Title Author Date
Palestinians: This is How We Intimidate JournalistsBassam Tawil2017/04/27
The Pope's Pilgrimage to Al-AzharLawrence A. Franklin2017/04/27
Sanction Iran's Regime, Add IRCG to Terrorist ListMajid Rafizadeh2017/04/27
Palestinians: The Secret West BankBassam Tawil2017/04/26
A Palestinian State or an Islamist Tyranny?Giulio Meotti2017/04/26
Hamas: The New Charter That Isn'tBassam Tawil2017/04/25
Open Letter to National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMasterA. Z. Mohamed2017/04/25
How New is the New Hamas Charter?Denis MacEoin2017/04/24
China Deploys Floating Nuclear Power Plant to South China SeaDebalina Ghoshal2017/04/24
Islam in the Heart of England and FranceDenis MacEoin2017/04/23
The Muslim Who Died Saving ChristiansJacobus E. Lato2017/04/23
France: A Guide to the Presidential ElectionsSoeren Kern2017/04/22
Europe: Making Itself into the New Afghanistan?Giulio Meotti2017/04/21
Palestinians: Hunger Strike or Smokescreen?Bassam Tawil2017/04/20
Is the "Right to Choose" Absolute?Gerald R. McDermott2017/04/20
UK: War on Free Speech at the National Union of StudentsDouglas Murray2017/04/19
Why Is the US Still Funding Palestinian Terrorism?Shoshana Bryen2017/04/19
What North Korea Should Teach Us about IranAlan M. Dershowitz2017/04/18
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in France and Belgium: March 2017Soeren Kern2017/04/18
Turks Vote to Give Away Their DemocracyBurak Bekdil2017/04/18
Palestinians' Real Enemies: ArabsKhaled Abu Toameh2017/04/17
Iran's Elections: Black Turbans vs. White TurbansMohammad Amin2017/04/17
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Britain: March 2017Soeren Kern2017/04/16
"Spit on the Cross or Die"Raymond Ibrahim2017/04/16
Norway: Threat of JihadJudith Bergman2017/04/15
Sharia Councils and Sexual Abuse in BritainKhadija Khan2017/04/14
Which Way Will France Go?Giulio Meotti2017/04/13
Time to Tackle the Muslim BrotherhoodJagdish N. Singh2017/04/13
Spicer's Mistake and the Democrat's Over-ReactionAlan M. Dershowitz2017/04/12
France's War to Delegitimize IsraelYves Mamou2017/04/12
Geert Wilders and the Suicide of EuropeGuy Millière2017/04/11
Turkey's Barks and BitesBurak Bekdil2017/04/11
New Ways of Responding to Extremist IslamGiulio Meotti2017/04/10
Arabs: Abu Ivanka (Trump) Is a Hero!Bassam Tawil2017/04/10
Why Does the West Keep Colluding with Terrorists?Douglas Murray2017/04/09
Middle East: A Shift from Revolution to EvolutionNajat AlSaied2017/04/08
Sentenced to Death for "Insulting Islam"Majid Rafizadeh2017/04/07
Europe's Out-of-Control CensorshipJudith Bergman2017/04/06
The Terrorism IndustryBassam Tawil2017/04/06
White House Officials Divided on Islam, ISIS, Israel and IranSoeren Kern2017/04/05
On Campus: Minority PrioritiesDouglas Murray2017/04/04
Is Europe Choosing to Disappear?Giulio Meotti2017/04/04
Palestinians: The Diploma for TerrorBassam Tawil2017/04/03
Londonistan: 423 New Mosques; 500 Closed ChurchesGiulio Meotti2017/04/02
The Muslim Brotherhood Swoops into SwedenJudith Bergman2017/04/02
Europe: Combating Fake NewsFjordman2017/04/01
Russia: Rubber Ducks and Green PaintShoshana Bryen2017/03/31
The Muslim Brotherhood: Peddling Sharia as Social JusticeJudith Bergman2017/03/30
Ireland: Undermining Academia, Implementing Anti-SemitismDenis MacEoin2017/03/30
The Bigotry of "Intersectionality"Alan M. Dershowitz2017/03/29
Palestinians: We Have the Right to Poison the Minds of our ChildrenBassam Tawil2017/03/29
Europe: Unwilling to Defend ItselfGiulio Meotti2017/03/29
Islamism's Culture War Sets Sight on Multi-Billion Dollar Beauty IndustryShireen Qudosi2017/03/28
White Liberals Attack Brown Islamic DissidentsGiulio Meotti2017/03/28
When the Law Opposes the Truth Rather Than Protects ItDouglas Murray2017/03/27
Muslim Brotherhood Front Group Seeking Removal of Listing as a "Terrorism Entity"Thomas Quiggin2017/03/27
Islam, Not Christianity, is Saturating EuropeGiulio Meotti2017/03/26
Japan: The Grateful GenerationAmir George2017/03/26
As a Muslim, I am Shocked by Liberals and LeftistsMajid Rafizadeh2017/03/25
Will the West Please Stop Siding with Criminals?Khadija Khan2017/03/24
The Origin of "Fake News" in Holocaust DenialAlan M. Dershowitz2017/03/23
Canada: Bring on the Islamization!Judith Bergman2017/03/23
United Church of Christ: Lying to the People in the PewsDexter Van Zile2017/03/23
Urgent Messages to the Muslim WorldNonie Darwish2017/03/22
Erdogan's War on the WestBurak Bekdil2017/03/22
Japan: Open Letter to the U.S.Amir George2017/03/22
French Elections: Populist Revolution or Status Quo?Soeren Kern2017/03/21
The Media's Cheery Ignorance about Islam's Hostile IdeologyA. Z. Mohamed2017/03/21
Palestinians: Abbas's Empty PromisesKhaled Abu Toameh2017/03/20
France: The Taboo of Muslim Racism and Anti-Semitism - Part IIYves Mamou2017/03/20
Will the Dutch Protect their 'Decadence' from Islamic 'Redeemers'?Giulio Meotti2017/03/19
What They Do Not Tell You about IndonesiaJacobus E. Lato2017/03/19
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in France: February 2017Soeren Kern2017/03/18
A Supporter of Israel Must Have a "Bias" on Trump Travel Ban: The Newest Bigotry!Alan M. Dershowitz2017/03/17
Are the Hard Leftists Aligned with Radical Islamists?Najat AlSaied2017/03/17
The Right to Choose Includes the Right to Choose LifeAlan M. Dershowitz2017/03/16
Greece: A Democracy in CrisisMaria Polizoidou2017/03/16
Why Must Women Choose between Feminism and Zionism, but Not Other "Isms"?Alan M. Dershowitz2017/03/15
The Real Hamas: Sorry, Folks!Bassam Tawil2017/03/15
Merkel's Migrant DeceptionVijeta Uniyal2017/03/15
Europe: "The Era of Liberal Babble"Judith Bergman2017/03/14
Europe's 'Turkish Awakening'Burak Bekdil2017/03/14
The Dirty Little Secret of Palestinian Journalism - with Agence France-Presse CollusionBassam Tawil2017/03/13
From Execution to Medieval Torture: "Iran's Mandela", Ayatollah BoroujerdiMajid Rafizadeh2017/03/13
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Britain: February 2017Soeren Kern2017/03/12
Death and Destruction for ChristmasRaymond Ibrahim2017/03/12
European Parliament Censors Its Own Free SpeechJudith Bergman2017/03/11
Cuba: 60 Years LaterAlan M. Dershowitz2017/03/10
Jihadis Living on Support Payments from the Europe They Vowed to DestroyGiulio Meotti2017/03/10
Palestinians: Fake News and "Alternative Facts"Bassam Tawil2017/03/09
France: The Taboo of Muslim Racism and Anti-Semitism - Part IYves Mamou2017/03/09
Canada's New Blasphemy LawsKhadija Khan2017/03/08
Report: Homegrown Terrorism is Top Threat to UKSoeren Kern2017/03/07
Palestinians: Arab Idol or Arab Apartheid?Khaled Abu Toameh2017/03/06
Germany's Jihad on Freedom of SpeechVijeta Uniyal2017/03/06
France's Death SpiralGuy Millière2017/03/05
France's Fatal Attraction to IslamGiulio Meotti2017/03/04
The West Submits to Blasphemy LawsJudith Bergman2017/03/03
The Future of the European Union?Soeren Kern2017/03/02
Political Operatives Pose as Journalists, Human Rights GroupsBassam Tawil2017/03/01
Europe: Laughing at the MessengerDouglas Murray2017/02/28
Time to Put an End to Montenegro's Bid to Join NATOGrégoire Canlorbe2017/02/28
What to Remember in Fighting Radical IslamSaied Shoaaib2017/02/28
Ellison Was Defeated by His Own Actions Not by Any SmearAlan M. Dershowitz2017/02/27
Palestinians: Why a "Regional Peace Process" Will FailKhaled Abu Toameh2017/02/27
France: Deradicalization of Jihadists a "Total Fiasco"Soeren Kern2017/02/26
Would You Want Your Vaccine Produced by Supporters of Jihad?Judith Bergman2017/02/25
Extremist Muslims' One-Way StreetBurak Bekdil2017/02/24
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in France: January 2017Soeren Kern2017/02/23
Corrupt State of Affairs at the International Federation of Journalists?Tamar Sternthal2017/02/23
Sweden: Hate Speech Just for ImamsJudith Bergman2017/02/22
Jews Under Assault in EuropeRobbie Travers2017/02/22
Israel Does Not Cause Anti-SemitismAlan M. Dershowitz2017/02/21
The Offer that Turns the Gaza Strip into SingaporeBassam Tawil2017/02/21
What is a Killer Imam Doing in Public Libraries in Canada?Saied Shoaaib2017/02/21
France's Muslim Demographic FutureYves Mamou2017/02/20
Israel's Public Relations: The Problem and the SolutionBernhard Lazarus2017/02/20
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: January 2017Soeren Kern2017/02/19
The Vatican's Relations with IslamLawrence A. Franklin2017/02/19
Welcome to Sweden, Eldorado for Migrants!Nima Gholam Ali Pour2017/02/18
Trump: Palestinians Must Earn a Two State SolutionAlan M. Dershowitz2017/02/17
Scandinavia: The West's Citadel of Anti-SemitismGiulio Meotti2017/02/17
Palestinian Assault on FreedomsKhaled Abu Toameh2017/02/16
UK: Free Speech for Dictators OnlyRobbie Travers2017/02/16
Turkey: Record-Breaking Purge in AcademiaBurak Bekdil2017/02/16
The Arab-Israel Conflict: Back to the FutureShoshana Bryen2017/02/16
The Muslim Brotherhood: Wellspring of TerrorismJudith Bergman2017/02/15
Agents of Their Own DestructionDenis MacEoin2017/02/15
The United Nations: Making a Mockery of Human RightsGeorge Igler2017/02/15
A Tale of Two Talks: Free Speech in the U.S.Douglas Murray2017/02/14
Beyond the Failed "Two-State Solution"Guy Millière2017/02/14
Thoughts on Making Universities Safe for Free SpeechJeff Trag2017/02/14
Trump Welcomes NetanyahuAlan M. Dershowitz2017/02/13
Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis: January 2017Soeren Kern2017/02/13
Islamic Terror and the U.S. Temporary Stay on ImmigrationUzay Bulut2017/02/13
The Great Humanistic DelusionPhilip Carl Salzman2017/02/13
On Defining ReligionNonie Darwish2017/02/12
One Person Are MissingHakim Haider2017/02/12
Trojan Horses in Women's MovementKhadija Khan2017/02/11
The Muslim Council of Britain's Little ProblemDouglas Murray2017/02/10
The Islamic Jihad and Peace with JewsBassam Tawil2017/02/09
Jihadist Groups in the US: What Next?Benjamin Weingarten2017/02/09
Is Iona Community Sabotaging Itself by Embracing Kairos?Denis MacEoin2017/02/09
Germany's Muslim Demographic FutureSoeren Kern2017/02/08
What Is the Muslim Brotherhood?Thomas Quiggin2017/02/08
Do Not Reward Bad BehaviourJagdish N. Singh2017/02/08
France's New Islamist GuillotineDenis MacEoin2017/02/07
Israel's So-Called Poverty ProblemMalcolm Lowe2017/02/07
The Trump-Trudeau TrystThomas Quiggin2017/02/07
France: Le Pen Launches Presidential CampaignSoeren Kern2017/02/06
The Choices Palestinians MakeDexter Van Zile2017/02/06
The West's Real Bigotry: Rejecting Persecuted ChristiansUzay Bulut2017/02/05
"If You Love Jesus, Then Die Like Jesus!"Raymond Ibrahim2017/02/05
What Turkish Islamists Understand about 'Education'Burak Bekdil2017/02/05
The French InquisitionYves Mamou2017/02/04
Quebec: The Crisis of the WestGiulio Meotti2017/02/03
Who are Those Refugees Australia Doesn't Want?Shoshana Bryen2017/02/03
Switzerland: Chocolate, Watches and JihadJudith Bergman2017/02/02
Iran Tests TrumpMajid Rafizadeh2017/02/02
Bring Russia to the Table and Promote America's SecurityStephen Blank and Peter Huessy2017/02/02
Debate in Dutch Parliament about President TrumpGeert Wilders2017/02/02
Is Sally Yates A Hero or a Villain?Alan M. Dershowitz2017/02/01
Germany: Angela Merkel Faces Challenge for ChancellorshipSoeren Kern2017/02/01
Welcome to the "Social Justice" UniversityPhilip Carl Salzman2017/02/01
Turkish Jails: Packed with Kurds, Only Seven Members of ISISUzay Bulut2017/02/01
On Boycotting Radical Islamic NationsNonie Darwish2017/01/31
Muslim Brotherhood Front Organizations, U.S. and CanadaThomas Quiggin2017/01/31
The Latest Applicant to be "The Muslim Voice"Denis MacEoin2017/01/31
Please Work with the Iranian OppositionHeshmat Alavi2017/01/31
Palestinians' Fort of TortureKhaled Abu Toameh2017/01/30
The Telos Group: The True Identity of the "American Pro-Israeli, Pro-Palestinian, Pro-Peace Movement "Noah Summers2017/01/30
Turkey: The Purges ContinueBurak Bekdil2017/01/30
"Islam Strengthening in Europe with the Blessing of the Church"Giulio Meotti2017/01/29
Austria: Does the Church Really Care about Terrorism?Judith Bergman2017/01/29
Turkey: Erdogan's Grab for Absolute PowerBurak Bekdil2017/01/29
Crimes against Humanity: "Normal" Treatment of Middle Eastern WomenKhadija Khan2017/01/28
Germany Downplayed Threat of Jihadists Posing as MigrantsSoeren Kern2017/01/27
Immigration Priorities: Translators, and Victims of GenocideShoshana Bryen2017/01/27
The Two "Islamophobias"Denis MacEoin2017/01/26
Radicalization in Public SchoolsMaha Soliman2017/01/26
Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize: Reverend Gavin AshendenDouglas Murray2017/01/25
The Case for a Kurdish State in the Middle EastDiliman Abdulkader2017/01/25
Germany's New 'Ministry of Truth'Stefan Frank2017/01/24
Yazidi Girls Sold as Sex Slaves while Women March against TrumpUzay Bulut2017/01/24
Wilders to Prime Minister Rutte: Stop Deceiving the PeopleGeert Wilders2017/01/24
Palestinians of Syria: A Year of Killings and TortureKhaled Abu Toameh2017/01/23
Iran Trains Children for WarMajid Rafizadeh2017/01/23
Turkey Jails American PastorUzay Bulut2017/01/23
Speech by Geert Wilders at the "Europe of Nations and Freedom" ConferenceGeert Wilders2017/01/22
Trump Fires Up Europe's Anti-Establishment MovementSoeren Kern2017/01/22
World Council of Churches Favors Nationalism and Anti-SemitismPetra Heldt2017/01/22
The "Fake News" Censorship IndustryRobbie Travers2017/01/21
Europe's Jihad against IsraelSalim Mansur2017/01/20
Pope Francis Strengthens Palestinian Refusal to End Hostilities with IsraelGiulio Meotti2017/01/19
Turkey Turns Church into Museum; Greece Builds New MosqueUzay Bulut2017/01/19
Turkey and TerroristsBurak Bekdil2017/01/19
Germany's New Propaganda BureauJudith Bergman2017/01/18
Covering Up Armenian GenocideUzay Bulut2017/01/18
The Islamization of France in 2016Soeren Kern2017/01/17
The "Peace Conference": An Outright Admission of FailureShoshana Bryen2017/01/17
Is Tolerance a One-Way Street?Douglas Murray2017/01/16
Crying "Wolf" over Israeli SettlementsMalcolm Lowe2017/01/16
The Bigotry against Israel in the UNSalim Mansur2017/01/15
Obama's Mideast Legacy Is One of Tragic FailureAlan M. Dershowitz2017/01/15
The UN and Obama's Act of AggressionMaria Polizoidou2017/01/14
Palestinians: A Strategy of Lies and DeceptionBassam Tawil2017/01/13
Obama's Betrayal of IsraelGuy Millière2017/01/13
French Ambassadors Declare War on IsraelYves Mamou2017/01/12
India's Best Friend: Protector of the Free WorldJagdish N. Singh2017/01/12
The UN Holocaust: More Lies and Treachery on the Way?Yves Mamou2017/01/11
Iran Steps Up Threats to Israel, U.S.Majid Rafizadeh2017/01/11
Does the Anti-Nepotism Statute Preclude Trump from Appointing Kushner?Alan M. Dershowitz2017/01/10
Palestinians: Glorifying Mass MurderersBassam Tawil2017/01/10
How Putin Unmasked Erdogan's Tough Guy ShowBurak Bekdil2017/01/10
The Islamization of Britain in 2016Soeren Kern2017/01/09
A Call on All Christians to Defend Their Birthplace and the Homeland of the Jewish PeoplePetra Heldt2017/01/09
When "Peace" Means Capitulation to IslamGiulio Meotti2017/01/08
Turkey's Lifestyle MassacreBurak Bekdil2017/01/08
UnCorked: Ireland's Pseudo-Academic Anti-Israel Hate-FestDenis MacEoin2017/01/07
UN Security Council Res. 2334: A Victory of JihadismBat Ye'or2017/01/06
European Immigration: Mainly Muslim, Mainly Male, Mainly YoungDouglas Murray2017/01/05
Christian Clergy Welcomes Islam in Church, Then Bows to ItGiulio Meotti2017/01/04
Europe: The Case of the Vanishing WomenJudith Bergman2017/01/04
Hamas's Fatah and the No-State SolutionKhaled Abu Toameh2017/01/03
Iran's New Indigenous Air Defence SystemDebalina Ghoshal2017/01/03
The Islamization of Germany in 2016Soeren Kern2017/01/02
"Tolerance" in TunisiaTharwa Boulifi2017/01/02
New Year Speech to the Muslim WorldNonie Darwish2017/01/01
"Now Is Time to Behead Unbelievers"Raymond Ibrahim2017/01/01
Turkey's "Long Arm" in EuropeBurak Bekdil2017/01/01
Britain and Australia more supportive of Israel than Obama and KerryAlan M. Dershowitz2016/12/31
Britain's Little LiesDouglas Murray2016/12/31
Secularism: Everyone Wants to Get Rid of ItYves Mamou2016/12/30
Kerry's Speech Will Make Peace HarderAlan M. Dershowitz2016/12/29
UN, Obama Further Radicalize PalestiniansKhaled Abu Toameh2016/12/29
Education in Sweden: "Then Things Got Interesting"Göran Adamson2016/12/29
Iran in Syria: Russia Took OverHeshmat Alavi2016/12/29
The EU vs. the Nation State?George Igler2016/12/28
The Islamists of SwedenNima Gholam Ali Pour2016/12/28
The UN Declares War on Judeo-Christian CivilizationGiulio Meotti2016/12/27
Iran's Monstrous Record in 2016Majid Rafizadeh2016/12/27
The Suicide of GermanyGuy Millière2016/12/26
Does Islamic State Engage in Organ Trading out of Turkey?Kasim Cindemir 2016/12/26
Muslim Extremists: Cheerleading the KillersKhadija Khan2016/12/25
Islamists Attack Christmas, but Europeans Abolish ItGiulio Meotti2016/12/25
Very Happiest Holidays! — From your Gatestone Family.2016/12/25
Palestinians: The Nightmare of ChristiansKhaled Abu Toameh2016/12/24
Trump was Right to Try to Stop Obama from Tying his Hands on IsraelAlan M. Dershowitz2016/12/23
The Saudis at the UN Human Rights CouncilGiulio Meotti2016/12/23
Europe's Compassionate Hatred of IsraelBat Ye'or2016/12/22
Iran: Why the Mullahs Will Not Reform from WithinHeshmat Alavi2016/12/22
Change Is Coming and Change Can Be GoodShoshana Bryen2016/12/22
Political Revolution Is Brewing in EuropeGeert Wilders2016/12/21
Are Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait Funding German Salafism?George Igler2016/12/21
Greece and Iran: The Dark Side of the RelationshipMaria Polizoidou2016/12/21
Merkel Government Still in DenialVijeta Uniyal2016/12/20
Turkey's Misdiagnosed Kurdish ProblemBurak Bekdil2016/12/20
Palestinians: Welcome to the World of Western-Funded TerrorismBassam Tawil2016/12/19
Sharia Councils: Taking LibertiesRobbie Travers2016/12/19
Europe: Christmas Shoppers in Jihadist CrosshairsGeorge Igler2016/12/18
"The Crescent Must be Above the Cross"Raymond Ibrahim2016/12/18
Islamism in EuropeKhadija Khan2016/12/17
The Media Game: Creating the Hound Pack of the DayYves Mamou2016/12/16
To the Muslim Brotherhood: Quit Shouting Islamophobia and Quit Attacking Muslim FamiliesSaied Shoaaib2016/12/15
Iran Breaks Nuclear Deal and UN ResolutionsMajid Rafizadeh2016/12/15
The United Church of Christ: Knowingly Silent on TerrorismDenis MacEoin2016/12/14
Violence Against Non-Muslims Increases in BangladeshMohshin Habib2016/12/14
The Palestinian Jihads against IsraelKhaled Abu Toameh2016/12/13
What Was Behind the Trial of Geert Wilders?George Igler2016/12/13
Europe: Illegal to Criticize IslamJudith Bergman2016/12/12
Why Donald Trump Should Focus on AfricaAhmed Charai2016/12/12
Egypt's Deadliest Church AttackRaymond Ibrahim2016/12/12
The Dutch Death SpiralGiulio Meotti2016/12/11
Erdogan's Private Youth ArmyBurak Bekdil2016/12/11
The Guilty Verdict Dutch Politicians Wanted So MuchDouglas Murray2016/12/10
Critics of Islam on Trial in Europe: Wilders ConvictedGiulio Meotti2016/12/10
Reaction of Geert Wilders to His ConvictionGeert Wilders2016/12/09
Amnesty International Attacks Democracies, Forgives Islamist TyranniesGiulio Meotti2016/12/09
Shari'a Law Meets the InternetDenis MacEoin2016/12/08
The Dragon of Islamic TerrorismDex Quire2016/12/08
France: Decomposing in Front of Our EyesYves Mamou2016/12/07
Son of BitchHakim Haider2016/12/07
The West's Politically Correct DictatorshipGiulio Meotti2016/12/06
Erdogan's Gritted-Teeth Peace with IsraelBurak Bekdil2016/12/06
The Real Illegal SettlementsBassam Tawil2016/12/05
Iran to Trump: Death to America Will Live OnMajid Rafizadeh2016/12/05
UK: Another Massive Charity Commission WhitewashSamuel Westrop2016/12/04
Will Mahmoud Abbas Pay Salaries to the Arsonists?Itamar Marcus2016/12/04
Angela Merkel: False Prophet of EuropeVijeta Uniyal2016/12/04
"Nothing to do with Islam"?Judith Bergman2016/12/03
Self-Censorship: Free Society vs. Fear SocietyGiulio Meotti2016/12/02
Germany Submits to Sharia LawSoeren Kern2016/12/01
France: Islamists Target Transportation CompaniesYves Mamou2016/12/01
Keith Ellison - The Wrong Man at the Wrong TimeAlan M. Dershowitz2016/11/30
Islamists Won: Charlie Hebdo DisappearsGiulio Meotti2016/11/30
The UN's Palestine LanguageA.J. Caschetta2016/11/30
France's Politician DhimmisYves Mamou2016/11/29
What About the Cultural Imbalance?Nonie Darwish2016/11/29
Palestinians: The 'Wall of Shame'Khaled Abu Toameh2016/11/28
Interview with Howard Bloom - Part IGrégoire Canlorbe2016/11/28
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: October 2016Soeren Kern2016/11/27
Turkey: Child Rapists to Go Free, Journalists Not?Burak Bekdil2016/11/27
UK: Two Systems of JusticeDouglas Murray2016/11/26
Europe: Let's Self-destruct!Judith Bergman2016/11/25
France on the Verge of Total CollapseGuy Millière2016/11/24
Wilders's Trial: "Unnecessarily Offensive"Robbie Travers2016/11/24
Iran's Forces Outnumber Assad's in SyriaMajid Rafizadeh2016/11/24
Final Statement of Geert Wilders at his TrialGeert Wilders2016/11/23
Iran, Hamas and the Dance of DeathKhaled Abu Toameh2016/11/23
The Atrocious Scandal of the UNESCO Vote on JerusalemSalim Mansur2016/11/23
The False Premise of Palestine and PeaceBarry Shaw2016/11/22
Donald Trump and the Return of European Anti-AmericanismSoeren Kern2016/11/21
Turkey: Lies, Cheap Lies and Cheaper LiesBurak Bekdil2016/11/21
"Allah, Kill the Despicable Christians"Raymond Ibrahim2016/11/20
This, She Say, Are A Letter of ThreatHakim Haider2016/11/20
Islamic Terrorists not Poor and Illiterate, but Rich and EducatedGiulio Meotti2016/11/19
Reaction of Geert Wilders to Penal Demand of Public ProsecutorGeert Wilders2016/11/17
How to Assess the Bannon AppointmentAlan M. Dershowitz2016/11/17
Europe: Let's End Free Speech!Judith Bergman2016/11/17
Israel Puts the Spike Missile on its Apache HelicoptersStephen Bryen and Shoshana Bryen2016/11/17
Palestinians: The Message Remains No and NoKhaled Abu Toameh2016/11/16
Turkey Targets Oldest Syriac Orthodox MonasteryRobert Jones2016/11/16
European Temper TrumptumsJudith Bergman2016/11/15
The Secret War of Agence France Presse against IsraelYves Mamou2016/11/15
Trump and International SecurityRichard Kemp2016/11/14
Trump's Difficult Ally in AnkaraBurak Bekdil2016/11/14
Donald Trump Boosts Europe's Anti-Establishment MovementSoeren Kern2016/11/13
Iran Breaches Nuclear Deal - Again. What's Next?Majid Rafizadeh2016/11/13
Europe's Planned Migrant RevolutionYves Mamou2016/11/12
Qatar's Shopping Spree to Buy and Displace the West?Giulio Meotti2016/11/11
Canada: Parliament Condemns Free SpeechJudith Bergman2016/11/10
Iran's Threats Louder after Obama AppeasementMajid Rafizadeh2016/11/10
Wilders's Plan: Time for LiberationGeert Wilders2016/11/09
Turkey Converts Hagia Sophia to MosqueRobert Jones2016/11/09
The Day After the ElectionAlan M. Dershowitz2016/11/08
Palestinians: When Fatah Becomes the ProblemKhaled Abu Toameh2016/11/08
Inside Germany's No-Go Zones: Part I - North Rhine-WestphaliaSoeren Kern2016/11/07
The Consequences of InactionBarry Shaw2016/11/07
Turkey's Increasingly Unfree PressRobert Jones2016/11/07
Balfour Declaration, November 2016Richard Kemp2016/11/06
Islam's "Human Rights"Janet Tavakoli2016/11/05
Europe's New Blasphemy CourtsDouglas Murray2016/11/04
America's "Arab Spring"Nonie Darwish2016/11/03
Documented: Obama's "Traditional Muslim Bias" against ChristiansRaymond Ibrahim2016/11/03
Erdogan's Neo-Ottoman PlansBurak Bekdil2016/11/03
UN Plan to Turn the World into an Islamic Colony?Maria Polizoidou2016/11/02
Turkey: Erdogan's Galloping DespotismBurak Bekdil2016/11/02
Obama: Don't Destroy the Peace Process by Turning it Over to the U.N.Alan M. Dershowitz2016/11/01
Palestinians: Back into Bed with HamasKhaled Abu Toameh2016/11/01
Jews Die, Turks CelebrateRobert Jones2016/11/01
German Streets Descend into LawlessnessSoeren Kern2016/10/31
India and UNESCO: Historical View vs. Jihad ViewJagdish N. Singh2016/10/31
France: Muezzins, not Church BellsGiulio Meotti2016/10/30
Mockeries of Justice in DenmarkJudith Bergman2016/10/30
Muslim Imperialism Reaches the United NationsDenis MacEoin2016/10/29
The New Anti-Racist RacistsDouglas Murray2016/10/28
Palestinians: Jihadi-Style Child AbuseKhaled Abu Toameh2016/10/27
Are Canada's Islamists Calling the Shots?Thomas Quiggin2016/10/27
The Mayor of London's "My Side"Janet Tavakoli2016/10/27
Iran Takes More Hostages: What Did the US Expect?Majid Rafizadeh2016/10/27
Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis: Where is the Public Outrage?Soeren Kern2016/10/26
Turkey: Erdogan's Stealth Jihad Against the WestBurak Bekdil2016/10/26
UK: Labour Party Still Shooting Itself in Both Anti-Semitic, Far-Left FeetDenis MacEoin2016/10/26
Is Britain Destroying its Military to Appease Enemies?Richard Kemp2016/10/25
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by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.
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