/01
"Sunrise" over IstanbulRobert Ellis2013/06/27
Tayyip Erdoğan, "God's Gift to Turkey"Robert Ellis2013/06/19
Understanding the Turkish DemonstrationsHarold Rhode2013/06/10
Turkey Rises Against Islamist RuleVeli Sirin2013/06/05
Turkey's Secular BacklashRobert Ellis2013/06/03
The U.S. Helps Reconstruct the Ottoman EmpireRobert E. Kaplan2013/05/29
The Real ErdoganVeli Sirin2013/05/13
"Moderate" TurkeyAli Uyanik2013/03/06
Erdogan: "The Image of the Jews Is No Different from that of the Nazis"Samuel Westrop2013/02/11
Turkey Censors Its TV History?Veli Sirin2013/02/04
Turkey in the Syrian Crisis: What Next?Veli Sirin2012/10/26
Gulen's False Choice: Silence or ViolenceStephen Suleyman Schwartz2012/10/05
Alawites in Syria and Alevis in Turkey: Crucial DifferencesStephen Suleyman Schwartz2012/08/17
Turkey's Press Freedom Day: 95 Journalists Behind BarsBIA Media Monitoring Group2012/07/31
Intel for the FSADavid P. Goldman2012/07/20
Syrian Shoot-Down - And Erdogan's "Furious" ResponseVeli Sirin2012/07/03
Letter from Imprisoned Journalist Baris PehlivanBaris Pehlivan2012/06/18
Turks Protest Erdogan's Re-Islamification ProgramAli Uyanik2012/05/02
Erdogan the AestheteVeli Sirin2012/04/24
Turkey Pushes Syrian Dissidents For UnityAK Group2012/03/28
U.S. Helping Turkey Reduce Dependence on Iranian OilAK Group2012/03/26
U.S. Exempts 11 Nations From Iran Sanctions, But Not Ally TurkeyAK Group2012/03/23
Report Slams Turkey On Religious RightsAK Group2012/03/22
Turkey Eyes Uniting Divided DissidentsAK Group2012/03/21
Syria Laying Mines Near Lebanon, Turkey BordersAK Group2012/03/15
Turkey Seeks Parliamentary Authorization to Avert Syrian ThreatAK Group2012/03/09
Turkey Maintains France Sanctions Despite New Ruling on Genocide BillAK Group2012/03/07
Syrian Regime Wants to Save Itself by Pledging Democracy, Turkey SaysAK Group2012/03/01
CPJ Slams Legal Treatment of Scribes in TurkeyAK Group2012/02/24
Turkey Violated Free Speech in Defamation Ruling, European Court SaysAK Group2012/02/23
Turkey Passes Bill to Shield Agents from ProsecutionAK Group2012/02/20
Turkey Sticks with Iran Oil after Saudi TalksAK Group2012/02/16
Turkey Calls for International Conference on SyriaAK Group2012/02/10
Turkey's Intel Chief a Suspect in Terror CaseAK Group2012/02/09
If Armenian 'Genocide' Proven, Turkey will Apologize, Bagis SaysAK Group2012/02/07
French Army Change Route After Turkey BanAK Group2012/02/06
Turkey Warns Europe Against Mounting Racism, IslamophobiaAK Group2012/02/03
Turkey Rejoices as 'Genocide' Bill Put on Hold in FranceAK Group2012/02/02
Yerevan Wants Turkey Out of Karabakh Solution ProcessAK Group2012/02/01
Number of Imprisoned Journalists Increases in TurkeyAK Group2012/01/31
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Could be Planning Attack in TurkeyAK Group2012/01/19
U.S. Vendors Near Monopolies in Turkey's Arms AcquisitionsAK Group2012/01/18
Turkey Not Bound by U.S. Sanctions on IranAK Group2012/01/16
Norwegian Prime Minister Slams Turkey Over Free PressAK Group2012/01/11
Azerbaijani Gas Deal will Tighten Turkey's Energy Corridor RoleAK Group2011/12/28
Turkey Reaffirms Its Support for Palestinian CauseAK Group2011/12/22
Russia Eyes Joint Drive with Turkey on RightsAK Group2011/12/15
First Europe, Then Turkey, Sarkozy SaysAK Group2011/12/14
Turkey Unveils Sanctions on SyriaAK Group2011/12/01
Turkey to Impose 'Step-by-Step' Sanctions on SyriaAK Group2011/11/30
Turkey to Declare Sanctions on SyriaAK Group2011/11/29
Technocrat Governments Risk Democracy, Turkey's EU Minister SaysAK Group2011/11/28
Turkey Calls for Unity Against Syrian RegimeAK Group2011/11/15
Parties Agree on Road Map for Turkey's New CharterAK Group2011/11/07
Neutrality No Option in Anti-PKK Fight, Turkey Tells Iraqi KurdsAK Group2011/11/01
Tunisia Uses Turkey as Model for DemocracyAK Group2011/10/31
U.S., Turkey Mull Post-Pullout for IraqAK Group2011/10/28
217 Dead, More Than 700 Wounded in 7.2 Earthquake in Eastern TurkeyAK Group2011/10/25
Turkey Steps up PKK OffensiveAK Group2011/10/24
CHP Holds EU Responsible for Democracy in TurkeyAK Group2011/10/19
Charter Panel to Start Work on Turkey's New ConstitutionAK Group2011/10/12
Radar Deal Triggers Benefits in Weaponry for TurkeyAK Group2011/10/11
Turkey, France to Jointly Fight TerrorismAK Group2011/10/10
Turkey Snubs EU; U.S. Calls for Cyprus ThawAK Group2011/09/30
Turkey, France Set To Sign Anti-Terrorism AgreementAK Group2011/09/29
Turkey: Erdogan's New "Secular" IslamismAnna Mahjar-Barducci2011/09/28
Turkey Seeks Simultaneous Drilling HaltAK Group2011/09/27
Turkey's Moralpolitik: World Leader in Imprisoning JournalistsAnna Mahjar-Barducci2011/09/23
Turkey Blocks Israeli Bid for Opening NATO OfficeAK Group2011/09/20
Greek Cyprus Vows to Block Turkey-EU Energy Talks in Gas RowAK Group2011/09/16
Israel Says Turkey Row Will PassAK Group2011/09/09
Turkey to Libya: Don't Destroy New CountryAK Group2011/08/26
Turkey Security Council Recommends Drastic Measures in Anti-Terrorism FightAK Group2011/08/22
Syria Withdraws Tanks from Hama, Turkey Still CautiousAK Group2011/08/12
President Gul Approves Turkey' New Top Military BrassAK Group2011/08/08
Turkey Trading 'Soldier's Bayonet' for PM's 'Truncheon,' CHP SaysAK Group2011/08/05
The Dangers of an Israeli Apology to TurkeyEfraim Cohen2011/08/01
Turkey, Iran Step Up Fight Against PKK, PJAKAK Group2011/07/28
Top AKP Official Calls for Curb on Spending in TurkeyAK Group2011/07/21
Turkey Reiterates Conditions to Mend Israel TiesAK Group2011/07/14
Turkey: Erdogan's New "Ottoman Region"Harold Rhode2011/07/13
Turkey, Israel Still at Table Despite DeadlockAK Group2011/07/11
UN Report on Mavi Marmara Postponed; Israel, Turkey Fail to Reach ConsensusAK Group2011/07/08
U.S. Spokesperson: Turkey-Syria Border Needs to Stay OpenAK Group2011/06/30
Israel Warms to Turkey After Flotilla WithdrawalAK Group2011/06/29
U.S. Shares Turkey's Concern Over SyriaAK Group2011/06/23
Turkey Gives Syria Final Warning for ReformAK Group2011/06/20
Syria Calls on Refugees in Turkey to ReturnAK Group2011/06/17
Refugees Suffer as Turkey Presses SyriaAK Group2011/06/16
Turkey's New Lawmakers to Take Office in JuneAK Group2011/06/15
U.S. to Turkey: Bomb LibyaAK Group2011/06/13
Turkey Calls for 'Peaceful Transition,' Readies for Syrian ExodusAK Group2011/06/10
Turkey: Historical Testimony from the Coup Leader After 31 YearsKemal Göktaş2011/06/09
Opposition: "We Dream of a Turkey Where Everyone Can Say What They Think Freely"AK Group2011/06/08
Turkey Issues Threat to the USAK Group2011/05/19
Thousands Rally Against Censorship in TurkeyAK Group2011/05/17
Turkey Urges Gadhafi To Leave LibyaAK Group2011/05/05
Turkey Raids Offices of Opposition Leader, Seizes Documents, Makes ArrestsAK Group2011/05/04
Turkish Premier Says Turkey Does Not Want the Separation of SyriaAK Group2011/05/03
Turkey Could Abolish Controversial Law on the MilitaryAK Group2011/05/02
US Asks Turkey for Help against Iran and LibyaAK Group2011/04/29
Turkey's Top Court Chief Highlights Election-Threshold ConcernsAK Group2011/04/28
Turkey Got TiredAK Group2011/04/22
Turmoil in Turkey: "There is No Law"AK Group2011/04/21
For Iranian Firms, Turkey Replacing DubaiAK Group2011/04/20
Turkey Opens New Border Crossing With IranAK Group2011/04/19
Israel Asks Turkey to Stop Gaza-Bound FlotillaAK Group2011/04/14
Turkey Prepares New Gaza FlotillaAK Group2011/04/13
Turkey to Mediate Between Hamas and FatahAK Group2011/04/12
Turkey 'More Democratic' Than Some EU MembersAK Group2011/04/08
Austria Demands Recall of Turkey's AmbassadorAK Group2011/04/05
Turkey's Top Banker Resigns After Criticizing Islamist Government's 'Police Tactics'AK Group2011/04/04
Turkey and Iran Will Form Partnership, Deputy PM SaysAK Group2011/03/31
Turkey's Core Doctrine of 'Secularism' to be RewrittenAK Group2011/03/29
Turkey Sought to Mediate Between Gadafi and RebelsAK Group2011/03/25
Turkey Sets 4 Conditions on Libyan Air OperationsAK Group2011/03/23
Turkey's PM: Gadhafi Should Have Stepped AsideAK Group2011/03/22
Allegedly Carrying Nuclear Weapons, Iranian Plane Forced to Land in TurkeyAK Group2011/03/18
Relative of Muslim Brotherhood Founder Says Turkey is 'Not a Model' for Arab DemocraciesAK Group2011/03/17
Tunisia Won't Use Islamist-Led Turkey as a Model, Rebel Leader SaysAK Group2011/03/16
Accused Held on 'Secret Evidence' in TurkeyAK Group2011/03/11
Islamist Ruling Party is Turning Turkey Into "A Police State," Opposition Leader SaysAK Group2011/03/07
Turkey's Islamists Order Police Searches of Opposition LeadersAK Group2011/03/04
Turkey Opposes No-Fly Zone Over Libya and U.N. SanctionsAK Group2011/03/03
Libyan Snipers Take Aim as Turkey Begins Record EvacuationAK Group2011/02/25
3,000 March to Protest Islamist Government in TurkeyAK Group2011/02/22
Turkey Arrests Opposition Journalists Amid FurorAK Group2011/02/17
Key Leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Visits TurkeyAK Group2011/02/14
Border Between Turkey and Iraq to be Drawn AgainAK Group2010/11/14
Turkey: Islamism's Consequences for the WestSteven Simpson2010/09/15
Turkey's Risky TransitionAli Uyanik2010/09/02
Turkey: What Really Happened Here?Harold Rhode2010/08/12
Turkey: Daily UpdateAK Group2010/07/28
Update: TurkeyAK Group2010/07/27
How Europe Lost TurkeySoeren Kern2010/07/14
Turkey: Are We Giving Away the Store?Herbert I. London2010/07/12
Turkey Moves East: An UpdateAli Uyanik2010/07/09
Turkey in CrisisHarold Rhode2010/06/23
Turkey: Secularism vs. FundamentalismHarold Rhode2010/06/04
The New Anti-Western Alliance: Iran, Turkey and BrazilAnna Mahjar-Barducci2010/05/28
Turkey: Racism In, Ataturk OutAnna Mahjar-Barducci2009/11/05
Turkey: In Love with Arab IslamistsSoner Cagaptay2009/06/10
al-Sadr in TurkeyAnna Mahjar-Barducci2009/05/26
Islam Today: Alevis in Turkey - Victims of Islamist DiscriminationVeli Sirin2009/05/22
Turkey: Erdogan on the RopesAnna Mahjar-Barducci2009/04/07
Turkey: Obama Boosts RadicalsAnna Mahjar-Barducci2009/02/27
Turkey in the FireBarry Rubin2009/02/11
Turkey Woos IranAnna Mahjar-Barducci2009/02/03
Turkey: Under ErdoganYola Habif Johnston2009/01/16
Turkey: Reforming The HadithSamia Labidi2008/11/26
Turkey In EuropePaul Belien2008/11/21